What Do Sex Cults, Spirit Cooking, Cannibalism, and Will Ferrell Have to do With Each Other?

Would you agree to stand nude in front of a group of strangers while I, clad in black and masked, stood behind you and slingshotted a plateful of raw chicken hearts at you until they raised painful welts?

No? How about gizzards?

You philistine. You obviously have no appreciation for art.

Marina Abramovic appreciates art in ways you would never think of. It was her namesake foundation that thought up the chicken-heart art, about which more below.

Spirit Cooking Redux

Remember Abramovic? She became a brief household name during the election when it was revealed she invited Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta to a “spirit cooking” dinner. Spirit cooking is mealtime art. Recipes include mixtures of pain and bodily fluids.

The name of this avant-garde chef popped up again recently after the arrest of NXIVM sex-cult actress Allison Mack. Mack recruited, and attempted to recruit, famous women for the cult. Before her performance as prisoner, Mack without explanation intriguingly tweeted a headshot of Abramovic.

It’s Pronounced Nix-ee-um

So Abramovic who preaches pain is tied to Mack who is tied to NXIVM. The latest news about NXIVM is that its resident doctor, Brandon Porter, has been charged with conducting illegal human experiments.

One woman complained Porter made her “watch disturbing rape and dismemberment videos for a ‘fright study’.”

“He continued to film my reaction for at least 10 minutes as I just sat there, dry heaving like I was going to puke and crying very hard,” Kobelt, a Canadian actress, said in the complaint to the Health Department, adding that Porter began showing her the violent images without warning.

Porter reportedly did this to “as many as 100 people.”

He is accused of showing “human subjects an actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four women by machetes; and violent film clips, including a male African American being viciously stomped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter; and a graphic gang rape.”

He is also charged with violating state law for improperly conducting studies on obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette’s syndrome and one monitoring the brain waves of those who attended Nxivm programs.

Does This Taste Funny to You?

Cannibalism, as you can see, is another persistent theme. Of course, eating people can be very artistic. All the best people think so.

The singer Katy Perry does. In her popular video Bon Appétit the little-clothed Perry is peeled, peppered, powered and prepped by a team of chefs as a party of dinner guests watches in anticipation. The twist is that as the guests are about to dig in, the chefs release Perry and dismember the guests (blood flies everywhere) to serve to Perry!

If that’s not art, then you should click here to read the rest.

(I can’t take credit for last paragraph.)

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  1. Thanks for the article. It is hard to believe there are actually people like this in the world, but evidence suggests they do exist. You have to wonder what is really going behind closed doors with these people. I imagine this mack case is only the tip of the iceberg.

  2. The art evoked disgust in you, then perhaps, the artist has succeeded. The emotional and thought-provoking power of art! Whatever thought it elicited may depend on who you are. Just like the story about John Podesta, it did nothing for me, and I don’t care to think anything of it, either. I do wonder for a few seconds whether Briggs truly believes the story and what his source of the story is, hence I am writing this comment. What is he reading? If Briggs were my children, I would have taken away his internet privilege immediately.

  3. What’s weirder, the social outliers discussed so often, or, the recurring voyeuristic compulsion to pay so much attention such outliers?

  4. Well that’s the question you’ve begged there, Ken. Social outliers or avant garde—first of a host as it were?

  5. Like I said, boredom of the adolescent and intellectual alike!

    The pair of you should have your heads banged together.

    Art is not there ‘to evoke emotion’. This is a cheap, commercial idea of art. It’s not true.
    Art that is valued and which depicts Values does not need a customer.
    The human experience, that is what art depicts.
    The common, popular appreciation and replication of art is it’s effect, not it’s only object or purpose.

    Communication and meaning is it’s ultimate purpose, which, if it is not based in something of ultimate value or good will just fall away and be forgotten.

    You see, entertaining as this might be, it is not high art! It’s not beautiful. Just slightly amusing. Far more so than Briggs’ selfie at the top.

  6. Two cannibals are eating Will Ferrell. One turns to the other and asks “Does this taste funny to you?” The other responds “No.”

  7. Ken:

    Maybe it’s a distraction strategy.

    I know of a cult where the officials wear sinister robes and chant while swinging vessels of incense. They then perform what appears to be a form of ritual cannibalism, but that they themselves describe as actual cannibalism: they eat crackers that claim to be the actual flesh of a person, and drink wine that they describe as his blood. They encourage children to take part in this.

    This organization has raped thousands of children over centuries of organized abuse. They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to cover this up, to escape punishment, and to ensure continued access to fresh victims.

    But their art is very fine.

  8. Ha, Lee. You’re almost right, except the part about “organized abuse”. Speaking as a bad Catholic myself, nothing that happens in the Church is really that “organized.”

  9. Lee:

    The mass is there to renew our baptismal vows.

    The priest wears the garb of a sacrificer, those of the priests of the old covenant. You only find them “sinister” as a reflection of yourself. They represent salvation and salvation scares you, or more accurately your refusal of it so long ago.

    The Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ. It is given to heal our souls of the damage incurred by sin. The devil worshippers know this, as do you, you would have no fear of it if it was meaningless.

    As for any abuse, that is because of sodomites. The Church rightly recognizes sodomy as the second worst sin of all. You cannot be a Catholic and a sodomite.

    What you are doing is called despair, which is when you project your own evil onto the innocent in the hopes it absolves you. It will not.

    It is clear you are hurting. Seek help.

    What I said to lee above applies to you as well. I will add that you should really check out the terms for self-excommunication.

    Like the above two, it is clear you are hurting and lashing out at goodness as a result. I have a feeling you have a bit more capability of understanding the gravitas of that hurt.

  10. I described a sinister cult that practices cannibalistic rituals and rapes children.

    Catholics came running to the defense, spurred on by the shock of recognition.

    What does it suggest about a faith community, if those few descriptors are all it takes to be definitive, in the eyes of its adherents?

  11. Lee:
    You described sodomy. Something you are trying to project onto the Church out of despair. Your self-intoxicated stare in your twitter profile says all I need to as to why you choose the mortal sin of despair along with the sin that cries to Heaven of blasphemy here.

    You also are using common and generic blasphemy against the Church. Dime a dozen trash. In what way did you think you were being vague or clever? Any Catholic has heard this evil daily from people who think attacking Christians will also make their shame over sin go away.

    I came to the defense of truth being attacked. Your argument that my correction of you justifies you solely on the merits that I am against you is called the “hegelian dialectic.”

    Though I will say it is funny that you claim a post totally dismantling your evil actually proved you right on the virtue of your trolling catching an actual reply. Poor man.

  12. Nigel just an ordinary teapot then…

    See what the pope says about sin, take no notice of the gangsters.
    |This is why I don’t blame you for you approach and that of many other atheists.
    It stands to reason. Even without the intellectual or even emotional question of God or no God.
    Intellectual dishonesty is a big problem.

  13. Nigel, teapots are camp!

    (I’ve just noticed your previous remark aimed at me!)
    You clearly know nothing! Think you’re fighting some esoteric spiritual battle with a nobleman!

    The Truth rarely hurts. The truth sets people free. Unless they’re criminals, in which case the truth gets them locked up.

  14. Joy:
    Adherence to marxist narratives and deflections despite all reality to the contrary is not “intellectual honesty.”

    Destroying marxist narratives and delfections for the sake of reality however is intellectual honesty.

    Adjust accordingly.

  15. NTeapot,
    You want me to respond by saying “I’m not a marxist!”
    but you haven’t actually provided me with a salient or reasoned answer. Not surprising, it’s the fashion. More intellectual dishonesty.
    You made a remark to me which, at a guess, is some sort of defence for my strong belief that Briggs is in fact wearing that costume above! I now wonder if you are standing left or right of him.
    …and I’m not a marxist!

  16. A person with a normal moral compass may be wondering, about now, whether child rape is considered a sin among Christians, or Catholics, or whether it’s just the “sodomy” thing that’s a problem.

  17. Lee:
    As you may be aware, it is intrinsic to sodomy. It is how they recruit.

    Also, who is the person of “normal moral compass” that you are consulting for help here?

  18. I wish I could recommend someone to help you, but, alas, as Gibbon famously said,

    “the power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy, except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous.”

  19. Lee:
    The fallacious assumption behind all you do here is that your ego bends reality to your will.

    That does not work.

  20. Nigel:

    “What I said to lee above applies to you as well. I will add that you should really check out the terms for self-excommunication.”

    Why would one check out the term self-excommunication?

    If one understands the Catholic Church, one knows there are certain dogmatic beliefs that cannot be questioned; e.g., Transubstantiation.

    While just holding (not publicly espousing) a non-dogmatic belief would not get one excommunicated. But, why would one wish to remain with the Catholic Church if the Catholic Church says one’s beliefs put them outside of the Church, and why would one worry about HOW one “properly” leaves self-excommuunicates oneself from the Church.

    A majority of my family remain Catholic and I am fine with that. I do not worry about them. The only one I AM concerned with is my brother, a truly “Progressive” person, who privately rails against the actions by and stands held by “Catholic Authority” (his own diocese Bishops and Archbishops).

