Vaccines Mandates & Passports Only Exist To Punish & Coerce — Coronavirus Update CI


Here’s the original in case Twitter whacks this, in their usual spirit of censoring unwanted truths.

The key in Pfizer Leaks: “We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There”.

My favorite part, and surely yours, too, is how they had to blacken the windows of the meeting room when the FDA was in town. And conceal the manufacturing process. That’s how Science is done these days.

The woke went into full sputter mode when the video was leaked. The most damning arguments, they thought, were two.

One, that the brief video was “poorly edited”. Yet the full video was not poorly edited. “Poorly edited” is anyway a gay non-rebuttal.

Two, that babies ripped from mother’s wombs were only used in testing, and not production. Therefore the deaths of the babies shouldn’t count. That is an asinine counter.

There is thus more than scope enough for a religious objection to vaccine mandates. And we also have this sweet headline from last week: “6th Circuit rules for student athletes denied religious exemption from vaccine mandate“.

Sixteen student athletes at Western Michigan University who were denied a religious exemption from a vaccine mandate will likely succeed in their lawsuit, a federal appeals court has ruled.

The Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the university violated the students’ right to the free exercise of religion when it failed to fairly explain why it denied the exemptions. The Associated Press has coverage and the Volokh Conspiracy has highlights from the Oct. 7 per curiam opinion.

Scotus can’t really be trusted: Roberts alone is thoroughly cucked. So don’t celebrate too much just yet.


The useless mask slipping below a nose does nothing, at all, to imperil anybody’s health. After all, on that same plane will be people eating and drinking, times when they will not be wearing any mask.

Ah, but those are authorized times, like when prisoners are allowed to walk around the yard for their daily hour.

The petty tyrants, like that flight “attendant”, love their newfound powers to hurt and make miserable their fellow’s man existence. They enjoy the freedom to embrace the evil part of their nature, and to dole out blows—without any fear for themselves of paying the price for their sin.

The evil, being evil, will not release these powers easily. They will grip them tight.

Do not blame them entirely. It was your fear, a fear you indulged in luxuriously, that allowed these petty tyrants their powers.


There is no reason for vaccine passports to exist except as cruel punishment and tortuous coercion.

To prove this, examine this quote from a Blue Chekist on Twitter, one of sea of similar sentiments: “Torture works. People shouldn’t be able to enter a public building, have a job, or fly in a plane without the jab.”

This female is right. Torture does in fact work. Not everybody would break under the emotional and physical torment of being isolated from all others, from slow starvation from lack of a job. But most would.

The female insists the torture is necessary for the good of the victim’s health. That is, she says this, but doesn’t believe it. Instead she desires her enemies bend to her will, and she is willing to use torture to accomplish this.

Cruel and heartless. No compassion exists in her soul. She will punish her enemies and show no mercy. She would take your job, isolate you, and forbid you to make a living. Make a living. She would make you die, taking away your life bit by bit—if you do not do what she wants. And she would laugh.

This is the true essence of the “soft” effeminate toxic femininity authoritarianism that rules us.

She said “Vaccine mandates” and not “torture”. But we now see it is equivalent.


The vaccine passport is useless, except as coercion and torture. We’ve done this argument before, but we have to review it again.

That they don’t include natural acquired immunity to count on the passport, an immunity superior in every way to any vaccine for any disease, is proof positive this is about torture, the desire to inflict pain.

Unless our rulers are genuinely ignorant and incompetent and do not understand about natural acquired immunity. In which case, we are ruled by idiots, who give themselves the title of Experts. I fear this is often the case.

If the vaccine works, to the extent it works, the person taking it will be protected, to the extent they are protected. It doesn’t matter who infects them, either their own body naturally or the vaccine artificially will save them from death, or neither will. Nothing can change that. No law, no torture, no nothing.

It does not matter who infects the vaccinated, a vaccinated person or an unvaxxinated one. The result will be the same for the infected.

If the vaccines works, to the extent it works, a person not taking it must rely on their own natural protection alone. All the unvaccinated know this. It does not matter who infects them, or where they are infected. The result will be whatever it is, according to their own bodies and whatever supplementary medicines they take (like aspirin).

The unvaccinated know this: they know the risk they are taking. And they believe the risk of taking the vaccine is higher. They have much evidence to support this belief, especially if they are young and otherwise healthy.

The vaccinated are thus in no additional danger from the unvaccinated, and the unvaccinated are in no additional danger from the vaccinated.

The vaccine passport, then, only exists to coerce. Experts have decided you must be healthy, according to their flawed definition of healthy. I have told this joke innumerable times, but it fits:

A sweater is an article of clothing a child puts on when the mother gets cold;

A mandated vaccine is a drug a citizen takes when effeminate rulers grow frightened—or cruel.

We have had flu vaccines for over half a century. Up until last year, people still died of flu. Vaccines at best cut into the death rate, but did not end it.

We have already seen the mRNA vaccines are about as efficient as flu vaccines in preventing death. And that they cause more and worse side effects than flu vaccine.

The coroandoom vaccines, even if forced upon every living soul, will therefore not cause coronadoom to vanish. It will never go away.

The vaccine passports will not cause the bug to disappear.

Even if you are still terrified of death, and choose to live your life in fear of occult germs which swarm about you, then you must still agree that the best argument against vaccine passports is that they will grow and be abused.

If they can do it for coronadoom, they can do it for flu. If they can do it for coronadoom and flu, they can do it for “racism” and global warming, which our Experts have already called health “crises”.

Once they get away making you carry a piece of paper everywhere you go, for all time, for the rest of your life, with no exceptions, they can make you do anything.

If you cannot see this by this late date, you must join the Blue Chekists and take whatever pleasure you can in torturing your fellow man, before your brutish life comes to an ignominious end. Even then you will live your life in fear, not of a bug, but of the other Blue Chekists, who have already proven their black natures, and will be willing to do anything they can to rise over you.

If you can’t see any of that, see this about vaccine efficacy:

Deaths are up there, too. Which is only interesting to us because we track it, use it to terrorize and mesmerize ourselves. Why? We don’t track other, vastly more numerous deaths?


Tyrant Trudeau dictated that those who attempt to leave Canada will be shot.

Excuse me. Get the shot.

