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November 17, 2018 | 8 Comments

This Week In Doom — Deranged Psychology Edition

Note the change back to the original title. And video for the reading-impaired! I’m thinking of moving Doom back to Wednesdays, and leaving Saturday’s blank.

Item On Woke Capital. Interview with @WokeCapital creator. Good summary of our accelerating Doom.

Item Why Fascists Hate Masturbation: The rise of nationalism coincides with anti-masturbation movements.

Masturbation may well be one of the healthiest human sexual behaviors.

…Graham and Kellog, 19th Century physicians invented bland foods like corn flakes and graham crackers to curb the desire to masturbate (I think that Graham didn’t anticipate s’mores, which are actually pretty sexy)…The DSM-I, published in the 1950’s by the American Psychiatric Association offered the diagnostic code of 317.1 for the “mental health disorder” of masturbation. But, modern society seemed to have moved away from open condemnation of the dangers of self-pleasure.

Masturbation is the healthiest human sexual behavior, associated with a range of health and life benefits, with no known (to science or medicine) health risks. It is pregnancy and disease free. It teaches people to accept and understand their own sexuality. Healthy sexual and marital relationships are improved by masturbation when the shame and stigma of it are removed….

The hatred of masturbation by these various conservative men may also reflect fear, as opposed to stupidity. Most of them seem to have religious backgrounds, and likely grew up being taught to suppress their desires for anything other than heterosexual monogamy.

Sperm rates are declining in the West, we are told. We men, of course, are weak and sinners; hence there is the “No Fap November” to encourage us (that’s a Newsweek link, and safe for work). The feminists are screeching that self control is anti-woman and violent (must-read-thread).

It should be noted the Psychology Today, the publishers of the story, changed the title into something less provocative: “Is One Sexual Behavior Triggering Certain Groups?”. Here is a screenshot of the original; I used the original above. The image today is also from them.

Here is the punchline. The author bills himself as “David J. Ley, Ph.D., [who thinks S’mores are sexy] is a clinical psychologist and the author of Insatiable Wives, Women Who Stray and The Men Who Love Them.” The masturbation enthusiast doesn’t note whether this is a memoir.

Item Ireland announces women-only professorships to close academia’s gender gap (Thanks to Victor DOOMin for the tip.)

Ireland has announced a new plan to combat gender inequality in higher education by creating women-only professor positions across its universities and technology institutes.

Minister for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor said the project would ensure that 40% of Ireland’s professor-level positions would be held be women by 2024.

Speaking at the Gender Action Plan for Higher Education’s launch in Dublin on Sunday, O’Connor said that increasing female representation at the highest academic level would “underpin the transformation and cultural change” necessary to ensure that Ireland’s higher education “fully realizes the benefits of gender diversity.”

Boosting the rate of non-male professors was the reason for the institution of Ladies Studies departments at the like.

Item What is behind the increase in “witches” in the US?

As the number of self-identified witches in the United States has surpassed the number of Presbyterians, it is helpful to recall G.K. Chesterton’s adage that when we stop believing in God, we begin to believe in anything. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that about 0.4 percent of Americans identify themselves as Pagan or Wiccan, a significant increase over previous years. An estimated 1 to 1.5 million people say they practice Wicca or Paganism today, a rise from an estimated 8,000 in 1990, and 340,000 in 2008.

You’d have to say the Presbyterians had a good run. And while there are still a few left that believe in the central tenets of Christianity, it’s a good bet they won’t be coming back. Next, the survey mentioned above.

Item ‘New Age’ beliefs common among both religious and nonreligious Americans

Overall, roughly six-in-ten American adults accept at least one of these New Age beliefs. Specifically, four-in-ten believe in psychics and that spiritual energy can be found in physical objects, while somewhat smaller shares express belief in reincarnation (33%) and astrology (29%)…

Moreover, religiously unaffiliated Americans (those who say their religion is atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular”) are about as likely as Christians to hold New Age beliefs. However, atheists are much less likely to believe in any of the four New Age beliefs than agnostics and those who say their religion is “nothing in particular.” Just 22% of atheists believe in at least one of four New Age beliefs, compared with 56% of agnostics and eight-in-ten among those whose religion is “nothing in particular.”

A better word is Even 22% of atheists believe in psychic powers. They’re beat by the “spiritual but not religious.” Everybody believes in something, even the 78% of atheists who don’t hold “new age” beliefs.

Funny that “new age” beliefs are actually age old beliefs.

Item Dutch doctor faces first euthanasia prosecution

Dutch authorities are prosecuting a doctor for euthanising an elderly woman with dementia in the first case of its kind since the practice was legalised in 2002, officials said Friday.

The female doctor, who was not named, allegedly put a sleeping drug into the 74-year-old woman’s coffee and had to ask her family to hold her down when she began to struggle.

I’m old enough to remember when we used to call this murder, not euthanasia.