  21. John:
    Not only was I not talking to you, I clearly told cricket to check out what the terms for self-excommunication are. There is a guarantee he may see a surprise, as there usually is.

    Your ego is clearly bothering you desperately if you could not only read the excerpt of my post you directly quoted, but also the name of who it was directed to included directly above it.

    We are already off to a very bad start, not only due to the cowardly fisking but also the clearly hit nerves.

    A self-excommunication is when someone has done something so evil that they are automatically & officially kicked out.

  22. Nigel

    I’m sorry that your comment to Cricket applied to me, and that I responded instead of him. It had nothing to do with ego. Cricket and I go quite a way back on this forum, so I WOULD come to his defense if he NEEDed it. He didn’t need my defense; but I wanted “desperately” to understand what you meant by “self-excommunication”. Now I know (or maybe I don’t).

    Cricket is (self-described) a bad Catholic? I was a bad Catholic? Having been Catholic, I understand things that never-were Catholics don’t. I didn’t understand what you meant by self-excommunication. With your response, I still don’t. (I don’t know what fisking means, either – cowardly or otherwise.)

    Even growing up Catholic, I guess I never fully understood transubstantiation. Once I did, I realized that I couldn’t fully believe in the concept, but I fully understood the import that my disbelief meant for my continued standing in the Catholic Church, I no longer went to communion. I continued to drive my mother and attend Mass with her but respected that I could not take part in Communion.

    By failing the Dogma test, I guess I became so evil that I was automatically & officially kicked out?

  23. …and my comment was not to Nigelteapot either, and nor was JH’s to me, and nor was Briggs aiming his post at JH! The rule seems to be, if people like it, they don’t mind, if they don’t they hate it.
    As for the post itself? I think it attracts traffic to the site, that’s what those sick things have to do with each other. I nearly don’t even know who Katie Perry is. Couldn’t pick her out of a line up, unless she’s usually ‘little clothed.’ Also strange terminology….she was married to Russel Brand if I haven’t muddled her up.

    See this for what the Catholic Church is really saying to other Christians.

  24. Nigel

    Nigel, no idea what language you’re talking:

    self excommunicate, fisking, alt?

    By the way the New Advent Encyclopedia has no mention self excommunicating.

    They DO say who can excommunicate; I can’t, your Parish Priest can’t, … who do I contact to get my official “excommunication” papers from.

    Nigel, you make a Scientologist seem reasonable and coherent.

  25. I really don’t understand. Why would I want to self-excommunicate?

    For the record here, on the matter of sexual abuse of minors by sodomites and pedophiles, I think we can all agree in point of fact its incidence among the Catholic hierarchy is now certainly and always has been (in the long view) lower, ceteris paribus, than that among the general population. It’s just that so much better is rightly expected of the Catholic priesthood.

  26. acricketchirps:

    No we can not “all agree” that the incidence of child rape by Catholic clergy is lower than that among the general population. While estimates vary widely, there is no good reason to believe that the incidence is much different from the general population or from clergy of other faiths, and most studies estimate all the population rates as similar. Priests are humans, and realistic people will expect them to have similar rates of pathologies. What distinguishes the Catholic Church is the pattern of expending vast resources to conceal this criminality, and, in particular, knowingly placing children in the way of harm by, for example, paying hush money and moving a priest to a new territory. The pattern is clear: officials of the church are placing a higher priority on hiding priestly wrongdoing than on protecting children.

  27. John:
    The official term is “latae sententiae.” I am not the only one who refers to it as a self-excommunication as that is what it roughly translates to.

    Your inesecurity is absurd, only followed by the angry ignorance you are showing here.

    Want to? Look out what the conditions for one are, it doesn’t matter if you want to.

    There is no “child rape” AT ALL in the Church. The scandal was about SODOMITES dating young young men as all sodomites do. Not only that, they aren’t pedophiles as the ones being affected are in their teens

    There is nothing Catholic about a single one of them.


    1) sodomy is so evil that it is the second worst sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. So evil, in fact that demons are disgusted by it and incurs an exponentially worse punishment in hell.

    2) It is totally rejected by the Church because of how evil it is.

    3) You excommunicate yourself by practicing or supporting it BECAUSE it is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance.

    4) There is nothing intrinsic to Catholicism that would make someone commit a sin that cries to Heaven.

    5) The incidence of sodomy among the clergy is the LOWEST of any group in society, by far.

    In the 1950’s Bella Dodd (the former president of the American comminist party) confessed that she (at the behest of the soviets) inserted soviet assets into the seminaries in the hopes of destroying the Church from within. Not only were these assets communist, but they were also sodomites. You realize that your soviet ploy didn’t work, but you are attempting to salvage it by making it worse than it actually was.

    Now why are you trying to do that, I wonder. Is it political evil or personal evil that drives you here? Where is your condemnation of sodomy and sodomites? Where do you once name the actual culprit or the actual crime?

    And since you cannot name the actual culprit or crime, what is your direct connection to the actual culprit and the actual crime?

  28. ‘There is no “child rape” AT ALL in the Church’

    The courts in several countries, and officials of the church, have admitted as fact the existence of child rape by Catholic priests and monks.

    A sexual act with someone under the age of consent is rape.

    Aside from this, there are cases of forcible penetration of both girls and boys, both adolescent and prepubescent, entrusted to the care of Catholic priests and monks.

    Read the report of Ireland’s commission into child abuse, released in 2009. “The report found that molestation and rape were “endemic” in boys’ facilities” ( The report contains horrific scenes, such as a young boy anally raped by a monk until blood ran down his legs. Is this what you refer to as “dating young young men”? I think most morally normal people would describe this as rape. Does Catholic teaching train you to think of it in some other way?

  29. Lee:
    A claim is just that, a claim. Your “gnosis” delusion leads you to think that because you want it to be true so bad, that it is. It is not.

    On top of being a demonic troll you have persistently used the term “morally normal people.” I asked you who you are referring to when you speak of a “morally normal person,” namely which friend you are reading in to fill that place for you. You are not that person, nor do you have the faintest justification for what “moral” or “normal” or even “person” could mean.

    You did not answer me, you instead fell back on the old communist tactic of accusing your enemy of insanity via your accusation that I needed help. Back in your soviet “utopia” this meant being taken to a political prison posing as a mental hospital, being lobotomized, tortured, and then executed. Something you clearly fanticize doing to all Catholics. You do this, because – as Venerable Fulton Sheen said – because you realize you cannot drive God from Heaven to hide your shame, you think driving men of God from the earth will make your shame go away.

    Clearly I hit enough of a nerve that you defaulted to some marxist grooming. The more shame you have, the more you attack. You are only blaspheming now, but what is next? You are a sick, violent man; though clearly only in the planning stages of whatever evil you plan to enact. I can only pray that you are apprehended if it ever gets to the point you do decide to act on this shame-based hatred of yours.

    Moving on, you do seem to not only have a problem answering me, you also have an utter incapability of even addressing me. Your vile post above has nothing to do with what I said. It is clear you got to halfway through my second sentence before your ego shut your brain off and you went into rhetoric-regurgitation mode to preserve your delusion. Worse so, you ignored what was said so hard that my post itself is the perfect answer to your reply.

    Let me do just that:
    “1) sodomy is so evil that it is the second worst sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. So evil, in fact that demons are disgusted by it and incurs an exponentially worse punishment in hell.

    2) It is totally rejected by the Church because of how evil it is.

    3) You excommunicate yourself by practicing or supporting it BECAUSE it is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance.

    4) There is nothing intrinsic to Catholicism that would make someone commit a sin that cries to Heaven.

    5) The incidence of sodomy among the clergy is the LOWEST of any group in society, by far.

    In the 1950’s Bella Dodd (the former president of the American comminist party) confessed that she (at the behest of the soviets) inserted soviet assets into the seminaries in the hopes of destroying the Church from within. Not only were these assets communist, but they were also sodomites. You realize that your soviet ploy didn’t work, but you are attempting to salvage it by making it worse than it actually was.

    Now why are you trying to do that, I wonder. Is it political evil or personal evil that drives you here? Where is your condemnation of sodomy and sodomites? Where do you once name the actual culprit or the actual crime?

    And since you cannot name the actual culprit or crime, what is your direct connection to the actual culprit and the actual crime?”

    I am well aware that you are interested in these reports. The question then becomes “in what way.” Your self-intoxicated state shows you could possibly be more than interested though.

    You not only refuse to name the actual evil (sodomy and sodomites), you are willing to commit mortal sins to cover for them: despair and calumny. despair is projecting your own sickness into the healthy to maintain your pride. calumny is deceiving others with the purpose of defaming someone or some thing. This doesn’t even mention the blasphemy, which is the third worst sin of all and incurs special punishment. That is a lot of blows you are willing to self-inflict just to push a horrific lie onto the Church.

    One wonders who or what exactly you are covering for if you are willing to go so far.