His orders were widely cheered by the overly frightened who comprise the majority of Canadians.


Notice Experts, those most intelligent of all beings, never say what will happen after a positive test?


You have to click to see.


We’ve seen a lot of Scandinavian countries stop the mRNA vexxines. We’ll cover that later.

Meanwhile, what happened to Valneva and Novavax? The old school vaccines. DM says those who took Valenva were still forced to take the expensive mRNA shots because Valneva was “unofficial”. Same exact duplicate thing with Novavax.

More proof this is not about your health.


From Ann Cherry comes these two curious graphs:


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday.

This is fun. Shows both seasonality and futility. Imagine thinking you’re going to get to “zero covid”.

And, yes, “cases” are still the wrong metric.

Daily tests (from here Johns Hopkins) are still at idiot levels. 3.5 million EVERY DAMNED DAY.

Guess what. Monday was another holiday. The Experts took the day off. So the only fresh numbers I have for you are these.

“Cases”. Recall cases are a function of testing level, testing sensitivity, and disease characteristics, and we’re testing now more than ever.

On the way down, more or less. But on the way up in the late fall. I’ve warned us many times to be ready for it.

This is, in spite of what propagandists lie, still an aged person’s disease.

And sick people. Here’s a new one for us, a map of chronic conditions prevalence by county. Percent at least one, all known risk factors for coronadoom.

Diseases tracked: “chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, diagnosed diabetes, and obesity.”

Looks like most “elite” enclaves are much healthier—as is known. They are also the most frightened, which is hilarious. Lot of pink counties in deep red areas are university towns. Rural people, despised by elites, eat badly and are generally poorer. This makes elites despise them more.

Let loose your theories on this one, readers.

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  1. OK I’ll have a go. Locking down/health passports is about:

    Theory 1: War with China?
    Theory 2: Collapse of the global financial system?
    Theory 3: Big Pharma introducing the Trans-Atlantic/Trans-Pacific Partnership through the back door?
    Theory 4: All of the above?

  2. MN department of health just verified the first influenza virus detected by their laboratory surveillance project in over a year. Now according to this project there has been an explosion in non-COVID influenza-like illnesses, but almost entirely Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and to a lesser extent Rhinovirus. Actual influenza remains a tiny fraction, even though it apparently once again exists.

    Interestingly before the last year the surveillance project did not break things down into Rhinoviruses, ASV, etc. It was all broken down in terms of the various flu strains and other ILI were not listed at all. But apparently that had to change once the flu vanished.

  3. Flu shots will be worthless. They had nothing to base them on.

    I thought punishing and coercing WAS the function of the government, so how is this different or a surprise????

    “Poorly edited” should make it really, really easy to show the fakeness of the claims. They keep using those words, but I do not think they know what it means.

    Doesn’t claiming fetal cells were used 50 years ago commit some kind of fallacy of origin? Everything traced by 50 years ago is evil in some way. So no more medicine, food, nothing. What is this, a freaking “Voyager” (Star Trek commie) episode”???????

    The good, sitting on their ass*s, love evil spreading and keep cheering it on.

    Vaccine passports? Use Zoom or kill tourism. It’s a win-win. DEATH TO TOURISM—oh, and eating out. Use GrubHub.

    So sh**t Trudeau for being a menace. Or use a knife. It worked well in Caesar’s time and can work now. One of the best change-of-regime methods known to mankind.

    Maybe kale will kill you after all. We certainly hope so!!

  4. On vaccine mandates, heard on the radio on the way home last night “There were an unprecedented number of delays in Southwest Airlines all throughout the day. The airline said that the problem was unexpected staffing issues. But these were definitely unrelated to COVID vaccine mandates.” Then the news reader moved to something else.

    Looking around this seems to be the official line. Most stories on the cancellations don’t mention COVID vaccines at all. But the very same outlets will have prominent stories from a week ago about Southwest enacting a vaccine mandate, and most include a line saying that the pilot union objected to the mandate and warned that there may be an exodus of pilots in response. Yet none of the articles bring that up again this week.

  5. Mike, I’m not sure why you have a problem with the dates: they are a monthly track, so wouldn’t January, 2021 come after December 2020?

    I also wondered why this graph, which references the study and uses its data, was not included in study itself, and noted this to Briggs when I sent the link; perhaps it was done later to illustrate the data therein, which it does quite well. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say, and this one is a “graphic illustration” of the effectiveness of Ivermectin against Covid on the African continent.

  6. Red China : Taiwan :: US Democrats : the rest of America.

    The main difference is the Chinese like their tea hot, and the rest of America likes it in Boston harbor.

  7. Matt, the graphics are fantastic! I especially love the animation of the north-south oscillation of cases per capita. This is a stunning visualization of the decades old known movement of respiratory viral outbreaks, perfectly validating the work of Edgar Hope Simpson. I’d like to see the same animation of deaths per capita. Who has the software to do these things?

  8. MSM will blackout any news of a pilot *work action* against the mandates…

    They will happily spread the false *adverse weather events* & other cockamamie excuses given, instead of the truth…

    I believe there is a substantial pushback going on against the *inoculation* mandates at many levels throughout the country & worldwide even, but the MSM will quash any reporting on this…

  9. Sheri- In this context, an example of the genetic fallacy would be to reject the use of an ethically sourced cell line because it somehow benefited from the work of those scientists who sought aborted babies for their research. All three of the vexxes on the market in the USA use HEK 293, which is derived directly from the kidney cells of murdered children. Phizer and Moderna used it only in testing (from what they tell us), and J & J uses it in production, also. This, at the very least, arguably, constitutes proximate material cooperation in the evil of abortion. I qualify what I write because there is no neat and clean definition of what constitutes permissible and impermissible cooperation in evil. Most people today don’t care. The Church has cared, and still says it cares. They say that receiving the shot, if the reason is grave enough, constitutes “remote material cooperation” in the evil of abortion, which is permissible. This is debatable, however. Jose Trasancos has a good analysis here:

    He also is sure to avoid the genetic fallacy, not objecting to the use of therapies that have happened to be tested against fetal lines after they were fully developed. If modern medicine relies on abortion, then that is a big problem. I don’t believe it does, but it does, apparently, have a deficit in the ethics department.

