An Unneeded Prophecy: The Warning, Or The Illumination of Conscience

Long-time readers will know I’m a sucker for end-time prophecies, the subject being of obvious fascination (forecasts of every kind are my avocation). Every time a priest in his wisdom begins a lecture on the topic with “You know, the real End Times is for you when you die”, I (and I suspect many) say, “Yeah, yeah: Get to the good stuff. When is Jesus coming and put an end to this mess?”

Even if you yourself are not yet a believer (all will be in the end), there are definite practical and political consequences to these prophecies and predictions, so they are worth considering. For instance, everybody knows evangelical’s unrequited love for the nation state of Israel is important—and lucrative. Evangelicals believe their undying support of Israel will hurry prophecy along, and hasten their “rapture”.

The “rapture” is complex, but best characterized by the optimistic interpretation of Matthew 24:40 “Then two shall be in the field: one shall be taken, and one shall be left.” Recent events, and the earlier verse “Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house” and get the heck out of Dodge, prove the sober and realistic interpretation is more likely.

This rapture is not our direct interest, though it is believed by many. The attitude of its holders is relevant, though. If you truly believed this rapture, and acted like you believed it was going to happen shortly, you might not be so keen on getting the wheat planted this year, if you follow me.

A new prediction, growing in numbers of believers, is circulating among Catholics. It is “The Warning” or “The Illumination of Conscience.” I say prediction and not prophecy because I do not think it is a prophecy, a word I’ll reserve for the real deal. An unconditional real prophecy is “But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief, in which the heavens shall pass away with great violence, and the elements shall be melted with heat, and the earth and the works which are in it, shall be burnt up.”

The idea of The Warning is simple: Sometime soon God will illuminate the consciences of all men, and allow them to see themselves as He sees them. This shock will cause many to repent, but most will pass off their vision as caused by a solar flare (yes). At this time, the Antichrist, who is likely here already, begins his work in earnest, work which ushers in the last three and and half years of The Late Great Planet Earth.

Those who claim this is a prophecy are keen to have you believe it, too. The immediate problem is this: the “prophecy” isn’t needed. If God wants to illumine all souls, He can do so, and at any time. Those who are content with their disobedience now won’t “convert” because of this prediction, as it offers them nothing. They may well convert after the illumination, but they don’t need to know it’s coming to experience it for what it is.

They don’t need a boost, I mean. If God Himself, the Lord of all creation, omnipotent, omniscient, omni-everything, tells you, “Dear Reader, you are a sinner and you had better repent now or else!,” and you choose not to, then somebody flogging a book isn’t going to be put your over the edge.

The prophecy just isn’t needed. That it isn’t needed is not proof that it won’t happen. But if it does, you won’t need me, or anybody, telling you what to do about it.

There are books on The Warning. One is by Bruce Cyr: After The Warning to 2038. Specificity in dates is always a yikes! moment. We all know, or should know, that Jesus himself said nobody would know dates.

Here is what the author says:

Ninety-nine point nine percent of the population of the world has no idea what is going down… The newly elected President of the United States has unabashedly changed the way America will do business and is reviving Judeo/Christian values at governmental levels…The Global Elite will orchestrate horrendous events […and…] will use the disguise of a false flag to create another ‘Pearl Harbor’ or ‘9-11’ against Israel first, then the United States of America. They intend to suppress or destroy the Judeo-Christian principles. The city of Jerusalem is the foundation,from the beginning, for the Jewish and Christian faiths. It is an important location for Islam as well…

According to prophecies, they have a plot to take down America and Israel.

Israel first, eh. Judeo-Christian, eh. Israel last, eh. The whole thing is like the Catholic-lite version of Hal Lindsay (who’s 90 and still kicking).

The main book is The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience by Christine Watkins. It’s popular. As of this writing, it’s number 793 on Amazon among all books. Based on blurbs and talks she’s given, she stitches together several private revelations (which no Catholic is obliged to believe) and produces her prophetic tapestry. The details are of interest to specialists only.

(There is also the case of Fr Michel Rodrigue, who makes speeches on this topic, though his bishop does not support him.)