  30. Lee:
    It will be in a psych report of some criminal profiler if you do not clean up your act.

    You went from yelling “I know you are but what am I” to attack the Church to defend celebrities that are devil worshippers / cannibals to defending sodomites and pedophiles. You then decided to end by gleefully describing what sodomites do to distract for sodomites and project their evil onto the Church.

    Once more you read 1.5 sentences and then zoned-out.

  31. Lee:
    Thankfully my country has yet to open their equivalent of he serbsky institute for your kind to execute political enemies.

  32. Lee :

    Nigel is utilizing the No True Scotsman argument to prove that: ‘There is no “child rape” AT ALL in the Church’.

    Nigel :

    Lee is often called to task by Briggs for being an Atheistic amoral immoral demonic troll (although not in the amusing glowing tones that you’ve provided for him).

    I love how you like to show off your knowledge of “urban” vocabulary, e.g., Fisking, although I believe that it was improperly used.

    I am interested in how my understanding of running afoul of Catholic dogma and Catholic spiritual understanding was “lies” or “idiocies”. I basically described Latæ and Ferendæ Sententiæ excommunication in my comment of May 10, 2018 at 12:31 pm.

  33. John:
    Your desperation to justify your apostasy is tiresome.

    Being a Scotsman is an arbitrary thing of birth or ethnicity. There is nothing intrinsic to being a Scotsman.

    Being a Catholic is a rigorously defined thing, and there is 2000 years of qualifiers that determine if one is or is not a Catholic.

  34. There is only one Christianity. Was entirely my point, but Niegel, (now I know why you call yourself teapot) you miss the point spectacularly.

    I do believe that in certain really scummy circles, according to the urban dictionary, tea has gay connotations, having to do with gay gossip. I learned this useful fact fro reading this blog.

    “fisking” is mispelled.
    I am sorry to have known what this term means too, since I used to know a very normal, non religious, law abiding and fun bunch of people who’s members used to enjoy making each other cringe, just like teen aged boys. I do recall asking my friend Mark, begging him, to stop making ‘poo’ jokes while we were on the chairlift. I actually cried real tears. Jokes can actually bore you to tears.

    Your comments make my friend’s jokes look sensible.

    …and Nigel, nobody’s asked a demon for his opinion on anything. If you think they have, then you really do have a problem.


    Nigel, tell the truth! Don’t deliberately split the difference, between the church in it’s metaphorical spiritual sense and its
    ACTUAL, EVIDENT, PHYSICAL and POLITICAL manifestation. The rather more earthly and subject to corruption, physical, entity, which is absolutely answerable to The Law and which no right thinking person would try to deny or pervert that justice.

    There is the church and there is the church. Forget the capitals.
    What your argument does is to ignore the reality and cling on to the metaphysical, separate meaning of the ‘church’, when discussing the realities of it’s members, excommunicated or not! Nobody except you and your type cares about this. The metaphysical may be the important crucial part but in physuical discussion it is irellevant.

    In the case of child rape and other sick crimes, everybody is under the same law. Thank God for that. Power is subject to the law and abuse of power is what we are discussing.
    It is irrelevant that there is a spiritual church in this important matter.

    That might be a topic of sermon for the clergy trying to heal the wounds and explain to its members how this can be reconciled. Nobody needs a catechism to sort this out.

  36. Joy:
    The Catholic Church is the One True Faith. heresies are of the devil have no validity whatsoever, just like apostates negate whatever rights or sacraments they gained because of their parents foresight.

    “fisking” refers to a cowardly tactic on the internet of taking a person’s argument, disregarding it, and then cherry picking half-sentences to respond to because ou cannot handle the argument as a whole. It is the realm of intellectual cowards and those who are absolutely evil, which are qualities that are intrinsic to the others.

    Take you for example, who exemplifies both. You do not have the eagerness of his despair, but you do have his marxism. Your heresy was created by the German government as a means to consolidate power and arch-heretic martin luther was the propaganda minister of this “first reich.” It was the second successful attempt at a totalitarian system after islam.

    hitler, stalin, lenin, mao, learned all they knew from marx and john locke. marx, locke, and feuerbach (marx’ mentor) stole every dirty, evil tactic and rhetoric they are famous for from luther. luther stole them from mohammed, who he desperately idolized as the world’s most successful tyrant. mohammed was inspired by the talmud, the ancient pagan customs of primitive meccans, and the devil himself.

    Your claim that the Church is a political body is born of luther and perfected by cromwell for henry viii’s apostasy. That rhetoric has sent billions to hell and billions to the mass graves as it seeks to justify actual political bodies as replacements for the Church (which is the Body of Christ Himself) which is not political at all.

    The reason you do this is because your masters do it. The meme of “blame your enemies off why you are guilty of” has been the ethos of the nazis and communists since their inception. They stole it from marx, who stole it from luther, who stole it from mohammed, etc. It is the cornerstone of all totalitarianism. john locke said that since the Church is based on absolute, immutable truth, those who wish to destroy the Church must be redefined by ego-driven relativity.

    The simple fact that you capitalize the arbitrary, political law of a nation as if a metaphysical replacement for God, and refuse to capitalize the Church because it is “political” makes my argument for me. You ending that no one needs the Catechism because you have alinsky’s rules for radicals and social justice is the single most diabolic thing I have ever heard. I have dealt with actual devil worshippers, actual communist operatives, and people who were possessed and you have given me the most evil thing I have heard right here. That is not a compliment nor something to be proud of.

    Continuing with your last bit of devilry, there is no “child rape.” As I have said many times the scandal was of sodomites dating young men, doing what all sodomites do. While lee may get his jollies describing sodomitic acts against children, his fantasies do not replace reality. Just because he likes hearing about it does not justify an accusation, you need evidence for that. The actual evidence supports my position, only the media supports yours.

    I don’t see you explicitly naming the evil of sodomy or rightfully rejecting the evil of sodomy. Least of all I do not see you reject the marxism that inserted the sodomites in the Church as a means to undermine it. No, you would otherwise celebrate both marxism and sodomy.

    So not only do you have a fake crime, you don’t even have Catholics committing it. A sodomite cannot be validly ordained, and if they are it is illicit (meaning invalid under false pretenses). In fact, as I told you, a sodomite cannot be a Catholic at all.

    So your dark master compelled soviets to insert sodomites into the Church to destroy it from within. Didn’t work.

    You then try to salvage the operation by making the crime different, sodomites grooming and recruiting teenagers to sodomy into “child rape.” Also doesn’t work once you know the facts.

    You then lose all sanity and say that the truth doesn’t matter because your “gnosis” feels good when you state these falsehoods against the Church. That will not end well for you. You realize that your own rhetoric backfires onto you because you have demonized your own side’s sodomy and marxism in an attempt to attack the Church.

    The only step you have left is to become like lee: violent. Considering you already say more evil things than lee, even though his descent is complete, that does not bode well for either you or humanity.

  37. Oh my goodness!
    Calm down and think properly.

    Stop pretending to be a mind reader and leave aside the psychobabble. (Don’t take up counselling any time or go near a clinic or a classroom!)

    Fisking is a rather unfortunate word for a man with your title to be using here. I’m wondering if you are a man, in fact, because of the length of your comments and their tendency to do like I do and drift about. It’s not clear how long you’ve been reading this blog but if it’s not long you might be well advised to take a little time, go back through the history and note that almost nothing is new here under the sun. People owe you nothing in explaining their position and it isn’t for you to insert your own motives just because you see an opportunity to throw some fire and brimstone and call somebody satan. You disobey Christ and you are lying through your teeth. It is you who speaks with a forked tongue.

    People on line must be bored and tired by now of making their views heard clearly and succinctly. Especially to people to whom they owe nothing and who can expect a diatribe like yours in return.
    Galloping off into the distance…like Yosemite Sam on his camel but not so funny.

    So what? You are hopping mad about nothing. Your comment is also rather generic and preparatory, wholly inappropriate from the point of view of your manner as well as your failure to link the point you make to the logic of the comment to which you reply. It’s easy to tell that you just do not care for the truth at all.

    Go back to the beginning and read my comment. Then read what you said and look at the slow deterioration of your argument. If I didn’t know better I’d think Briggs set you up here.

    Incidentally the Vatican in 2000, according to the video I linked disagrees with some of what you said about child abuse. The church has already apologised. Ireland’s government has also apologised for the Magdalene laundries. I don’t think the church has caught up yet, letting the Irish government carry the can for it. They were also involved.
    All you need do is admit that the church did carry responsibility for these crimes. Then you’ll be done! Instead you’re trying to make a case for some other distraction. It isn’t over either, a Catholic priest in Australia’s now being investigated or tried as we speak.

    I have more than the usual amount of patience and curiosity in finding out what and why people think what they do but no interest in people who think they know me by reading comments.
    I’m off to make real tea now because it’s late and if I let on to anybody that I was replying to a mad man at stupid o”clock on line about this topic or any other I’d be for the high jump!

  38. Joy:
    As I told lee, despair is the mortal sin in which you try to absolve yourself by projecting your evil onto the innocent. Your tactic of ignoring all I say and screaming “I know you are but what am I” shows that.