  10. I have no new theory–I just look forward each week to the new update of the insanity. Good job Briggs!

  11. Looks like even some NYT people are waking up and seeing the light. Will Swordy be next? Stranger things have happened:

    Berenson has had some coverage of the Southwest sick-out as well:

    But not surprising that media portrays “staff shortages” everywhere as being unrelated to Covid jab mandates.

    But, there are still some sane companies out there. Intel appears to be one:

    I find that graph about Israel especially interesting, although data several months old now (I tried to go to the site and see if there was newer data, but it is all in Hebrew and I didn’t see a link to an English version. Where did the English graph come from?). In any case, I have a friend from Israel whose been in USA for over 30 years, but still keeps in contact with various friends and family there…around the same time as the data from that graph, he kept insisting to me (though he’s not a Covid or vax fanatic and has no problem being around me or others unjabbed and unmuzzled) that people there were telling him (including a couple doctors) that over 90% of cases and hospitalizations were of UNVACCINATED people, despite the fact that the government’s own data clearly confirms it’s precisely the opposite case – 86% that month fully vaccinated. Unreal, the level of propaganda and ignoring of easily verifiable data that is going on to create the false impression of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

  12. Briggs, thank you for reminding your readers that these vexxines are “developed” using murdered babies.

    In this shocking one-hour video (banned from YouTube), John Henry Westin interviews Pamela Acker, a researcher involved in vaccine development. As she explains, the abortionist removes a viable, often full-term baby, by C-section, and then removes the baby’s organs while the baby is still alive.

    They do this without pain killer for the baby, which would “taint” the organs and make them unuseable. An organ is only useable for a short time, and she says that “HEK-273” (or whatever number) indicates that (at least) 273 different fresh baby kidneys were used to “develop” the vaccine.

    If you want something shorter, here’s a 17-minute video where another vaccine scientist reluctantly admits that many, many babies are killed to develop vaccines, and they have to be at least three-month-old fetuses in order to have well-developed, useful organs.

    We might ask, why do they do this? Because the organs must be very fresh, removed from a live human being, and un-tainted by pain killer; only the child in the womb is powerless to object, and can be legally murdered and used in this manner. They do this for the same reason they sew murdered baby scalps onto rodents to see if the baby’s hair will still grow. They do it because they can.

    Children are now, openly, prey.

  13. ANN!

    Just searched HEK293 and found something about senomyx and testing FOOD PRODUCTS

    Just a few:

    Nestles Products
    • All refrigerated coffee creamers
    • Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes,
    ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles
    PLEASE NOTE: There IS NO aborted
    fetal material IN any food products!

    Other companies:
    Cancelled or changed contracts
    including Pepsico which apparently faced a boycott over the issue?

  14. John, we might wonder why they need fetal stem cells to develop coffee creamer, etc. Of course they don’t “need” them….they do it because they can. Child sacrifice feeds the Beast. Plus, so much better, in their view, if we’re all complicit consumers.

    Regarding Ivermectin, a friend just sent me this interesting table, updated in July, 2021, from the NIH website: Characteristics of antiviral agents that are approved or under evaluation for treatment of COVID-19.

    Ivermectin is the 2nd one listed.

  15. Ann and Mike

    It looks like Briggs created the deaths graph from JHU using the paper to identify the related countries?

    But from the paper itself … conclusions Table 3

    Looks like cases / million (Iver) was 1/7 that of (Non-Iver)

    Looks like once you became a case, the course of the disease was similar

    So Ivermectin looks like a strong case for prophylactic

    Maybe Briggs can add to the discussion or confirm

  16. “..Mike, I’m not sure why you have a problem with the dates: they are a monthly track, so wouldn’t January, 2021 come after December 2020?..”

    Yes..Anne..January 2021 follows December 2020… 🙂
    But back to the story…
    I just noticed The source for the graph is listed as John Hopkins CSSE (GitHub)
    This is fake.
    9 days from January 2020-then 7 days in January 2021.
    3.1.20 is the first date.
    Yet the WHO only announced the mysterious Corona related Pneumonia on January 9th 2020.
    So obviously the first January 2020 dates on the graphic are fake.
    So half the x timeline is fake as well as the original source quoted.
    Even the paper said this “The COVID-19 data was obtained from the WHO coronavirus disease Dashboard on January 15, 2021” which could not have given those dates in January 2020 anyway.
    If someone wanted to discredit Ivermectin they would have created that graphic and let it run, like a virus..
    I believe this is more plausible than a mere mistake..
    “Ann and Mike It looks like Briggs created the deaths graph from JHU using the paper to identify the related countries?”
    Thanks John.
    Briggs couldn’t have for the reasons I explained above.
    I found this as well
    COVID-19: The Ivermectin African Enigma

  17. What we need is a nationwide, indeed global, version of the Southwest sick-out. A nation/world-wide General Strike against COVID restrictions, forced/coerced vax, vax passports, the endless mass-testing regime, etc – everyone simply stop whatever you do and bring absolutely everything to a crippling halt until all restrictions lifted. I doubt it’d take more than one day to end the remaining nonsense and tyranny.

  18. Mike

    I’ll warrant that I could be clueless

    This is fake. What is fake and where
    9 days from January 2020-then 7 days in January 2021. Who is talking about 9 days from Jan 2020
    3.1.20 is the first date. That’s what I see on the chart.
    Yet the WHO only announced the mysterious Corona related Pneumonia on January 9th 2020. Huh?
    So obviously the first January 2020 dates on the graphic are fake. Where do you see the first Jan 2020 dates?
    So half the x timeline is fake as well as the original source quoted. Huh?

    I could be dense …

    Where are you ‘seeing’ first January 2020 dates?

  19. Unfortunately, the problem of organization of such a General Strike seems insurmountable. There is no one I can think of with the reach, influence, and moral/political authority to succeed in organizing such a thing over heads of the Regime (which is not just politicians, but their mainstream media, corporate, and other institutional servants as well) on a large enough scale to achieve the General Strike’s goal.

    This is why we need a Caesar.

  20. Tucker on the South by Southwest

    3,100 flights cancelled. Good weather too!

    NYC’s Unvaccinated Teachers Must Waive Right To Sue If They Want To Keep Health Benefits

    Oregon Senators Call For Investigation Into Alleged COVID-19 Statistical Manipulation

    Based Texas

    Sputwest Airlines will ignore Texas executive order to obey O’biden press release non-mandate.