Item Financial Times tool warns if articles quote too many men

The Financial Times is automatically warning its journalists if their articles quote too many men, in an attempt to force writers to look for expert women to include in their pieces…

“Desks that use quotes from a high proportion of women also feature more women in their pictures, and their articles are well read by women,” the deputy editor, Roula Khalaf, told staff in an internal email, saying that women tend to feature in stories about the NHS, US immigration, and EU tech regulation but less so in stories about US trade, the oil industry and banking.

Diversity and Equality always lead to mandatory quotas. Absolutely always.

Item Who can you trust?

If you’re not there seeing it in person, you will soon never know.

November 16, 2016 | 13 Comments

The Demon In Democracy by Legutko, Part I: History — WMBriggs Podcast

Download MP3.

I’m still sorting out my audio difficulties, which exist mainly due to my inexperience and inability. Please be forgiving as you adjust your volume and headphones. I’ve had great tips from readers on pop filters and microphones. These will be implemented.

I’ve also had requests to make the podcast a video series, or to do a class on my book. Problem is, I don’t own a camera. If readers want to substitute money from my bail fund to a camera fund, or just support the podcast, click below.


For the next five weeks, we’re going to step through this book:
The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies by Ryszard Legutko.

The book is a must-read new work (newly translated, anyway) from one of our leading political philosophers. How could ex-communists from socialist countries immediately after the collapse of communism have adapted so easily to the liberal-democratic political systems which were imposed on them? Answer: there’s not much difference between the way socialism/communism and liberal-democracy works. The history of this thesis is explored this week. Next week: Utopia.

Audio only. Sorry.

November 2, 2016 | 16 Comments

No Matter Who Wins, We’re Doomed — WMBriggs Podcast

Download MP3.

Note: This was written and recorded last Wednesday, before DickiLeaks et alia, but due to other events I had to delay posting it until today.

The return of the podcast! First I was on e-holiday, which is not only recommended, but which should be mandatory, like fasting. Then I made the mistake of upgrading my 32-bit version of Kubuntu on my ancient laptop, which broke certain processes which I used to produce the broadcasts (obviously now fixed).

The equipment in use is scratch and bare, but it works, albeit producing a less-than-optimal sound. Pretend you’re listening to AM radio and all will be well.

I still predict, as I have from January, Trump will win. If he does, then we’ll have much to discuss, not forgetting poll accuracy and the behavior of the state media and politicians.

Incidentally, that is the term I think best to describe those people who, in collusion with the government, create and dispense the “news” meant to shape the opinion of the public. This includes “conservative” organs like Fox and WSJ. How much more honest were they when they called themselves ministers of propaganda!

That collusion is real, as was long known; but it is now a truth given concrete form with the Project Veritas exposé. On that, here is an Info Wars chicky asking some of the 300 or so people “streaming” out of a Hillary event if they had seen the videos.

PV tape

Now I edited that and there’s plenty more. This was before the third Donald Duck video.

Hillary barks

I said duck, not dog!

Don’t be harsh on the people who thought the PV videos were a lie or otherwise fraudulent. They were told to think that, just like they were told to think the Planned Parenthood baby chop shop videos were faked and frauds, just like they were told to ignore the Wikileaks revelations, which didn’t matter but which anyway were fakes and frauds. They were told to think these things, and they trusted those doing the telling. This trust in authorities is a good quality, with a bad effect.

There are two problems. These people—no people, left or right—in a country and form such as ours has any business directly electing their leader (the small adjustments due to the Electoral College are negligible). Whoever wins, these people aren’t going anywhere and the people lying to them will still be with us regardless who wins.

If Trump wins, state media hacks will be mollified and will duck and cover for, what, two weeks? And then they’ll be back to normal. Some will, as is natural to their breed, suck up to the new administration, seeking to do for the new power what they did for the old. But most will recognize Trump is naught but a respite. They’ll soon reorganize to restore the old elite, and themselves.

There will not be a wave of honesty among flacks, nor will there be a reduction in gullibility among the indigenous populants of this once United States. Unless Trump turns out to be an American Vladimir Putin, it will very soon be business as usual.

And if Hillary wins, look for a sort of reverse Anschluss. Here’s the headline, “Editor of Austria’s Largest Paper Charged with ‘Hate Speech’ over Migrant Article“.

Calling the majority of the migrants “testosterone-driven Syrians”, Mr. Biro recounted the multiple reports of migrants carrying out, in his words, “extremely aggressive sexual assaults”.

He also detailed Afghan men had slashed the seats of the trains that were transporting them to Germany because they refused to sit where Christians had previously sat…

The prosecutor in the Styrian capital of Graz has confirmed they will be seeking charges against Biro for his comments after the case was brought to them by left-wing SOS Mitmensch. The group released a guide for Austrians earlier this year on how to successfully get people tried for hate speech crimes.

It’s not hate speech against “migrants” over which Biro is being prosecuted, but for speech against the government. SOS Mitmensch is part of that government, albeit without portfolio. Or, rather, with it, but without official letterhead.


Here are some items, each by themselves horrific, all of them seemingly disparate. Unless we can tie to a theory of doom, that’s all they are, individual stories.

Funeral ‘celebrants’ offer eulogies with a personal touch: “‘Many people are more spiritual and don’t want religion introduced into the service,’ said Simanoff, of Melville, LI.”