    You can easily do this through your gnosticism, where you believe your personal desires trump reality. Therefore it doesn’t matter what I actually say to you as you will always reply to whatever you wish I had said. You show this even more clearly by your last paragraph here which declares that I can only judge you by how you want to be seen, and cannot use your own words to know who you are. An absolutely evil (and dangerous) philosophy you have.

    The Catholic in Austrialia being tried is Cardinal Pell. An innocent man being used as the guinea pig to test out the Austrailian government’s newest “show trial” program. Pell doesn’t even know the charge or the accuser, nor do most priests accused of this crime. The idea is that this will be used in the future to ensure that all Catholics are persecuted and hunted to the ends of the earth by this stalinist farce. This is something you and lee both desperately want to happen, assuming that if Catholics are rounded up and arrested (then they will make way for the maoist mass-trials followed by mass-executions) your shame will go away. It will not.

  39. There’s only one Person around here who’s screaming and that’s you. There has been a pattern of three individuals where I’ve seen this done. All of those were females without a good grasp of politics or the Christian faith. All mouth and trousers!

    You have still failed to answer the point I made to the post at the top. I start to think you don’t understand what I said and if you do, you’re too cowardly to admit and face the music.

    My Faith is true and sure. You can do nothing to take that or shake it. The reasons for that have to do with things which are unreachable or knowable to you and your like.

    You can, however tell a lot of lies and pontificate in sectarian gangster bully mode and simply exhaust yourself in the process. There is no reason for me or Lee, or another atheist to defend themselves either, as they are not answerable to you. As you judge, so you will be judged.

    What did you think about Alexander Armstrong’s rendition of the chicken song?
    What do you think about the shoddy post above?
    How many hearts were extracted in the writing of the blog and how many chickens were harmed in the making of it? Isn’t that an outrage?

    What do you think about people who send photos of their genitalia to women?
    Straight question, if you can’t answer it straight don’t make an attempt at a side swipe. I would like to hear where your moral compass is on that in particular, since we’re on the subject of sexual deviance and there appears to be a lot of it about!

  40. Joy:
    You have yet to say a single thing addressing what I have said.

    As far as your faith, your religion is gnosticism. You have a seething hatred for God by way of your immense shame, meaning it is self-hatred projected through despair. This is what appeals to you about your proto-marxist protestant heresy as it centers around the absurdity that God bends himself to your will. When you say your faith won’t be shaken, you are refering to my mentions of absolute truth. You mean that your belief that you change reality through wishful thinking will not be shaken by pests like actual reality.

    Like lee, you have committed two grave acts. Repeatedly. In fact, you seem to think that doing them enough will somehow negate the consequences. That is not how anything works. Those two acts are, again, calumny and despair.

    First is calumny, telling lies to defame the innocent. Second is despair, which is projecting your own evils onto the innocent. lee did this against the Church, you try this against me. The only difference is that lee got a little too excited and started graphically describing his fantasy out in the open.

    Now, the article is about literal devil worshippers who pretend to cannibalize human flesh in public. You & Lee heard this, your impulse was to then say “well, in my fanfiction, the Church is the evil one.” Let me repeat that. You are defending devil worshippers and cannibalism in the hopes of attacking the Church.

    Truly, you exemplify Chesterton’s statement that “Men who begin to fight the Church for the sake of freedom and humanity end by flinging away freedom and humanity if only they may fight the Church.”

    You then decide that the shark has not been jumped enough, and are now asking about men sending pictures of their penises to women. What?

    Here is a video for you:

  41. No, Madam, You’re lying, since you’ve been informed otherwise and you are still insisting on your version of events and actual facts.

    You’re also asking me to answer other people’s comments and display more outrage which is as mad as King Lear to his daughters. How do you cope with all the people who read and don’t comment at all? What’s wrong with them varmints?

    Have you heard of key word stuffing?

    Check my comment at the top to which you first introduced yourself?
    My first comment to you was in response to what you said in diatribe to several others.

    My faith is Christian. I don’t think you gave a thought to answer what I wrote and just wanted to defend an imagined enemy. How convenient for you.
    It’s weird to make some alternative claim about someone’s faith when you know nothing. Typical internet nonsense. Then you insist upon it! Enough!

    I am an Anglican and a confirmed Christian. Nothing you can do about that.

    “Now, the article is about literal devil worshippers who pretend to cannibalize human flesh in public.”…and you then say the following truthiness:

    “You & Lee heard this, ” ( didn’t watch the video or click a link),

    (Lee objects, rightly, to the covering up of child abuse by the institution of the church and so should any normal functioning thinking adult. He triggered your reaction and now you want blood for it. Ken’s comment was spot on. )

    “…your impulse was to then say”…( impulses!) followed by this:
    “well, in my fanfiction, the Church is the evil one.” ”

    I never said any such thing, you said it and claim it.

    See what I actually said about the ‘post.’ My comment was about art and Xander’s amusing chicken song. I think it’s a better alternative to Briggs’ costume. What I DID say about the institution of the Church is true, however, sad and very true. Those points stand…
    And I won’t be watching your video even if for all the tea in China.

  42. Joy:
    You believe that reality requires your consent. Similarly to what lee insisted, what you do or what you are doesn’t matter because I am supposed to submit to your personal ego and desires. No, you may lie to yourself desperately about who you are, but I will not partake.

    I am asking you to address a single thing that I have said. You have yet to do this, despite vomiting so many words.

    So far I have learned this about you:
    – You reject all truth to protect your ego from long-earned shame.
    – You -in turn- hate truth and hate God to the point you submit to demoniacs and cannibals in order to attack His Church.
    – You believe reality is subservient to you, to the point you believe a declaration of how you view yourself trumps it.

    I am well aware you are an anglican heretic as I said before that your totalitarianism and gnosticism reeked of cromwell specifically. You are not a Christian as that would mean you are a part of the Church. A political body created to give henry viii absolute power over England is not the Church, it is totalitarianism that St Thomas More jokes about in this book “Utopia.”

    As far as being “confirmed,” no. There are no sacraments in the anglican heresy. You may play-act them, but that does not mean they are real. I wonder if that is where you got your gnosticism from. Anyways, the anglicans do have freemasonry, which devil worship that involves cannibalism, so that must be why you spend so much time defending devil worshippers and cannibals.

    I cannot fault you on not being consistent to your heresy, but it is still pure evil that you partake in and defend. lee was at least smart enough to bolt when I picked up on how giddy he gets around a certain topic.

    As far as the scandal and the comments on the Church, I will give you this quote:
    “They cannot hate the Church any more than they can hate Christ; they hate only that which they mistakenly believe to be the Catholic Church, and their hate is but their vain attempt to ignore.”

  43. Teabagger dude:

    You slipped up and spelled my name one time with an uppercase letter. In the future I expect more attention to detail. One more lapse and we’re going to take away your crayons.

    Also, any recent Pope would, and has, disowned your kind of talk. The current and recent Popes have also admitted to the child rape that you claim does not exist. So go argue with them.

  44. Lee:
    My browser has spellcheck and I wasn’t paying enough attention to care.

    And I am very aware that popes after Pius XII are not Catholic. Pius XII was too much of a man for any marxist skullduggery to survive for long, so they had to push in weak heretics one after the other.

    Francis was a communist as a boy. No clue if he ever sought a formal pardon for that, because that is grounds for self-excommunication.

    There was not a single sacred doctrine of the Church that Benedict XVI did not deny to seem trendy between 1960 and 1980.

    John Paul II once worshipped a statue of buddha on an altar in the name of ecumenism, and then tried to redefine marriage into sex.

    John Paul I lasted about a month or two. Probably was not the choice of certain powers and principalities in the world.

    Paul VI, the source of this mess, was so scatterbrained that he would sign any document that came across his desk without reading it. The “new mass” and vernacular mass was the result of one such document that he signed without reading.

    There was not a single evil that John XXIII didn’t wasn’t willing to allow in the name of seeming “modern.”

    Now, exorcists have confirmed that John Paul II is a saint because he is often invoked during exorcisms. St John Paul II’s destruction of communism counted for a lot, but what is mentioned above did not help.

  45. “popes after Pius XII are not Catholic”

    But that would mean that we can’t use the expression “Is the pope Catholic?”. That leaves us with just the “Does a bear….” expression. Do you have the inside dope on the bears, Teabagger? Do they still….you know, in the woods?

  46. Nigel

    One of the things that Catholic apologists hold up is the idea of “Apostolic Succession”. They equivocate saying that “yes, there have been some bad/heretical ‘self-excommunicated’ Popes but God quickly (or eventually) sorted those out”.

    You’re telling us that there have been SIXTY YEARS (how many popes) of apostasy? That’s a long time even in God’s terms. (Look what He accomplished in thirty years!) The rot (or bear stuff) had to have flowed down to many diocese. Do you keep an eye out for yours? Or have you joined a Mel Gibson like community where you practice Catholicism as it should be practiced. (You actually remind me of Joseph Smith who preached that the Church went into Apostasy in his day! He claimed Apostolic Succession for himself and those that followed.)