Debating the fine points is not necessary, because, as said, you don’t need to fret whether or not The Warning happens. If it does, we’ll all know. Anyway, we’ve always also known that the sooner you repent, the better. How important The Warning movement becomes is an open question since, as the Brits says, its early days.

For those having more interest on this subject, this post: Antichrist, by Saint Robert Bellarmine, Reviewed. Also see Archbishop Vigano’s letter to Trump, which I believe captures well the spirit of the age.

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  1. Earlier this week, the New York Post reported that due to some miscalculations based on calendars in use, the Mayan Calendar end of the world that was originally thought to be in 2012 will actually be Sunday, June 21 of this year. Do you mind updating your Tuesday Corona Stats Post a couple of days early?

  2. Yes! I knew at some point you had to hit “The Late Great Planet Earth”. Actually, that’s why I refuse to give any credence to end times predictions. Too much reading of doom in the 70’s and the interesting formulations through selective narratives of the end times being here. (So Hal Lindsey’s still out there—interesting)

    As noted, no one knows when the earth will end. People make a lot of money off predictions, however, so expect plenty of predictions. Except few mention that God said only he knows. I think the “hints” God gave were supposed to motivate people to keep from going down a certain path, but instead they became the money-making prophecies.

  3. Sheri. I’m interested in your Neanderthal knowledge. How did you know they ran from Sabertooth tigers and not from tiny lizards and that they acted honestly and without guilt? I was trying to find that information. I’m interested.

  4. Do you see who wrote a foreward to Watkins’ book? It’s ex-CoE bishop and convert Gavin Ashendon. He was chaplain to the Queen of England before he quit.

    Tell me THAT isn’t interesting. I really want to read the foreward.

  5. Two Catholic Prophecies:

    Prophetic word to Dr. Ralph Martin in St. Peter’s Square in the presence of Pope Paul VI, Pentecost Monday, 1975 known as “The Prophecy at Rome”:

    “Because I love you, I want to show you what I am doing in the world today. I want to prepare you for what is to come. Days of darkness are coming on the world, days of tribulation… Buildings that are now standing will not be standing. Supports that are there for my people now will not be there. I want you to be prepared, my people, to know only me and to cleave to me and to have me in a way deeper than ever before. I will lead you into the desert… I will strip you of everything that you are depending on now, so you depend just on me. A time of darkness is coming on the world, but a time of glory is coming for my Church, a time of glory is coming for my people. I will pour out on you all the gifts of my Spirit. I will prepare you for spiritual combat; I will prepare you for a time of evangelism that the world has never seen…. And when you have nothing but me, you will have everything: land, fields, homes, and brothers and sisters and love and joy and peace more than ever before. Be ready, my people, I want to prepare you…”

    And from God to Catholic priest, Fr. Michael Scanlon:
    “Son of man, do you see that city going bankrupt? Are you willing to see all your cities going bankrupt? Are you willing to see the bankruptcy of the whole economic system you rely on now so that all money is worthless and cannot support you?

    Son of man, do you see the crime and lawlessness in your city streets, and towns, and institutions? Are you willing to see no law, no order, no protection for you except that which I myself will give you?

    Son of man, do you see the country which you love and which you are now celebrating—a country’s history that you look back on with nostalgia? Are you willing to see no country—no country to call your own except those I give you as my body? Will you let me bring you life in my body and only there?

    Son of man, do you see those churches which you can go to so easily now? Are you ready to see them with bars across their doors, with doors nailed shut? Are you ready to base your life only on me and not on any particular structure? Are you ready to depend only on me and not on all the institutions of schools and parishes that you are working so hard to foster?

    Son of man, I call you to be ready for that. That is what I am telling you about. The structures are falling and changing—it is not for you to know the details now—but do not rely on them as you have been. I want you to make a deeper commitment to one another. I want you to trust one another, to build an interdependence that is based on my Spirit. It is an interdependence that is no luxury. It is an absolute necessity for those who will base their lives on me and not the structures from a pagan world. I have spoken and it will take place. My word will go forth to my people. They may hear and they may not—and I will respond accordingly—but this is my word.

    Look about you, son of man. When you see it all shut down, when you see everything removed which has been taken for granted, and when you are prepared to live without these things, then you will know what I am making ready.”