    Onky vexxined kids may trick or treat. So remember to check each of them for passports.

    This judge probably read a fak-chak about herd immunity being suicidal and non -existent.



    You’re not part of Team Vexx!

    The FDA would like you to know that it is aware. That is all.


  21. Not using a phone John .
    Re your question..we are talking about the Invermectin graphic..
    “This is fake. What is fake and where”
    Invermectin graphic
    The X axis with the dates on is fake for at least half of it and I am guessing the rest of it as well.
    The Y axis with the deaths would also be fake as well for at least half and my guess for the rest as well..
    The “source john hopkins CSSE github” is also fake.
    3.1.20 is the first date…
    WHO only announced an unidentified virus 6 days after this start the whole January sequence 2020 is bogus..
    Its on the bottom of the Invermectin graph
    These are not casual mistakes.
    These require a sequence of fake data to be created and used..
    Which means its done as a form of propaganda..

  22. Mike

    Welcome to America where the Month precedes the day

    (I’ve gotten confused by European graphs at times)


  23. John
    ok.. 🙂
    Flip a coin if its EU or American date sequence then since we don`t know which country the hoaxer was living in..
    Its fake..makes no difference as it`s not based on anything in the paper.
    Its implausible they were using PCR in Africa 12 weeks after the virus first officially appeared anyway..


    For those who like Top 10 lists…

    THE SCIENCE ™ has changed! Viruses can never be isolated, claims Expert! Fak-checkas are updating as he speaks!

    Doktors are veery veery upset that patients are requesting actual medical treatment instead of taking their shots and dying quietly. Don’t they read fak-checkas???

    There is no need for boosters, but it would be unfair not to give them EUAs anyway says FDA. But don’t worry, a meeting is being held!

    INTEL isn’t falling for THE SCIENCE ™

  25. Hey Yawrate,
    the graph is not from the paper, as Ann Sherry noted in her post above (6th from the top): “I also wondered why this graph, which references the study and uses its data, was not included in study itself, and noted this to Briggs when I sent the link; perhaps it was done later to illustrate the data therein, which it does quite well.”

    It’s clearly done later, since the paper is from March 2021, and the graph includes data up to and including August 2021. My guess is that the author of the graph used the division of african ivermectin/non-ivermectin countries from the paper and then collated the data for these countries from Johns Hopkins (the 2nd cited source).

    So I don’t think that it is a hoax, but I don’t think that it is an exemplary model of transparency, either, so I’d be hesitant to share it without having further context.

    It is potentially a very interesting graph, though, so Ann, could you maybe provide some more info on its provenance?

  26. MaikH, I’ve provided the info I have on that (apparently controversial) Africa-Ivermectin graph. It was sent to me by a friend. I, too, looked up the cited article, noted the absence of the graph, and concluded the graph was done by someone, based on the article’s data. Does that make it a hoax? I hardly think so, or they wouldn’t have referenced the underlying study. Rather, it’s an ILLUSTRATION.

    I gave all this info and the link to the article to Briggs, and he decided to post the graph. Does Mike think the graph contradicts the info in the cited article? Does he think the underlying article contains false data? That’s his prerogative, but maybe he should take it up with the researchers.

    You could probably have a similar graphic illustration for India:

    “Uttar Pradesh might sound obscure to most Americans, but it is the most populated state in India, with urban areas that rival the most densely populated cities in the U.S. Yet, miraculously, despite housing a population of 240 million people, this northern state has been averaging only 24 cases and 0-2 deaths per day in recent months. Despite its size — roughly 73% of the U.S. population — it ranked dead last in cases per capita last week among India’s 36 states. What gives?

    “The answer likely lies in the 10-letter “I-word” that you are not allowed to mention on social media: ivermectin. Evidently, the global medical junta doesn’t like the over 60 studies vouching for the efficacy of ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2, especially when used early, but there is something better than a study: pure reality of lived experience.

    “Last year, the northern state of Uttar Pradesh began dispensing ivermectin liberally and encouraging people to take it early on and even preventively. As Trial Site News reported earlier this year, “By the end of 2020, Uttar Pradesh — which distributed free ivermectin for home care — had the second-lowest fatality rate in India at 0.26 per 100,000 residents in December. Only the state of Bihar, with 128 million residents, was lower, and it, too, recommends ivermectin

    “Overall, the death rate in Uttar Pradesh was roughly 95 per million people, roughly 1/20 the death rate of the U.S. More importantly, despite being the largest state in India, it incurred one-third the death rate of the country as a whole.”

    Big Pharma must have gotten to the Indian Gov’t, because I understand that despite these great results, they’ve recently prohibited doctors there from prescribing Ivermectin to prevent/treat Covid.

    On another point, someone on another Briggs thread asked whether Ivermectin needs to be used early, and the answer is an emphatic yes. Also from the above-sited article:

    “Doctors advise that Ivermectin or Monoclonal antibodies should be used within the first 10 days of contact/infection; while the virus is still alive. After 10 days the virus is already dead and has left trillions of cascade-causing debris viral particles”

    Meanwhile, Doctors are apparently prescribing Ivermectin for vaxxed patients who get Covid, but denying this same medicine to unvaxxed patients:

    In my own state, pharmacists are requiring a diagnosis code on Ivermectin and Hydroxy prescriptions, and if the diagnosis is for Covid, the pharmacy won’t fill the prescription. If that doesn’t shock your conscience, then you probably don’t have one.

  27. “It was your fear, a fear you indulged in luxuriously, that allowed these petty tyrants their powers.”

    *I had nothing to do with it. I was on to “them” right from the numbers coming out of Italy; don’t blame me for this mess.

  28. Hi Ann,
    first of all, a big thanks for bringing up the information on the study and the graph, neither of which would have come up on my radar otherwise. I see the graph as a bit more as just an illustration, since it expands on the study both by covering a longer time frame, and by providing the development over time.

    My wish to get some more info on how exactly the graph was made is precisely due to its possible value and impact. I’m optimistic/old-fashioned enough to believe that blatant lies are best countered by a rational and honest response, and this includes being transparent about your methods and sources. Which the graph, all by itself, is not.