    Without papal authority, where do you or your community get its authority?

    You are in my prayers, my man.

  47. Lee:
    Your fixation on feces is not shocking.

    You may try to pass yourself off as more virtuous than the other two demoniacs, but I know full well you are just a slightly different flavor of the same evil.

    Apostolic succession refers to how every priest is related to the apostles. When one becomes a priest, they give up their family and accept their parish or city as their family. Their genealogy then becomes what bishop that ordained them and who ordained them and so on.

    The pope is the umpire for the faith. In any other age, the pope was rightfully seen as a minor figure. In fact, they were rarely seen at all as they spent their days giving mass and audience, only speaking up when there was a crisis in the world or clarification was needed.

    As a freebie to help further slay your total, malicious ignorance, the term “papal infallibility” refers to when the pope speaks the eternal truth. Meaning that the pope acts as umpire and tells people how everything always is. Your pseudo-marxism apparently leads you to give men authority they are not due (which is called “arrogance,” another freebie). This time your… uh… “quirk”… has condensed so much wishful thinking to the point you actually thought the pope controls God. You think this because YOU want to do that, and need to establish precedent.

    As for the Church. The Church is the Bride of Christ, the New Covenant, the One True Faith. The authority of the Church is given by God. Of course, there are three Churches: Militant (on Earth), Suffering (in Purgatory), and Triumphant (in Heaven). When you speak of all three at once, that is called the Communion of Saints. So when I refer to the Church, I mean not only every Catholic still alive, but every single Angel and Saint.

    You sneer at the Church as a “community” because you want to set precedent for disregarding it as a “community,” then usurping as one. Your demonic appetite for evil is showing, even going so far as to confuse apostolic succession as having anything to do with the office of the Pope. Your eagerness to do harm to your own soul has made you mess up your “gotcha” rhetoric terribly.

    Now to clarify, I said there were sixty years of bad popes who would have been excommunicated in any other age. You are projecting your own apostasy out of despair again.

    joseph smith was a freemason who bought the copyright to the book of mormon to start a new sect of freemasonry as he found his lodge unsuitable. The book of mormon originally was just an undersold novel of gnostic science-fiction before smith bought it.

    You may have freemason sympathies because of your self-imposed situation, but don’t be ridiculous.

    PS. Cease your attempted curses at once. You have already harmed yourself enough for lifetime already.

  48. Teapottery:

    God here. I’m using this method to talk to you because it obviously has your attention. Lee showed me how to use the computer, and I’m borrowing his account. But this is totally God. Listen up.

    The catholic church is an abomination. Sorry – the truth hurts sometimes. You don’t know my Will and are mixed up about Right and Wrong. Mend your ways before it is too late.

    At the end of times, I’m going to have a eternal party with Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens (he’s here already), everyone from Monty Python — all those guys. You’re not invited. (I mean really. Eternity with the Teabaggery guy? Shudder. How do you send the comment….)

  49. N:
    I know for real what damage your kind of talk can do to a person. It is wicked and ignorant of Jesus Christ.

    Your Catholic ideals describe a spiritually immature, small but vociferous, sectarian and breakaway group, to which I do believe Mel Gibson is also a member. (Recently acquired some reactionaries in light of some of the western domestic political situations, as people panic and cling to nurse…
    It is politics at it’s core.
    The group will fail, you can be sure of it.

    Matthew: 5 
    And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. 2 Then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying:

    “Blessed are the poor in spirit,?    For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Blessed are those who mourn,?    For they shall be comforted.

    Blessed are the meek,?    For they shall inherit the earth.

    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,?    For they shall be filled.

    Blessed are the merciful,?    For they shall obtain mercy.

    Blessed are the pure in heart,?    For they shall see God.

  50. Lee:
    despair is the mortal sin where you project your own sickness onto the healthy. I went over that already, but you did it again.

    calumny is the mortal sin where you tell lies about another to defame them. Again, went over this already, but you did it again.

    blasphemy is the third worst sin of all, a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. Like all sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, it can only be forgiven by a bishop and earns special punishment in hell exponentially worse than sins that don’t cry to Heaven. The only two sins worse than it are abortion and sodomy.

    The vile evil you are doing here is the perfect example of blasphemy. This is when you mock God and His Church in a vain attempt to try to pretend you are superior. Of course that is absurd as wishful thinking is less than worthless; reality will not bend to your ego no matter how hard you sneer. What made you think it will?

    I can only assume it is the demon inside of you speaking there. I would tell you to seek exorcism and repentance, but will you? Some people are so evil that demons don’t need to possess them as they are so malleable and open to suggestion that it wouldn’t be necessary. It was said by exorcists that hitler, stalin, et al were not possessed because they were like this. Like a puppet.

    I would suggest you do go seek repentance, and then really seek exorcism.

    As I said, you already are in lee’s camp (let’s hope not into his “hobbies” though). Just look at how excited you got when you felt you would get a “gotcha” in to self-justify your apostasy. That weapons-grade level of shame you have means you have already gone reprobate. To define another term you don’t know, that means your evil has caused God to remove his protection from you. The result on both the mind and the soul is well documented by both Scripture and exorcists.

    The fact that you attempt to claim that lee (who if I divulged what he is would get me banned) is in God’s camp is worrisome. How far gone are you? I can only hope that I am misreading your intent there, because if you are claiming a vile demoniac like that is on God’s side, then that can only mean that your transformation into seeing God as a replacement for your ego is about to be complete. Just look how you have carried yourself just because of a little exposure to truth: first an ex-Catholic, then apostate, then stranger, now desiring to be one of lee. That is what happens when the truth strips away your defenses and reveals what you are, and it is clear you didn’t know what you already are until now.

    I would tell you to repent, but will you? I suggest you do, but if you don’t that is your loss alone.

    As far as morality in atheism, no such thing. atheism (feuerbach’s rebranding of gnosticism) has no possibility of morality as that needs absolute truth. gnosticism is all about how you feel you can change absolute truth because you honestly believe you can usurp God if you think about it enough. LOL

    You have no foundation for Good and therefore no foundation for a will. Your plan is like lee’s, claim the devil is divine and then claim that up is down and down is up. lee is what a terminal case of a reprobate mind is like. You have just admitted that you actively want that.

    God help you.

    You know “for real” what kind of damage the truth can do to error? I do too, truth destroys error completely, that is why the truth must be proclaimed as loudly as possible in the ugly face of the devil.

    You projecting your own ego onto God is the capital sin of pride going on blasphemy. This is a very dangerous game you are playing just because you are too arrogant to admit your evil. arrogance is taking for yourself undue authority, the capital sin of pride is trying to take God’s authority.

    And then with the second paragraph you jump right into blasphemy. You certainly are serious about removing that mask of yours.

    Joy, let’s be frank here. I know you want attention. You saw you weren’t the center of attention for 4 whole hours and worried you. Your attempt to get that attention back by trying to present yourself as a bigger demoniac than the other two certainly is an odd tactic, though I see it all the time. You three are in a desperate race in free-fall.

    Your persistent claim that the Church is a political body is the same impulse as your claim that the Church is spiritually immature, you are practicing the ancient marxist technique of “accuse your enemies of what you are guilty of.” This is called the mortal sin of despair, but the pagans called it “sacred violence.”

    The pagans believed that if they killed an innocent man, then the guilty would be absolved by their blood sacrifice. The pagans especially believed that killing witnesses to their crimes would absolve them.

    This impulse is the devil’s only weapon. René Girard called it “the scapegoating mechanism.” The Cross was what destroyed the devil’s only weapon for good. By way of your dark masters, you try to use it, but it has long been broken by God Himself.

    This is what I meant when I said that you thought attacking Christians would make your shame go away. This is also what I means when I said it doesn’t work. The only reason why you three have resorted to sins that cry to Heaven, is because you have no ability to martyr me. This is why I call you three violent repeatedly throughout all of this.

    As far as the corporal works of mercy that you quote here, they are the lesser of the spiritual works of mercy. communist philosopher gramsci said that removing transcendent language from the world would make weak people into communists. Guess whose lives prove his theory?

    You are so far gone that you cannot even post the greater spiritual works of mercy. If you were to do that, you would have noticed that #1 is admonish the sinner and #2 is instruct the ignorant. Doing that would get in the way of your ego so – to you, by your “gnosis”- they don’t exist.

    I always relish these opportunities to purify my soul, I just am never prepared for how painful the process is.

  51. You’re right, Teagirl, I do despair. I despair of you making any sense, or of getting any of my jokes. In fact, the ancien…………………….what’s happening.//$%^//w3#%TT$#TOJTWF:FNVrvlefvlenve%^

    Well, hello, Teasack. Lee’s demon here. I’m getting weary of this vessel. You’re next.

  52. Let me give you some advice.

    Digging graves for others only leads to you falling in.

    To Briggs:
    You can delete the one that fell into the queue as I misspelled my email.

  53. Joy:
    Four and a half months later and you still appear to be bothered. Yet, you still have nothing to add besides indignation that someone dare call out devil worship.