    The first is at:

    The second is at:

    The importance of all of this, is that much will come to pass as Jesus told us in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 24. Jesus did say that only the Father knows when the end of the world will happen, but Jesus did tell us what would come to pass prior to then. Life will become extremely difficult for Christians, and looking to Jesus will be the way for survival. I do expect that the Anti-christ is here.

    America is under God’s judgment for the rejection of His Son, for the legal murders of His born and unborn children and for much more that are set in law, against His commandments.
    God bless, C-Marie

  6. Just what we all need a repackaging of Medgagoogoo and Garbagarbage.

    Just say no.

    There has NEVER been a time that it is more important to NOT get sucked in by charlatans.


    Real Catholic teaching on PRIVATE revelation (Public being that which was revealed to us directly by Christ)

    1. Private revelation will NEVER provide anything thing we can not get from public revelation. Hence even if approved it can be disregarded. Everything we need is in Isaiah anyway — we’ve already GOT decades of warning. We’re heading to rubble territory now.

    2. If it is not EXPLICITLY approved by the bishop with jurisdiction it must NOT be promoted. To do otherwise is disobedient. Medgagoogoo and Garbagarbage AND this new mashup have been EXPLICITLY disapproved.

    An outstanding resource on this topic is available from a Catholic, now deceased, who put together a mountain of material. URLs generally kill comment boxes as do a search on: unity publishing, inc

    And if that’s not enough, the Garbagarbage Mashup fans should look up Joey Lomagino’s eyes!

  7. Plus, an excellent article on the reality of what is going on in America when our Catholic Supreme Court Chief Justice and five other Justices vote against God’s creation of human sexuality……the article ends with this paragraph….a reference to the domination of worldliness in the United States which is increasing daily.

    “Fighting this may not work. That two-thirds of our nation’s highest court clearly despise the Constitution and the way of life it protects, and which it is their sole job to defend, may be yet another indication that the United States we know and love is heading into a dark night of oblivion, like all empires before it. If that is the case, however, I’m going down fighting as hard as I can.”


    God bless, C-Marie

    God bless, C-Marie

  8. 1Corinthians Paul advocates the unmarried stay so, and related themes … because the end and 2nd Coming was immanent. Ref 1 Corinthians 7, 31, for example. There are other examples in the book of early Christians abandoning life in anticipation of Jesus’ return.

    Matt, Mark & Luke all quote Jesus who said some standing there, them would not taste death before his return.

    They believed it, as documented in the Bible.

    Maybe the day & hour were unknown, but sometime during that generation had uncertainty. And the almighty didn’t keep His promise.

    Unless there is one or more bi-millennials still alive from then…and still waiting….

    There are two ways to interpret this and other contradictions-
    Jesus was a cult leader, not so different from modern examples,
    Believers chose to keep believing by rewriting interpretations, more complex and convoluted with time.

    The “rapture” is an example of such inventive revisionist rewriting —this is a new concept for which early writers for nearly the first 2000 years had no concept of whatsoever. The “rapture” is almost a modern invention.

    And so it will continue…whatever it takes to hang onto a belief vs accept the obvious.

    When one considers early Christianity and the pagan world in which it began and prospered one conclusion is inescapable – modern Christians are wimps. The state of modern society is so much more wholesome now than 2000 years ago that an ancient Christian time traveled to the present would see the world as an incredible, unimaginable, improvement. And would marvel at the current batch that whines such as it does that thing are so bad the end must be near.

  9. Regarding the Mayan Calendar, recent archaeological evidence has shown the creator of it suffered from slight dyslexia, and meant 2021 rather than 2012.

  10. I’m sorry I didn’t notice Ken’s comment before posting.

    If there is no faith in a living God, living life vicariously through ancient people’s lessons, seems bizarre. It all has to make sense in a meaningful practical way.

    The End comes when we die.
    Some seem to want that to happen soon so they can all get on to the next chapter and do a victory lap.
    It is dangerous talk for those with weak minds or impressionable people.
    Cultish, absolutely.

    Some of us are made of different stuff and don’t need faith. Ken is one of them.
    It seems he’s given it fair thought and consideration.