    And more thanks for your deeper info on the shadows and mirrors played around Ivermectin treatments – if it does not shock my conscience, I’d like to plead that it’s more due to the countless shocks it had to sustain in recent times, rather than due to its absence.

  29. The local MSM is reporting “The rate of infection among Ottawa’s unvaccinated vaccine-eligible population is now 11 times higher than it is for the fully vaccinated population.” Say what? This looks like another model programmed to say what the experts want to hear. Here’s how they calculate this rate: “The local rate of infection per 100,000 residents for those vaccinated against the virus is at 11, whereas the rate for those unvaccinated (or vaccinated with one dose under 14 days) is 125.2.”

    Leaving aside for the moment the fact that their peculiar definition of unvaccinated includes those who are recently vaccinated, I think their simple calculation is incorrect. Shouldn’t they compare their individual rates to the overall rate? Is there something funny with the way they calculate the rate per 100,000?

    That “11 times” number doesn’t pass my sniff test.

  30. Yeah, Paul – these numbers sound very fishy – typical MSM manipulation. What exactly do they mean by “rate of infection” in their report anyway? Are these confirmed “cases” (even as troublesome as that term is – as I’m sure everyone at Briggs’ site knows). And since the vax actually suppresses immune system initially and makes infection more likely, to call those within the 14-day window is very manipulative as well. Just not buying that unvaxed are “infected” at 11 times rate of the vaxed (too much data everywhere re. vax failure says otherwise at this point).

  31. “Does Mike think the graph contradicts the info in the cited article? Does he think the underlying article contains false data? That’s his prerogative, but maybe he should take it up with the researchers.”

    Amazing..first off, the underlying article was junk.
    So its okay if someone fakes up an image/fakes the source being John Hopkins in the image/sticks a URL as the source on the image which when you go to that Url the image is not there/tricks an image up to show data that was never in the original paper….but thats okay if it might support a junk paper??
    Well..the propaganda is certainly working..
    You take it up with the authors or..just take it up with the people that posted it up originally here without looking at it…

  32. Michael B Williams, well said, see the Chinese ambassador to the Uk on sky TV also explaining when they gave the information over.

  33. I looked at that twitter feed of the guy de-bunking the graph, Mike, thank you. I’m not on Twitter, so couldn’t see if anyone de-bunked the guy, in their responses. I’ll pass it along to the person who sent me that graph in the first place.

    I do hope you get your knickers just as twisted over the FAKE and MISLEADING info coming out of the Manson Media and the W.H.O. and the CDC regarding the Covid, the vexxine, and its preventatives and cures, such as “social distancing”, staying indoors, and wearing bacteria-laden face diapers. Not to mention, calling asymptomatic infections “cases” and using Coronadoom as an excuse to create a Communist China-style police state, as is happening in AU, Canada, and soon, maybe, here.

    Because when all is said and done, we ARE dealing with a virus with a 99.98% survival rate for most people. And if people want to give Ivermectin and/or hydroxy a try, they should be able to. Instead, doctors would prefer to send Covid-positive patients home with no medicine at all. Then, when and if they get really sick, they can go the hospital, which gets about $11K bonus for each admission, and another $40K bonus if they go on a ventilator. Ivermectin and Hydroxy cost only pennies, but the vexxine provides a big pay-off for big pharma, semi-annually for all time.

    I know, it’s not about the money, it’s about “saving lives”. Tell that to the one out of three babies who don’t make it out of the womb alive. In my state, late term abortion is an “Essential Service” even during “pandemics”.

    Meanwhile, Doctors are getting angry at their patients for daring to request medicine for Covid:

  34. MaikH, thanks for your gracious comments. I’ll check w/Frontline Doctors to see if they have something more reliable on the Africa/Ivermectin issue, and post anything I find. I won’t be sending this particular graph out, any longer, because even if it’s fairly (if not technically) accurate, we are held to a much higher standard of accuracy than the Branch Covidians.

    Lastly, my comment about the shock to the conscience was in no way directed at you. We’ve all become a little hardened by constant onslaught of shocking information. For example, remember how horrified people were when it first came out, thanks to Project Veritas, that Planned Parenthood was selling aborted baby parts? Now, when you tell them that they’re cutting out kidneys from live full-term babies, without painkiller, for medical R&D, it’s met by most people with a shoulder-shrug. Even the horrific violence in films and video games is designed to harden our hearts, and murder our consciences.

  35. Mike B

    Seriously. Thanks. It is truly amazing that it took you this long to properly explain.
    You could have lead with that instead of harping on fake data.

    The data was not ‘fake’.
    Your debunker never said the data was faked.
    He said the data was improperly interpreted.

    As Ann pointed out earlier, the graph simply ‘built’ on what the paper did with words.
    The paper went through available data; the graph did the same.

    Even reading the paper and it’s discussion the authors discussed many things.

    The average lifespan between the two regions,
    percentages of populations over 65 between the two regions.

    I even noted that the fatality rate was the same regardless of how cases and deaths were arrived at

    Some of us welcome new and different understandings, but to charge faked data is just wrong
    (especially when you obviously didn’t understand the ‘data’)

    Thanks for hanging in and putting up with the pushback.

    Please feel free to comment/critique any time (like I actually have a say in it) … I look forward to it

  36. I’ve never been able to find a database that gives easy to compare vaccinated versus unvaccinated information in the US (or Canada I suppose, not that I’ve looked that hard on that one). The UK and Israel do give out that information and based on what is in their data the idea that 90%+ of the “cases,” “hospitalizations” and so on would be from the “not fully vaccinated” is just not plausible.

    Unfortunately US sources generally just give general case, hospitalization and death values, but then give the “breakthrough” data in terms like “percent of the total number of people vaccinated.” What makes things worse is that there is often data for each day for the general data, but not for the breakthrough stuff. That is, there’s often just one listing for all breakthrough “cases” etc. and it will be updated at unclear times. Thus it isn’t even really feasible to take the “fully vaccinated” data and subtract it from the totals to get the “unvaccinated” stuff. And that’s without getting into the possible changes in reporting standards, or the fact that the unvaccinated are definitely being tested at a much higher rate currently (which makes not only “cases” useless, but also “hospitalizations” and “deaths” since they are often defined in terms of the event happening within so long of a positive test.)