  54. This post came up on a google search, about pedophilia, as it happens.
    Four months later and YOU replied like a flash! Are you ever off duty?
    Who, exactly, are you protecting? What was the grave digging remark about?
    Curiouser and curiouser.
    I note you have something of a fetish for slaughter and murder? Given the phoney blog post offered as your identity. If you’re going to try to create a believable character, try and be consistent. Your average devout Catholic doesn’t go a bundle on slaughter and killing.
    You are as phoney as your name suggests.

  55. No projection on my part. Accurate description of your evil mind.
    What “P” are you talking about?

  56. joyless, your shame is obvious.

    john, were you the other “p” giddily talking about blood dripping down legs while you project?

    Church is still the safest place for Children by far.

    your homes?

  57. john, your curses are sent back to whence they came, you mealy-mouthed vicarious satanist. sent back upon you if you continue.

    joyless, it seems the years are deservedly not kind.

  58. Joy

    Do you know how I’m John B() when I’m not L Ron Hubbard alias John B()?

    Makes me wonder who Nigelteapot is when he isn’t Nigelteapot?

    (Did Nigel respond within 2 minutes? or an hour and 2 minutes)

  59. Briggs told me years ago that he leaves your kind here in the hopes you one day grow up, become humans, and Convert. How has that worked out?

    Two years later, you are still as satanic as ever and spitting curses.

  60. John B, Same thought

    The name stamp? It could be the pumpkin instigator. It’s a shame really, because it’s an attractive, collectable teapot. Probably a bad pourer though and too chunky to keep the tea hot. A female family member used to collect teapots so we’ve all tried novelty shaped ones. Hog worts souvenir shop, maybe., or RHS shop.
    What ‘male’ would pick such an image? Who on earth could think of such a name as that????? I wonder if somebody helped them ‘think’ of it.
    The plot thickens….Da da DAAAAAH!

  61. joyless, both lying to defame and talking behind someone’s back are mortal sins.

    how does this help you? it doesn’t.

  62. Nigel

    Again, self ex-communicate makes no sense, even regarding “latae sententiae”.

    “latae sententiae” means “sentenced passed”, so the tense is all wrong
    If you are telling me to “self ex-communicate myself” you are implying that “sentence has NOT been rendered”. If you are telling me “sentence HAS been rendered”, then there is nothing for me to do. (It’s a fait accompli) which also implies a “tense”.

    It would be like saying IT’s a “fait accompli” if IT has not yet been accomplished.

    Isaiah 1:24-31 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition
    24 Therefore saith the Lord the God of hosts, the mighty one of Israel: Ah! I will comfort myself over my adversaries: and I will be revenged of my enemies.
    25 And I will turn my hand to thee, and I will clean purge away thy dross, and I will take away all thy tin.
    26 And I will restore thy judges as they were before, and thy counsellors as of old. After this thou shalt be called the city of the just, a faithful city.
    27 Sion shall be redeemed in judgment, and they shall bring her back in justice.
    28 And he shall destroy the wicked, and the sinners together: and they that have forsaken the Lord, shall be consumed.
    29 For they shall be confounded for the idols, to which they have sacrificed: and you shall be ashamed of the gardens which you have chosen.
    30 When you shall be as an oak with the leaves falling off, and as a garden without water.
    31 And your strength shall be as the ashes of tow, and your work as a spark: and both shall burn together, and there shall be none to quench it.

    Isaiah 10:13-20 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition
    13 For he hath said: By the strength of my own hand I have done it, and by my own wisdom I have understood: and I have removed the bounds of the people, and have taken the spoils of the princes, and as a mighty man hath pulled down them that sat on high.
    14 And my hand hath found the strength of the people as a nest; and as eggs are gathered, that are left, so have I gathered all the earth: and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or made the least noise.
    15 Shall the axe boast itself against him that cutteth with it? or shall the saw exalt itself against him by whom it is drawn? as if a rod should lift itself up against him that lifteth it up, and a staff exalt itself, which is but wood.
    16 Therefore the sovereign Lord, the Lord of hosts, shall send leanness among his fat ones: and under his glory shall be kindled a burning, as it were the burning of a fire.
    17 And the light of Israel shall be as a fire, and the Holy One thereof as a flame: and his thorns and his briers shall be set on fire, and shall be devoured in one day.
    18 And the glory of his forest, and of his beautiful hill, shall be consumed from the soul even to the flesh, and he shall run away through fear.
    19 And they that remain of the trees of his forest shall be so few, that they shall easily be numbered, and a child shall write them down.
    20 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the remnant of Israel, and they that shall escape of the house of Jacob, shall lean no more upon him that striketh them: but they shall lean upon the Lord the Holy One of Israel, in truth

  63. freemason,
    Latae Sententiae means “By The Weight Of Law.” Usually refers to committing, aiding or abetting a sin That Cries To Heaven For Vengeance or any heresy or apostasy. It means that what you have done is so evil that you were never Catholic, like you were crushed under its weight so there is only the cleanup and no execution needed.

    There are other ways, like how being communist or freemason gets you automatically excommunicated. Though technically that seems Latae Sententiae as well as both are satanic covens, and that would qualify for the third worst sin That Cries To Heaven For Vengeance.

    I have no idea what you are bringing this up for. you’re just as much of a monster you were years ago, nothing has changed with you (besides getting two years closer to us being Delivered from you and those like you Eternally). What I said is as true about you now as it was then, and sneering about The Church isn’t going to change anything.

    your inability to translate anything didn’t work well for luther either, but The Church reminds despite your ambition.

    you remind me of this truly evil man yesterday (might have even been related to you), was doing every gymnastic he could to try to get out of the fact that hell is non-existence, nothingness, and Eternal suffering. That even if he is truly dead in every way, he’s still awake/aware enough to suffer.

    The point being that he was dancing around his only axiom: that he really wants to be annihilated when he dies so he can’t suffer as he has so richly earned.

    Was willing to deny all Contingency in the process, but that was more by his second axiom of claiming God is a “being” like you reprobates are and so therefore you can pretend to compete with Him.

    As for your attempt at posting Scripture to your own satanic ends: I don’t see the point.

    The Church is the Perfection of Israel. The gates can and will shut when it comes to those who sacrifice the innocent in effigy of God, sodomites, blapshemers/pagans/devil worshipers/heretics/etc, and those who defraud family men/orphans/homeless/widows/sick/infirm

    Just go weep in a corner, it was nice for 2 years without this crap by you.

    I would say to Repent, but do you even know how?

  64. So still you agree! You continue to have a “tense” issue.

    This is in the past. Crushed under its weight so there is only the cleanup and no execution (excommunication) needed.

    Otherwise Nigel, my wonderful new friend; by telling me to self-excommunicate, you are telling me to “commit, aid or abet a sin That Cries To Heaven For Vengeance or any heresy or apostasy”. I’m not nearly as learned as you, but that strikes me as quite sinful (as egregious

    God Bless us, everyone

  65. Cold stewed Tea is food for roses, camellias and other members of the tea family
    When they grow, people are inspired to make pretty gardens, write music to describe their day!
    Then everybody stops for tea.

    When the teapot looses its lid: drill a hole in the bottom for drainage and hang it up by the handle in the garden at shoulder height.
    Robbins LOVE man made gadgets so you’ll get a nest come the spring.

  66. joyless, Eternity is a LONG time for you to be this close to it at your age and yet this stupid about it.

    I suppose that’s why you came back after so many long years. hell awaits and you think (as all “atheists” do) that somehow sneering will either save you from hell or at least drag those whose Virtue make your vice uncomfortable along with you.

    the “p” you are because the “p” you support has always been “pedophile.” I was willing to be kind two years ago because I figured briggs was just moments away from throwing you where you belong. that you are still here means no Mercy, only Justice for all around.

    freemason, I do not “agree” with anything you say and least of all any of the level of frantic, dead/glassy-eyed, snaggle-toothed manipulation and gaslighting your kind is known to use on kids to brow-beat them into letting you rape them and not tell their parents.

    I can’t tell someone who isn’t Catholic and never was in any meaningful away outside of possibly Sacraments (Valid or invalid) to excommunicate themselves. That is absurd.

    it is not up to you to “excommunicate,” as that is absurd. Either you are marked so officially by The Church, or your evil is so great The Church doesn’t need to kick you out because you have invalidated yourself because you commit the worst sins of all. if you are self-excommunicated, that is totally out of your control. you can go to a Faithful Bishop for Apostolic Pardon, but Good luck finding one.

    Of course it won’t mean a damned (like you *BEG* for) thing, as you have no Contrition. you make no effort to feel the pain of your blaspheming and pedophilia support from over two years ago, as if you did it to yourself. Without Contrition, you can have no Confession, which isn’t open to non-Catholics (and I know the anglican heresy loves to blasphemy by calling themselves that falsely). Without Confession you can have no Sacrament of Penance, which is also not open to non-Catholics. Without Penance you can not have any Repentance. Without Repentance you can have no Forgiveness, which is not open to non-Catholics. Without Forgiveness you can have no Salvation, and there is no Salvation *whatsoever* outside of The Church.

    once more do you remind me of that “atheist” who was so afraid of the slaughterhouse reality he faces, that he cannot let go of his desire for self-apotheosis, and total annihilation instead of hell, without going insane. Not to say either of you weren’t there at the start.

    of course you have the “lisping, ‘broadminded,’ protestant adjunct professor in a sweater, moustache, and with fashionable pedophila” schtick in addition to his evil. well, who knows, he might have been one too.

