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The best that has been thought and written and why these ideals are difficult to meet.

October 23, 2018 | 3 Comments

You Have To Laugh — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Who Believes The MSM?

Here we go again. False flags flying over Turkey. Lots of other places too. Why should we be surprised though, when these things work so well? After all, if the MSM says it, and repeats it often enough, it must be true. Right? Conversely, if they fail to ask an obvious question, there must not be anything worth knowing. No fake news here, citizen. Move along.

This week’s story? The entrapment/murder/dismemberment of Mr. Khashoggi. In Turkey, of course. The most titillating part, for those who enjoy the gory details (which is most of The Empire now), is that the whole thing was recorded. An hours-long interrogation and piecemeal dismemberment of the living victim, just in time for Halloween. And maybe, the upcoming elections? Funny how things pop up right about that time. Ask Judge Kavanaugh (who barely escaped his own quartering) if you doubt that thought.

Being a Barbarian, I gladly admit that I am always skeptical. Of everything. That trait has always served me well. My antennae are twitching badly on this story. Not because of the event itself, nor the behavior that describes it. Who can doubt that the characters involved are certainly capable of this murder? My concern is not really about what was done but rather, how we have come to know about it.

Tell me, how was it that the Turks knew so quickly of its occurrence (besides the wondering fiancé, who simply reported her intended as missing). Then tell me how the Turks were in immediate possession of these same audio (and according to some reports, video) recordings of the act? Who, in their right mind, would bother to continue recording an event that somehow ‘went bad’? And how, given the gravity of the act, could such recordings have leaked beyond the room? And so quickly? Surely everyone there was complicit in some way.

Since most embassies (especially in hostile territory) are hardened against electronic eavesdropping, could we really believe the Turks were somehow monitoring the event, ‘live’ as they say? Why did they not intervene, at the very least by letting the Saudi’s know in real time that they knew evil was afoot? Better the victim lives minus a few fingers than to lose them all. Plus his head. If the Turks were indeed so damned concerned, they surely took their time expressing it.

Let’s look at another false flag flying over Riyad. The flag that says it was just an interrogation gone bad. An ‘argument that devolved into a fist fight’. Never mind that a planeload of 15 Saudis was on the scene in no time, with one of them supposedly seen carrying a surgical bone-saw. Really? Who carries such a thing openly, given the task described in this alibi? Who was looking for it? Who would have the chutzpah to tell such a story if it wasn’t true? And who would believe it, besides the MSM?

Here’s another reason for my skepticism. If Mr. Khashoggi was such a thorn in the side of someone, why would you not just arrange a car-wreck? Or a heart attack? Or any number of other ways of disposing of him without leaving fingerprints (and DNA) on that handy-dandy bone-saw someone conveniently brought along on their holiday trip to Istanbul?

Have you noticed the bipartisan nature of the outcry? Surely this is a rarity in this day and age. How is it that all of our politicians are speaking with one voice when one side doesn’t really believe anything the Washington Post says?

The deeper question I have is not with the actors in these stories. Rather, I question the lack of questions from the supposedly interested questioners themselves. Where is their curiosity? This is beyond stupidity or sloth, although modern journalists are not lacking in these modern virtues. No, given the widespread nature of this curious lack of curiosity (amongst those supposedly paid to be curious), we must look for answers elsewhere.

What really happened in that embassy? Who knows. More importantly, who cares? The way this story is being reported is a lot more interesting to me than the supposed plot line(s). It seems to me that the real story is an attempt to present Donald with an un-appetizing choice. Either he must denounce (and punish) Saudi Arabia (specifically Mohammed Ben Salman), or buy the alibi that stinks to high Heaven.

If he punishes MBS the Iranians are happy. Along with a lot of Saudi princes (and others) MBS has pushed around since his recent ascent to power. The punishment proposed by those who write this stuff is the cancelling of arms sales to the Saudi’s. Donald doesn’t like that idea. Boeing and Raytheon don’t either.

But if he buys the alibi, and saves the arms sales, Donald will certainly be cast as a craven Mammonite, just in time for November 9th. Nice little box, eh? Ask yourself something here. Could not this murder have been carried out by MBS’s enemies within his state (knowing MBS hated Khashoggi), thus tagging him with the baggage? A nice way to damage MBS and Donald both. I’ve yet to see this question asked. Nor the question of why MBS would have deliberately done away with Khashoggi in such a weird manner. He’s not an idiot.


Let’s move on and look at another fine flag. This one is flying over the Phanar. That’s shorthand for the Orthodox version of the Vatican. At least, Orthodoxy as defined by The Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew I, first among equals in the Greek Orthodox world. Or at least he was first among equals, before he apostasized. Before he unilaterally decided to become the Pope of All Orthodoxy, according to the head of the Greco-Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow.

This appears to just be a food fight within the Orthodox world. That’s how the MSM presents it, when they present it at all. Given the MSM’s ingrained antipathy to all things Christian, why would we expect anything different? But again, there are pregnant questions here that are not being asked, by anyone it seems. Anyone but the Russians, of course.

They see this whole thing for exactly what it is,another attempt to erase the borders of Russia. They see this as the flip side of Ukrainian membership in NATO. This incursion into Russian Orthodox identity is being pushed by a man (Bartholomew I) who has approximately 1,000 followers in Istanbul, plus a crown. But he’s evidently now flush with funds. I wonder where he’s getting all this dough?