Washington Uses Homosex as a Weapon of Regime Change in Moldova: “Hillary Clinton makes a cameo in the video, which should come as little surprise to anyone familiar with the general unsavoriness of the Clintonista family.”

Why I Fear America Could Enslave Black People Again: Trump’s Make American Great Again triggers writer to say “To what specific period of American greatness are you wanting us to return? When black folk suffered segregation after slavery?” After his tirade, the writer, who moved on to say he thought blacks could become slaves again under Trump, insists, “I’m not an angry black man”. To the Left, the slippery slope is the only argument.

‘We can’t prove sex with children does them harm’ says Labour-linked NCCL: “EVIDENCE has emerged that the views of the Paedophile Information Exchange influenced policy-making at the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was run by former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt…Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.”

Norwegians now can change genders legally with a mouse click: “Norway, a wealthy, progressive nation of 5 million people, recently became the fifth country in the world to allow adults to legally change genders without a doctor’s agreement or intervention. Argentina, Ireland and Denmark have similar laws. But only Malta and Norway have extended the liberalized rules to children.” Progressive.

Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in a ‘sexual emergency’ has his conviction overturned because the Austrian court ‘didn’t prove he realised the boy was saying no’: “Amir A, 20, violently sexually assaulted the boy in the changing room of Theresienbad pool in Austria claiming it was a ‘sexual emergency’ because he had not had sex for four months. But an appeal court in the country accepted the defence lawyer’s claim that the lower court had not done enough to prove he knew the schoolboy was saying no and overturned the conviction.”

Rise of ‘predictable’ exam papers due to fears of social media backlash, expert argues: “Examiners are too scared to set hard questions for fear of being shamed on social media, an advisor to Ofqual, the exams regulator, has claimed. Professor Robert Coe, from Durham University, has also said papers have become too easy and predictable and that ‘low-level thinking’ is increasingly being rewarded in exams, the Times Educational Supplement reported.”

Peter Thiel Shows Us There’s a Difference Between Gay Sex and Gay: This is from the Advocate, now. “Since the Paleolithic Age, people have had sex with people of the same gender. But the notion that this made someone ‘homosexual’ or ‘gay’ was a relatively recent phenomenon in human history. Beginning in the late 19th century, doctors, sexologists, and others began to argue that same-sex sex created the category of sexual orientation…By the logic of gay liberation, Thiel is an example of a man who has sex with other men, but not a gay man. Because he does not embrace the struggle of people to embrace their distinctive identity.”

No Christmas lights in the small towns of Advent.

‘Living here doesn’t make you one of us’ Danish Queen tells Muslims to adopt West’s values: “She said: ‘It’s not a law of nature that one becomes Danish by living in Denmark. It doesn’t necessarily happen. We thought that these things would take care of themselves. That if you walked through the streets of Copenhagen and drank the municipal water and rode the municipal bus, you’d soon become a Dane. It was so obvious to us, and therefore we thought that it must also be obvious for those who settled and lived here. It wasn’t.'”

Northwestern U. scholar: Christian fundamentalism ‘more dangerous’ than Islamic terrorism: “fundamentalist access to United States armaments is the number one threat to state security.”

Theory of doom

Now these examples could be multiplied with ease and endlessly; indeed, they are a cataract. What binds them together? Bad question. Here’s a better one: do they have a common cause?

Fellow at Zero Hedge is betting on a conspiracy, or something like it. The Elimination Of Reason. “Since the dumbing down has been so consistently prevalent over the decades, it’s clear that this is no accident, nor is it an experiment in ‘alternative education’ that hasn’t worked out as was intended. It’s clearly the result of a conscious effort to diminish the average person’s ability to think. As such, it’s had a long gestation period and was expected to require generations, but was nevertheless a conscious goal.”

I believe “Durden” is right and wrong. Although there are conspiracies, such as we met with Wikileaks, and there is collusion among elites in the leftwards fall of the West, our doom will not be the result of the actions of a mysterious cabal. Instead, what is happening is right out in the open, and is even desired by the majority.

The cause is liberal-democracy. This does not mean a liberal society, nor a democratic society: it means the combination, which is deadly. This is not an unknown thesis. It forms the subject matter of the book The Demon in Democracy by Ryszard Legutko, newly translated into English, and the true point of this podcast. For over the next five broadcasts, we’ll go through this book chapter by chapter, in an extended review which proves the thesis, and which demonstrate its consequences, and which will prove the prediction that we are doomed.

June 29, 2016 | 7 Comments

You—Yes, You—Are Doing Probability & Statistics Wrong — Podcast

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Fellow users of probability, statistics, and computer “learning” algorithms, physics and social science modelers, big data wranglers, philosophers of science, epistemologists; other respected citizens. We’re doing it wrong.

Not completely wrong; not everywhere; not all the time; but far more often, far more pervasively, and in far more areas than you’d imagine.

What are we doing wrong? Probability, statistics, causality, modeling, deciding, communicating, uncertainty. Everything to do with evidence.

Buy my book!