    As for your new real ****-up: you are trying to use the mortal sin of despair here to try to damn me in your place. this kills your soul outright but does nothing to me besides anger me enough to seriously consider deleting your soul.

    you doing this projection on me for the “crime” of being Catholic is blaspheming against all of those in Church Militant, Church Suffering, and Church Triumphant Past/Present/Future.

    I actually made an equation to help figure out that number aforementioned. I just need one (otherwise unknowable) variable answered to know the exact number besides the number of instances.

    But it is billions upon billions for just one instance. I count 4 in just your one message here (over both parts), so 4 times all of those in Church Militant, Church Suffering, and Church Triumphant Past/Present/Future. this is of blasphemy, then any mortal sins made at the same time.

    the mortal sins kill the soul outright; per count, no limit.

    the sins That Cry To Heaven For Vengeance incur worse punishment in hell than all else before it combined and incurs a price of blood to be paid on earth even if you Repent; per count, no limit.

    you will one day look back on this and wish “you know what, I should have stayed gone.”

    Repent while you still can, boomeriffic ones. The day is long spent, as Cardinal Sarah would say.

  67. Nigel:
    1 It is not up to you to “excommunicate,” as that is absurd.
    2 Either you are marked so officially by The Church, or your evil is so great The Church doesn’t need to kick you out because you have invalidated yourself because you commit the worst sins of all.
    3. if you are “self-excommunicated”, that is totally “out of your control”. you can go to a Faithful Bishop for Apostolic Pardon, but Good luck finding one.

    Thank you for finally affirming 1, 2 and 3!

    I will sleep well, tonight.
    I’m certain acricketchirps will chirp brightly tonight as well.

  68. freemason, you didn’t read a single word of my post. you did copy/paste some sentences from the first few paragraphs, then went dissociative to ignore the rest.

    your clear intent was to continue trying to mark me as your scapegoat for sacred violence, hoping that if you project hard enough that somehow I will be damned in your place. The Cross of Christ destroyed the weapon of the devil who possesses you, so that doesn’t do anything.

    Not to mention that the mortal sin of despair still does nothing to me, but still kills your soul outright. it also still bumps it up to the third worst sin That Cries To Heaven For Vengeance of blasphemy.

    you then claim that you will invite another one of your heretic, masonic friends over to attack me in the hopes it will hate The Church in the hopes it will make your shame over sin go away. next the common atheist tactic that pack hunting will somehow increase the effectiveness once you realize dong so on your own doesn’t work.

    All in the hopes of psyching yourself up to Martyr Catholics on the hopes that will finally work. Luckily, after that fourth step of the reprobate, of trying to Martyr Catholics, there is the fifth and final step immediately: suicide.

    I just have to wait a bit longer; having dealt with thousands of your kind, I know that you are a problem that solves itself.

    I don’t know what sexual sin you committed (I have an idea) that not only brought you back here to a two year old thread you lost a fight in, but inspired you to invite another dogpile (just like you did last time in which you lost). I will let you know I am far more dangerous now than I was back then, and only increase so by the moment.

    If you think committing ritualistic suicide of your soul billions-to-trillions of times in front of me is going to solve anything, you have an entire Eternity (your boomer self is very close to) in order to disabuse yourself of that delusion.

    Remember The Four Last Things: death, Judgement, Heaven or hell

    this isn’t a fight, this isn’t a delusion were you can scream “I know you are but what am I” over and over in the hopes it will make your shame over sin go away, damn me in your place, or the most laughable “take [me] down with [you].”

    No, this is your execution. The more smugly close into thinking you have twisted yourself into a pretzel to try to gaslight me into submission like you do your child victims, the closer I am to a slight twitch of the fingers to ending you.

    Quite a lot of my post you didn’t read. Pay attention.

  69. Now, freemason, I knew before my last message that you only “read” the first few paragraphs of my post, and only “read” in the sense that you skim in the hopes of finding repeated hills to damn yourself upon in the Hopes God will strike you down and annihilate you before you can suffer in hell for all Eternity. This is why I make a separate post for the real fang-sinking, as you inored it last time. I will make sure it is hard her for you to ignore with your total intellectual dishonesty.

    No, you and the “atheist” I mentioned earlier will not be able to escape your Eternity by being annihilated. hell-that-you-beg-for, I could annihilate you right now if I wanted to. Of course, like your kind doesn’t understand how you can be dead and fully awake to suffer at the same time, you can be a gibbering pile of goop in hell and still be in pain for all Eternity.

    you don’t win in any situation here. what you thought was a surprise attack on me in the hopes of finally allowing you to escape what you spent your wasted life earning, was just you further being driven mad/reprobate by God so He could send you to me to dispose of you.

    So let’s count your sins just for one message then.

    the mortal sin of despair is previously mentioned and patently obvious.

    you claiming I am damned in your place can also be the mortal sin of calumny, as you are lying to try to defame.

    you are coordinating an attack on me behind my back (of which you made the mistake of revealing to me), which the mortal sin of gossip.

    the mortal sin of scandal is pretending to be Catholic while using that to specifically lead people to sin; which you are doing so hate by claiming being Catholic somehow damns you.

    I can tell by this point you are possessed, as you have to invert The Truth rather than just merely lie.

    I’ll stop there for this example just to make the calculations easier.

    I count 14 instances in your post. 5 multipled by 14 is 70, and the calculator confirms my math so far.

    Putting it into my equation, the number of your blasphemies is 12.95 multiplied by the total number of humans past/present/future (and yes, the babies you Martyr in the womb by the worst sin of all, are human).

    Now, since all of these mortal sins decries overly feed into eachother. I can make an argument that 12.95*TotalHumans is the number of each mortal sin as well, but we can just focus on your sins That Cry To Heaven For Vengeance as I want to post out their punishment.

    Now, the specific number of blasphemies don’t really matter to me (they will to you here on earth as Eternally) or really to my point. just one punishment for one count is incurring worst punishment in hell worse than all else before it combined AND a blood price that must be paid right her on earth in your lifetime even if you Repent.

    How many years do you have left to suffer even one of those prices? Let alone billions just for one post and most-likely trillions just form your posts in this single comment section?

    Well, your problem, not mine.

    I won’t assume your relation to socialism/communism here, and therefore your relation to the fourth worst sin That Cries to Heaven for Veneance of denying man his fair wage.

    already talked about your blasphemy, which is and will always be “suicide due to denial of God and His Church.”

    the second worst sin That Cries to Heaven for Veneance of sodomy is included with you attacking The Church for what The Church is cleanest of in the hopes it will cover up the actually rampant sodomy and pedophilia in every other group.

    but what I wanted to make special note of is the worst sin That Cries to Heaven for Veneance, worst satanic ritual of all (therefore double-triple-whatever-counting as blasphemy and more), worst sin of all, and worst evil of all equal to cain for Martyring Abel: “abortion” or Martrying the Innocent in Effigy of God.

    or should I say: the devil’s singular weapon of “the scapegoating principle”; of which is so evil that The Cross of Christ was there to destroy it.

    just one count of that is worth more than the punishment of even an infinite amount of what comes before it in severity. your billions of sodomies, trillions of blasphemies, and hundreds of millions of denying man his fair wage is nothing compared to the one count of you, a monster, trying to Martyr me, a Catholic, because you wish you could kill God. the sole reason you came back to post, to either murder me or commit suicide-by-cop.

    your eyes should be glazing over right now. quit while you are behind.

    Like I told joyless, you are too old and too close to Eternity to be this stupid about it.

  70. Oh, and freemason, I did not have enough room for this in my past message:
    you have a St Michael Prayer and St Benedict Prayer to return your curses back to whence they came.

    you have a Rosary such that your eyes be opened or Permanently closed.

    any demon that attempts to contact you is sent back to hell, any demon that you attempt to contact is sent back to hell.

    For what remains, even a pittance, of your miserable life The Angels will surround you as the prisoner you are, spears inward, to stab you like the enemy you are should you attempt to harm (in *any* way) anyone ever again. Each burning like the nails you so spit on in the hand and feet of our Blessed Lord.

    predadors should be careful falling asleep, especially when hunters are around. you might find yourself picking a fight you don’t want, even just by your mere presence.

    Repent while you still can. I already told you the terms and requirements.

    I do not love you or your sin, but for your victims and for the innocent to seek to victimize (whom I do Love) I do mark you.

  71. Nigel

    I truly have read everything you’ve written as much as my limited education and intelligence can understand

    I do not have the time to go through everything you’ve written today but will read later tonight and respond accordingly

  72. freemason, the last time you attempted to respond, you were trying to claim I excommunicated myself for the blasphemy of being Catholic against your satanic evil.

    there is no reply.