  37. “The higher standard is simple, it’s called ‘the truth’”

    Fact check: False!

    If this refers back to Ann’s line that it seems to, this claim of “the truth” being the standard of the Covidians is just hilarious…and flat wrong.

  38. In terms of the testing of the unvaccinated:

    I tried to dig up false positive rates for the COVID tests. Various rates were given including some that can’t be taken seriously (ex. “doctors claim that it is nearly impossible for this test to produce a false positive.”) Averaging the numbers actually given gives us something in the neighborhood of 1%.

    Thus if we tested 3.5 million people who were not sick, we’d expect to see around 35,000 (false) positive results anyway. That’s about half the current level of cases and about a fifth of the number of cases we saw in the last “peak.” And of course that’s without considering the asymptomatic cases. Of course since there are actual sick people in the country the true number of false positives will be a little lower. But it will still be a pretty significant chunk of the daily cases.

  39. Ann made the claim that we are held to a higher standard than Branch Covidians.

    Joy said that the standard is “the truth.”

    This implies that Joy believes that Branch Covidians should not be expected to tell the truth.

  40. Rudolph H
    Are you arguing about the standard of truth or are you just twisting what I said?
    Michael B W was quite correct. Credit where it’s due

  41. Funny that John B says that knowing the dates when PCR testing were available is somehow a new take on the matter
    Not just that, it’s the other guy’s fault for the “pushbacks!”

  42. Joy

    It took a lo-o-o-ong time for Mike B to make any sense.

    He started by calling real data ‘fake’ yesterday morning and didn’t make a cogent post until this evening

  43. “This implies that Joy believes that Branch Covidians should not be expected to tell the truth”
    There’s no such people as branch covidians, It’s you and the others.
    Thinking there’s two groups here is half the problem. ..well, sorry there ARE two groups here, but that’s no representation of reality out there. Only in places on the internet where cultish behaviour is rife, especially when people lose faith, they turn to politics instead, for agency.

  44. Rudolph Harrier: “In terms of the testing of the unvaccinated:

    “I tried to dig up false positive rates for the COVID tests. Various rates were given including some that can’t be taken seriously (ex. ‘doctors claim that it is nearly impossible for this test to produce a false positive.’) Averaging the numbers actually given gives us something in the neighborhood of 1%.”

    What kind of test are we talking about? Antigen, PCR or sequencing?

    If you’re talking about PCR, the false positive rate is a tad higher than 1%, I think. Well, when I say a “tad, ” I mean the technical term, that is, 95-99%. How many cycles run by how-well-trained staff, with what level of contamination, and what level of incomplete genomic runs?

    I think it is very interesting that the number of cycles on the PCR test isn’t disclosed.

  45. Okay JOhn B, I only read the comments this evening.
    I was even slower!
    Still haven’t read Briggs post! (she said, ducking) at least I”M honest

  46. It isn’t enough to be outraged or shocked.
    Nobody cares how outraged or shocked you are, or claim to be.
    Public displays of outrage are little more than shouting into the wind.
    See Scientology fo tactics used around here of late.

    The irony! claiming the cult is that of the major part of the world, all several billion of them
    Liike scooby doo, if it weren’t for them pesky five billion people!
    If it weren’t for them half a dozen clever truthies on the web, us five billion would have “gotten” away with it.

    While I’m here,
    you can’t say “gotten”
    it’s bad English, so stop it!

  47. Joy

    I am outraged and shocked (not really because it’s not surprising)

    I wonder how many people from the 70’s would be shocked if not outraged (even those who supported the “right to choose” back then)

    I am not now nor have I ever been a member of a cult.

    This is part of what I wrote on my company’s request for religious exemption

    I had reluctance about answering these questions. Requiring some ‘proof’ on my part in having a religious objection is tantamount to a ‘religious test’ and not in the purview of this company nor that of the Federal Government.

  48. Ron Hubbard alias John B():

    “This is part of what I wrote on my company’s request for religious exemption

    “I had reluctance about answering these questions. Requiring some ‘proof’ on my part in having a religious objection is tantamount to a ‘religious test’ and not in the purview of this company nor that of the Federal Government.”

    You do not “request.” You assert your Right.

  49. Philemon

    I can’t access … I get … Secure Connection Failed

    I should have put it in quotes


  50. I am just going off whatever numbers I see claimed for false negatives in news articles. This includes many PCR tests. What gets to the news is at least a fluffed up “creative interpretation” of the data, if not an outright lie, so the true false positive rate is likely higher. My calculations were based on the “established” narrative, but in reality I would guess that false positives probably account for at least 70% of “cases” at this point.

  51. Johnby
    You’re doing a good impression of a cult member. I’ve thought that for quite a while. A gang member at the very least.
    Yours, or my, outrage is irrelevant. Certainly it’s irrelevant to what is actually true.
    Haven’t read your links, since what you’re trying to do is restate an argument that isn’t the point.
    A common error on here lately.

    If there’s something you want to discuss based on your terminology of a cult, you can go ahead in the comments

  52. “I had reluctance about answering these questions. Requiring some ‘proof’ on my part in having a religious objection is tantamount to a ‘religious test’ and not in the purview of this company nor that of the Federal Government.”

    Either way, the company knew who you were so they got their answer
    Hope they weren’t disappointed.

  53. Joy

    ‘My Company’ doesn’t ‘know’ me from Adam and they do not care

    irrelevant to what is actually true? … what is true is that my state celebrated the fact that children could be killed in the womb. The state next door discussed that even children outside of the womb were ‘fair game’.

    You’re outraged by ‘gotten’ aren’t you?

    People in the United States and Canada use gotten for the past participle of got in most cases.

    People in English-speaking countries outside of the United States and Canada usually use got.

    Get over it. Don’t know if you noticed (or who you were addressing – I THINK Ann), but both Ann and I used “gotten” somewhere above.

    Which Cult am I supposedly a member of? L Ron wants to know

    Have you gotten over it?

  54. Haven’t heard from Mickey B since he finally figured out how to speak the truth

    I guess he really was a troll … but then aren’t we all

  55. Get your FREE vexxine! And not only will you get a FREE ice-cream! And not only will you also get a FREE Falafel! And not only are we throwing in this FREE $100 VISA GIFT CARD! But we will ALSO EXPUNGE YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD*! LIMITED TIME OFFER! WHILE VEXXINE SUPPLIES LAST! AND OH BOY DO THEY EVER!
    *Some Details apply. See Vexxine Site for details.