  11. Here is what will happen for those who willingly become Christ’s.

    The Lord Is Coming A day Sooner Than Yesterday C-Marie June 12, 2020

    Jesus is on His way, and He will appear,
    When God our Father says, will it be this year?
    Will it be today, or will it be tomorrow,
    That He will come and lift all of our sorrows.

    Joy will be ours as He swoops us up,
    Into His arms and with Him we will sup,
    In His Kingdom forever, no more tears, no more fears,
    For we will be home with God our Father so dear.

    The road we will have traveled will have nearly done us in,
    For we vacillated between honor and ugly sin,
    But Christ was with us every step of the way,
    His Love upholding us, we were His to save.

    So be excited and glad, receive all His mercies and grace,
    And the Holy Spirit will see us into our place,
    At the table God has set, for all of us His own,
    And we will then be, in our happy forever home.

  12. God loves everybody.
    If there is a heaven, I don’t want to go if I’m going to be on my own.
    In which case Atheism looks like an attractive option. No being burns other beings for eternity for failing to do what they cannot do.
    That is pure irrationality, which is the opposite of God.

  13. And the almighty didn’t keep His promise.

    Yeah. He did . Transfiguration.

    And Yes, Jesus did know the day owing to His Hypostatic Union.

    Said otherwise, Jesus was not ignorant

  14. My Father only: because from eternity He had determined in His own mind, and appointed this day, which He keeps secret. Now by the word only, the Son is not excluded, neither the Holy Ghost, for They know the day and the hour of the Judgment equally with the Father, since They have all the same essence, majesty, will, mind, power, understanding, and knowledge. For it is a theological principle, that if the word “only” be added to any of the essential attributes of the Godhead, such as wisdom, and be ascribed to one of the Divine Persons, it does not exclude the other two Persons, but only creatures, which are of a different nature and essence. But in Personal Attributes, the expression “only” does exclude two of the, Divine Persons, as when it is said, “The Father only begets;” “The Son only is begotten.”
    You will say, Mark adds (xiii. 32), neither the Son, for so it is in the Greek, Latin, Syriac, Arabic, Persian, Egyptian, Ethiopic. Various answers are given. The best is that which is common among the Fathers. It is that the Son, both as God and as man, by infused knowledge, knows the Day of Judgment and of the end of the world, for it pertains for Him to know this, inasmuch as He has been appointed the Judge of the world. But Christ denies that He knoweth this as man, and as He is God’s messenger to us, because He did not know it so that He could reveal it to us, or because He had not been commissioned by the Father to reveal it to us. As an ambassador who was questioned concerning the secrets of his prince would reply that he did not know them, although he did know them, because he did not know them as an ambassador. For an ambassador declares only those things which he has a commission to declare.
    Christ’s meaning then is, “God only knows what year and day and hour the end of the world and the Judgment shall be. And although God has caused Me, Christ, as I am man, to know the same, as I am that one man who is united to the WORD; yet as I am the Father’s ambassador to men, He hath not willed Me to make known that day, but to keep it secret, and to stir them up continually to prepare themselves for it.” There is a like mode of expression in S. John xv. 15.
    There are some who explain thus: that Christ, qua man, knoweth not the Day of Judgment; but that He knoweth it as He is the God-man. That is to say, Christ as man knoweth it not by virtue of His humanity, but of His divinity. So S. Athanasius (Serm. 4, contra Arian.), Nazianzen (Orat. 4, de .Theolog.), Cyril (lib. 9, Thesaur. c. 4), Ambrose (lib. 5, de Fide, c. 8).

    Cornelius a Lapide exegesis


    If one desires to know what particular verse in the new Testament mean they have to hear it explained by the Church which wrote it- The Catholic Church.

    Every single word of the New Testament was written by a Catholic to other Catholics in an already existing Catholic Church and one of the criteria for inclusion in the Canon is whether or not that book had been read at Mass.

  15. Prior to the end times, The monarchy will be restored in France and a Great King will reign at the same time a Great Pope will be elected . Together they will cooperate to defeat Russia when it invades Germany.

    Great victories will be own at Bremen, Cologne ,Westphalia and the victories will be miraculous and leave no doubt God was on the side of the victors..
    The Great King also chases a Moslem army back to the Holy Land.

    See, Trial, Tribulation, & Triumph Before, During and After Antichrist Desmond a Birch

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