    Don’t come back.

  73. John B is not satanic, Nigel he is a Christian and it takes one to know one.

    To whom are you referring, that I support? Are you calling someone a pedophile in writing on a public forum?
    I hope you make Briggs feel proud of his creations.
    I marvel that nobody sees fit to interject. It starts to make Sylvain’s and lee Phillips’ claims somewhere nearer the truth.
    God help you all. Your heads are in the dustbin

  74. joyless, if you know what something is that must mean you know what something is not.

    so lee is the balding one ghoulishly tittering about blood dripping down legs? well hell does begin on earth; you should know.

    Remember when your friend had a funeral? you started posting trash lyrics and songs about how you miserable, loose “boomer” women are of some superiority or “innocence” despite all your constant evil acts?

    Well you should have taken heed that while your friends go away, and while beauty (I won’t say yours, because what is inside you comes out and so what did you ever have?), so do you.


    The Four Last Things

    you cannot escape them, you cannot sneer them away.

    like cricket or lee, you cannot accuse The Church of what you personally do and hope to not be damned by it or hope that it does ANYTHING to The Church besides close you from it.

    One would think you would at least have some bit of self-awareness or remorse for taking part in the “sex revolution” or committing genocide against generation x.

    900,000,000 (NINE-HUNDRED MILLION) babies were Martyred in the womb from 1970-1980 worldwide, making it the worst decade of all time, and with more death than all of history before it combined in just 10 years.

    about 1,400,000,000 have been murderers in the womb worldwide since 1980, increasing at about 125,000 a day worldwide.

    How much did you contribute is unknown to me, how much you will pay for is something you would wish you never knew even as it happens.

    Like I told your friend: quit while you are behind.

    you think you have no joy now? “just wait until tonight, girl.” as someone of your generation said.

    Take “night” or “tonight” to be a metaphor. Repent while you still have sunlight.

  75. Since this is what I hope to be you taking the hint and not coming back, here are some real quotes. A bit more substantive than Dolly Parton song lyrics.

    From Venerable Fulton Sheen:
    “If some of us who are blessed with its sacred privileges believed the same things about the Church that her slanderers believe, if we knew her only through the words of traitors or third?rate lies of dishonest historians, if we understood her only through those who were never cradled in her sacred associations, we would perhaps hate the Church just as much as they do. The bitterest enemies of the Church, those who accuse her of being unpatriotic, as Christ was accused of being before Pilate; of being unworldly, as Christ was accused of being before Herod; of being too dogmatic, as Christ was accused of being before Caiaphas; or being too undogmatic, as Christ was accused of being Annas; of being possessed by the devil, as Christ was accused of being before the Pharisees — these do not really hate the Church. They cannot hate the Church any more than they can hate Christ; they hate only that which they mistakenly believe to be the Catholic Church, and their hate is but their vain attempt to ignore. Charity, then, must be shown to persons, and particularly to those outside the fold who by charity must be led back, that there may be one fold and one Shepherd.”


    Dr John C Rao:
    “It is precisely because this venomous attempt to build a civilization upon a freedom from efforts to fight Original Sin and its willful effects upon individuals is so tempting that it has infected almost all of us in some way or another. We almost all fall prey to the enticement simply to pick what “liberty” most appeals to our particular passion, declare it pleasing to God, willfully condemn whichever application of the same principle we find personally unacceptable when used by others, and ignore the innately poisonous nature of the entire concept. And, quite frankly, we almost all fall prey to the cynical temptation to mobilize the “total depravity” argument anew when we chuckle over the naïve, utopian vision of opponents who want to use law and authority to help make people virtuous in realms where we want “liberty”. But blithely making common cause with “liberty” in a world that did not have to be totally depraved but is making every effort to become so is riding on the back of a willful monster—with the current self-destructive appeal to religious liberty at the top of the list. It is only the positive liberty to use our Faith, Grace, our Reason, and the help of social authorities, both supernatural and natural, to correct and transform ourselves under the Social Kingship of Christ that can lead to a life worth living in this world and to eternal happiness in the next.”

    you do not get peace after over 100 years of waging a one-sided war against Humanity at the behest of your demon.

    Marcy is gone, not to return until after Just Desserts are all handed out with second helpings.

  76. I’m not evil. I’m a good girl, God loves me and I have been blessed in many ways. I just don’t talk about it.
    You can say whatever you like, as loud as you like, as often as you like and with as much filth as you like but it won’t make it true.
    That’s logic, and it is the truth.
    God is Love and God is Truth.
    Nothing defeats either of those.

  77. Dolly Parton

    If I should stay
    Well, I would only be in your way
    And so I’ll go, and yet I know
    That I’ll think of you each step of my way
    And I will always love you
    I will always love you
    Bitter-sweet memories
    That’s all I have, and all I’m taking with me
    Good-bye, oh, please don’t cry
    ‘Cause we both know that I’m not
    What you need
    But I will always love you
    I will always love you
    And I hope life, will treat you kind
    And I hope that you have all
    That you ever dreamed of
    Oh, I do wish you joy
    And I wish you happiness
    But above all this
    I wish you love
    I love you, I will always love
    I will always, always love you
    I will always love you
    I will always love you
    I will always love you

    I am not a school child negotiating for love or friendship “I’ll like you if you’ll like me”
    Just as I love God because he loved me first
    I love you because God loved you first

    re: Archbishop Fulton J Sheen
    My father used to love watching him on Sunday mornings when we occasionally had a working TV

  78. Joy
    Adapted from Tom Petty

    She’s a good girl, loves her mama
    Loves Jesus and the UK too
    She’s a good girl, crazy ’bout Elvis
    Loves horses and her boyfriend too

    It’s a long day, living in Aylesbury
    There’s a freeway running through the yard
    And I’m a bad boy ’cause I don’t even miss her
    I’m a bad boy, for breaking her heart

    And I’m free – free falling
    Yeah I’m free – free falling

    All the vampires walking through the valley
    Move west down Wendover Road
    And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
    And the good girls are home with broken hearts

    And I’m free – free falling
    Yeah I’m free – free falling

    I wanna glide down over Ellesborough
    I wanna write her name in the sky
    I’m gonna free fall out into nothing
    Gonna leave this world for a while

    And I’m free – free falling
    Yeah I’m free – free falling

  79. My name is Joy. I was Christened with that name.
    Would you be able to look God in the face and restate that sentence without shrivelling into a writhing ball of flesh, like golem himself?
    Something tells me jealousy is driving you. You seem to be obsessed with beauty and the ages of women.

    That’s another theme amongst the women on this site, mostly, and a couple of the grumpy old men, too. Probably don’t get enough female attention or something.

    It appears to me that you don’t know what virtue actually is. Nor love, nor truth. So little surprise you don’t know what Joy is either, let alone who someone is who has that name!

    You haven’t grasped the basic philosophy of Christianity as far as is apparent.

    See John’s explanation from Dolly Parton’s song. She wrote it for Bert Reynolds, mind, but all the same.
    That version is my favourite. Whitneys was out of tune.

  80. My friend in question who’s funeral was the same week you chose to spit your vile lies and venom, had bought me a few little gifts when we used to out to garden centres. She was unable to walk at the end.
    One of them was a wooden plaque which read,
    “the more I learn about people, the more I love my dog”
    Strangely, it surfaced in my room while I was tidying at the same time!

    Yesterday, a giant cricket which we don’t ‘officially’ have in England, came into the kitchen. I think the timing was just prior to the comment about cricket, I wondered what kind of sign it could be.

    So when he got mentioned, I thought of the one earlier.
    ‘Always let your conscience be your guide’. The opposite of what they teach the dogmatic people. They generally share their brain with other people.

  81. You cannot impose truth by violence. Nor can love be mandated by law.
    The two are inevitable everlasting even amidst the unholy dross. That is a reason to delight in the truth. Honest people do this, atheist or agnostics. There are dishonest individuals on both sides of the divide over the existence of God. Suffering and pain is the main reason for rejection of all hope of justice/peace etc.

    Far too many who call themselves religious really turn their back on the realities around them of the suffering of others. Under the excuse of spreading despair. How weak are people that they cannot face the suffering of others because it might look bad or soft, or interfere with a catechism or doctrine. (even if that doctrine is written in good faith) Some people don’t care about ‘the show’. I am one of them.

    Jesus Christ was very clear to rebuke the people who said they would call to heaven for vengeance: That belongs to God. Not someone who’s decided he is doing God’s work by slaughtering and laying waste innocent people and trying, with well practiced words, to break spirits of people they’ve never met before.

    That is worldly ‘sarx’ but Jesus told the authorities of power that his kingdom is NOT of this world. He told the ones who would call down from heaven,
    “you know not what manner of spirit you are made of”

    Which can be taken prosaically or as a criticism that they failed both in knowledge AND to understand His purpose.
    (Luke chapter 9 verse fifty to fifty six)
    Hear the last minutes from around 46, I am not sure either nor can I prove except to myself but John Lennox thinks the same way. He IS a Christian and to a sectarian

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