    Remember that FULLY FDA APPROVED vexxine? STILL CAN’T GET IT! LOL!

    The hersterics ruling New Zealand have decided to force vexxine mandates.

    Australian cops finally starting to admit that they are the baddies!

    Fired unvexxed Texas employees demand their jobs back!

    Thou shalt not crowdfund litigation to challenge THE SCIENCE ™!

    Too bad United Airlines!

  56. One trick that the elites like to pull is to have something be simultaneously two contrary things at once, but to pretend it is only one thing as convenient. We saw it with Obamacare. When it came to defending the claim that it would not raise taxes, the penalty for not having health insurance was not a tax. But when it came to defending the claim that congress had the authority to enact that penalty, it suddenly was tax. In no conversation would it be said directly that it was both definitely a tax and definitely not a tax, but between conversations its status would change as necessary.

    The same thing with Pfizer’s “Cominarty vaccine.” When it comes to convincing people to get vaccinated, it is said to be identical to the vexxine that Pfizer is already using, and practically the same as what other companies use. Thus we are told that there is no rational cause to worry about any of them, since the FDA has all but approved every option on the market. More to the point, many mandates are NOT legally possible for things only with EUAs. So it allows organizations to say “You must get the FDA approved Cominarty vaccine or, if that option is ‘unexpectedly’ unavailable, you can also get an EUA option.” Technically they aren’t requiring anyone to get something only under emergency use, even if they are de facto requiring that since the Cominarty vaccine isn’t being distributed anywhere.

    But if Cominarty really was the same as what Pfizer was currently using that would cause the problem of making the other Emergency Use Authorizations void, since they only apply when no approved alternative is available. If the Pfizer treatment really was what was approved, then there would no longer be any basis for giving out the Moderna or Johnson and Johnson vexxines. Neither those companies nor the government can allow that, so for the purpose of determining whether an approved option is available suddenly Cominarty becomes completely different from what Pfizer is making, and something impossible to produce, and thus the EUA’s are still valid.

  57. Hey doc..

    1 – did you see the essay contest at wattsupwiththat? might be interesting..

    2 – you keep whacking away at how dumb people are to fall for the nonsense the woke fascists are selling. Please stop – We know already.

    Instead, why not try to understand why most people are acting so stupidly? (and, in that context consider this: in 1932 over 90% of jews allowed to vote in Germany, voted National Socialist). Think about it – these were/are not stupid or cowardly people: so why?

  58. I’d like to see a source for this, frankly laughable, claim that 90% of Jews voted NSDAP in the 1932 German elections (there were 2 – July and November, the NSDAP actually lost 34 seats in November). Having a hard time finding precise demographic breakdown of results online, but I’m sure most Jews voted either SPD or KPD.

    If you can provide solid evidence that 90% of German Jews voted NSDAP in 1932, I will – like Werner Herzog ( – eat my shoe!

  59. John b
    Not sure how to respond to that outburst. That must constitute one of the kickbacks you mentioned.
    You were mistaken, why does that make someone else a troll? Ann is too proud to be graceful about being wrong and unleashed a diatribe of irrelevance to the target of her ire. Only then to follow it up with phoney talk about graciousness. You, apparently think that requires a defence.
    Ann has promised me, personally, one of her ‘retorts’ after I explained to her that we have nothing to say to each other.
    “All in good time my dear’ was the reply. I call that pretty trollish. No free speech, we must accept being subjected to personal attacks such as she made previously, such as Johnno, Rudolph H, Hun, ‘erm, Philemon, ltuizza, nigelteapot, the GK Chesterton reader, and on and on. All that’s fine by your high standards of discourse, apparently, excluding Nigel of course because he dared to pick on you.
    THAT’s what I mean by being part of a gang. The only thing I can think is that you don’t read comments to really see what’s going on otherwise your standards are duplicate and the base has to affect your judgement of truth, which I argue that it does.

    Ann and Mike, were feigning outrage and a functioning conscience was mentioned:
    1 Catholics are not allowed to trust their conscience as we have been taught repeatedly on this very site. See comments from YOS, True Faith, backed up by hangers on and followers.

    2 Who are you to judge the heart or mind of someone else because you think their response is not loud enough? That’s out of the rule book of the SJW’s of the liberal left. It is indeed a religious kind of behaviour to demand emotions be shown or ‘confessed’ in right measure and manner.
    Re English? I made the trivial and uncontroversial point that it is bad English, which it is. As is the word “”got”.
    The former is bad because it is just wrong in English English!
    The latter is just ‘wrong’ because it shows poor writing. There’s always a better word but in conversation we all tend to use it as do I!

    You get over it, (I) was joking.
    Maybe you need a drink or something?
    None of this is actually anything but more insult overlaying the problem that a mistake was pointed out and some people didn’t like it

  60. October 13 2021 @ 07:02
    Seriously. Thanks. It is truly amazing that it took you this long to properly explain.?You could have lead with that instead of harping on fake data…
    He said the data was improperly interpreted.
    As Ann pointed out earlier, the graph simply ‘built’ on what the paper did with words.?The paper went through available data; the graph did the same….
    Some of us welcome new and different understandings, but to charge faked data is just wrong?(especially when you obviously didn’t understand the ‘data’)?Thanks for hanging in and putting up with the pushback.?Please feel free to comment/critique any time (like I actually have a say in it) … I look forward to it

    Haven’t heard from Mickey B since he finally figured out how to speak the truth?I guess he really was a troll … but then aren’t we all
    I’m not surprised and can’t say I blame him, it’s the reason why it’s an echo chamber and why errors are being repeated some eighteen months to two years later

  61. Joy

    Sorry! Just kinda ticked about stuff these days – I could give two hits about the mandate for myself but hate that my daughter has to choose.

    As for Mike he started talking trash w/o any understanding – that I could see – what he was trashing
    (he knew it was trash but didn’t have a clue why it was trash until finally he shared his tweet)
    Even when I pointed out that he was confusing American dates with European dates, he laughed it off and still said the data was bad (funny that … there was a Mars probe that crashed because programmers from two companies confused meters and feet … one company had got it wrong and another had gotten it wrong)

    You stepped into the conversation just when Mike had answered with good reasoning.

    Both Ann and I spent the day + trying to figure out where he was coming from until finally he found a way to communicate his issue with the story – I was finally satisfied with his response but still frustrated how difficult it was to deal with him … I’ve got an idea that Ann felt that as well but that’s her story … your problem with Ann is your story

    I knew you were joking and I joked right back but I was curious about got and gotten and included Grammarly’s explanation.

    As for Catholicism being a cult …. well it’s easy enough to walk away from it … just try to walk away from Scientology …

    Yeah, I know those guys can be bastards to you …

  62. Thanks for reminding me

    The last posts that I’d made, were from John (S) … Satire implied

    I’ll have to make it more obvious … I will go into moderation a bit …

  63. Joy

    Last comment about Mike

    Rereading everything Mike wrote, I’m honestly wondering if he doesn’t think the John Hopkins itself is fake

    Mike says this twice:
    … the graph is listed as John Hopkins CSSE (GitHub) [this is fake]
    … The “source john hopkins CSSE github” is also fake.

    I THINK that Mike was implying that the John Hopkins Africa data was faked because Africa couldn’t have PCR tests available by the March/April time frame!

    When you check his profile, it says “asecretcountry” or “goldhunter666” (imagining he was at another system)
    Mike’s English seems as good as yours and mine (u know the ‘bastards’ ‘believe’ English is your 2nd language)
    Given his date confusion, I know he’s not US (North America?) Don’t know where he’s from if he doesn’t recognize a preeminent US Med School …

    No Joy
    I feel no guilt about my conduct with Mike. I was quite restrained until the end.

  64. Note what’s happened with both booster approvals.

    Before the FDA meets medias and politicians say “The FDA will surely approve boosters for everyone!”

    The FDA rejects boosters for everyone, but partially caves and approves boosters for “high-risk” individuals.

    The medias and politicians now say “The FDA has approved boosters!” without mentioning the restrictions on who gets them.

  65. Rudolph Harrier:

    Watch the pea under the thimble. They did it with Cominarty, too. You know how a lot of vexxine mandates start out with “FDA approved” when it’s not; they are lying. There is no legal mandate. There is no Executive Order. They don’t want anything that is subject to legal review. Because then they get slapped down with injunctions and lawsuits. And they are averse to losing money, as are most of us. Maybe the second trillion is harder to make the first trillion.

    Looks like OAS:

    Possibly ADE as well:

    Long term adverse events unknown, but the short term events seen thus far would be enough to cancel any Phase 1 clinical trial.

  66. Seriously worried about the vexxinated. Many of whom might get hit harder with the upcoming cold/flu season.

    I sincerely hope not, but early treatment seems to be effective.

  67. Have to admit – it’s a guilty pleasure – but I am enjoying the Blue-Sky-Flu.

    Not that the Blue-Flu is anything to sneeze at either.


  68. Whatever floats your boat John b,
    I’m out of energy for the covid cause and trust my countrymen and women to overcome any difficulties that are thrown out way in the fullness of time.

    There’s more important things going on as the world opens up. It’s already too late for the US, since Trump lost control of the situation. (not his fault, mostly)

  69. All

    Be aware

    A family court judge in NY has rejected a father’s bid for visitation without being vaccinated

    “…he adopted the novel position that his “religious beliefs as a Roman Catholic” preclude him from receiving the vaccine. The justification rings hollow given that Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, is vaccinated and has encouraged Catholics everywhere to be vaccinated “for the common good”.”

    THEY WILL try to deny your religious exemption!



    They are now counting “intend to be vexxined” as “vexxined”…? Whatever makes the percentages of the compliant look good I guess…

    Mark of the Vexx now has total dominion over employment in Italy. Remember when this was just a conspiracy theory?

  71. I’ve said it many times: Though there have been some good rulings here and there on the Covid mandate & vax fronts, most judges these days are either (at best) fools or (at worst) Regime-compliant scum who cannot be relied upon to resist the relentless march toward a Covid-based tyranny. Most judges these days have a notions of jurisprudence and the Constitution utterly warped by decades of radical Progressivism and the various “critical legal theory” ideologies that pervade most law schools now.

    And since Bergoglio sees the Church as nothing more than a “social justice” NGO in service to the NWO/Great Reset agenda (for which he has warped Catholic notions of the “common good” in order to push the jabs), Catholics will have to understand he has thrown them under the bus on the vax front (despite the Vatican saying just last December that ANY vaccines must be voluntary, and that no one is morally obligated to be vaccinated – all in line with tradtional Catholic teaching, contra Bergoglio’s new ideas) and that they cannot simply rely on traditional Catholic teaching in making exemption claims – too many corporate HR types and judges will simply cite Bergoglio as all the justification they need to deny claims.

    Part of the problem is people not attacking the foundation of the whole “vax or test or get fired” regime, and instead trying to carve out narrow “exemptions.” No one should have to claim a special “religious exemption” in order not to be coerced in to getting jabbed with a dangerous experimental new vaccine for a virus which, for the vast majority of people, is hardly more dangerous than flu. This is about basic human rights that transcend any particular religious belief. “I simply don’t want it, period. My reasons are my own,” should be all that anyone needs to say to get an “exemption.”

  72. I’d say your problems are that you’re all singing from a different song sheet while pretending to be on the same page on this particular page.

    The Pope is no longer the Pope, according to some new protestants who aren’t protestant, they’re protesting catholics don’t you know! who aren’t catholics except on certain days, when they chose to curry favour or change loyalties. On other days they’re just “fallen catholics” or “bad catholics” or “hermit crabs” or something.
    “let chaos reign, reign in chaos”

  73. “… according to some new protestants who aren’t protestant, they’re protesting catholics don’t you know!”

    Criticizing the Pope, especially in non-dogmatic matters that to not implicate infallibility, does not make one a Protestant (Dante didn’t even hesitate publicly to consign some Popes and anti-Popes to the Inferno). There have, unfortunately, been some anti-Popes (and just plain bad) Popes in the past, there will likely be more in the future, and there is possibly one now (the accumulating evidence of his actions and beliefs would indicate this as a high probability). And yet the Church remains, and will remain until the end of time.

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