Nobody in the MSM is asking this question. Nor do they seem to care that of the 14 other Orthodox ‘local churches’ world-wide, none of them agreed with Bartholomew’s request to join him in ‘granting’ autocephaly (self-rule) to the schismatic offshoots of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). The church in Little Russia which has been linked with Great Russia since the time of Vladimir the Great in 988. And a church which has been under the wing of Moscow since 1589, when the Patriarchs of Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem all elevated Moscow to it’s own status of autocephalous Patriarchy.

About five years ago, two schismatic groups broke away from the UOC (attached to Moscow) and started their own version(s) of the UOC, with their own Metropolitan(s) in Kiev. These two groups have started stealing the church properties of the original UOC. And beating up their clerics. Patriarch Bartholomew is going on to reward this behavior by granting legitimacy to these upstart twins. It’s like me telling my neighbor’s rowdy and disobedient teenagers that I recognize their right to take their dad’s car. And to beat up the old man. And change the keys to his house.

Guess who is supporting this? Our State Department for one. Mike Pompeo, specifically. It’s a rather tawdry story of blackmail, but once again, our MSM friends seem deaf, dumb and blind. After all, it’s being done in the name of democracy. Once again, Donald’s ‘friends’ within his own administration are setting him up for further confrontation with Russia. If Russia intervenes in any way (either ecclesialy or governmentally), guess who will be blamed as the provocateur? More importantly, who will have to respond? Donald, of course. No matter which way he goes, he will be pilloried as a wimp or an interloper.

There Is Nothing To See Where You Don’t Look

Truly fake news is, more often than not, really a sin of omission, not commission. It’s not really the questions our friends in the Fourth Estate ask in their work ‘on our behalf’. Rather, it’s the questions they won’t ask. Which brings us to the biggest sin of omission on their part. It is the sin they commit in their pursuit of the one enemy they hate worse than Donald. Who would that be? The Catholic Church, of course.

What false flag are they flying today over the Vatican? It is the flag of calumny. And silence. Silence in the face of Archbishop Vigano’s charges against Pope Francis, and in the Pope’s refusal to address the McCarrick scandal (or the larger scandal it represents). Calumny in printing the ‘reply’ of Cardinal Ouellet to Abp. Vigano without examining the reality of what Abp. Vigano actually said to begin with. All of this on top of a failure to pursue these same issues with Francis himself. Which Francis no doubt appreciates. Who says there is no honor among thieves?

What then is the actual ‘issue’ these paragons of reportorial rectitude wish to avoid? Is it Pedophilia? Hardly. They’re only too happy to talk all day long about that version of reality (even though actual pedophilia is only a miniscule portion of reported abuse cases). Is it ‘clericalism’, then, as Francis and his flacks claim? No problem there either, Komrade. The Free Press is happy to see the blame shifted to the victims, who have somehow tempted their shepherds by placing the undue pressure of trust in them, causing them to succumb to the temptation presented by those damnable sheep.

No, friend, the real word the MSM is terrified of is this: homosexuality. Read for yourself what Abp. Vigano has said in his third broadside against these filthy practices and their acolytes in The Church. Note too, how Abp. Vigano deals with his own sin of omission. Read what he fears his judgment will be because of that. Then tell me this isn’t a huge story. Huge. But have you seen in in your local front page? Or even the back page?

Let’s think again about our omissive ‘friends’ in the supposedly free press, and how they manipulate us more by what they will not ask (or report). The question now is how should we respond to them in their insidious and spineless behavior? What will change their behavior?

Now before I answer that, I want to mention two things. The first is the fact that in the past few election cycles, we have been constantly bombarded with stories built around the results of non-stop polling. Polling that, in fact, has been quite wide of the mark. And to the same side each time. Polls consistently have under-represented the eventual (conservative) performance. I think this time will be no different. The press will say it is because of the difficulty in obtaining a truly representative sample (due to voter mobility, cell phones vs landlines, etc). The press will entertain any idea but the one that says that people are lying to them.

The second point is that Mueller has been silent. He has nothing of substance to report, and therefore his true worth (as an enemy of the people) is in keeping the charade going as long as possible. If this means staying silent for now (and does he dare release anything this close to election day?), fine. Why fold now when your opponent may yet commit some political faux pas that make the investigation issue moot on election day? Mueller’s silence also explains what is going on in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine etc. The left are getting desperate. They are looking for anything they can use to ensnare Donald before election day. Expect to see more insanity in the headlines as we count down the days.

The Best Joke

The question arises (for the long term), how should we best respond to the enemies of the people in their continued attacks on our faith, our families and our freedoms? What is the best means of response that will serve to show all of The Empire what the MSM actually stands for as they fail to pursue the truth? Should we answer with research? With polemics? With reason? No, they are immune to all three. Deliberately so. Anyone who watched the Clarence Thomas hearings in the past, and the Kavanaugh hearings of today, understands that the trajectory of these kamikazes has already been set. Nothing rational will alter their approach. But can anything else, anything beyond reason or facts do the job of shaming them into telling the truth? I believe so. Let me illustrate my point before I state it.

The tradition of The Church holds that Lucifer, the ‘Bearer of Light’, was reputedly one of the Seraphim, the highest rank of the angels. This meant he was superior in intellect to all those below him. Their intellect is the root of angelic power. Michael, on the other hand, was an Archangel, which is the next to the bottom of the nine angelic ranks. Yet supposedly Michael was able to drive Lucifer from the heights of Heaven. Given the disparity of their relative positions of endowed power, how was this so?

The key to this puzzle is in the particular sin of Lucifer, which of course was his pride. We all (should) know that wounding someone’s pride can be the most devastating thing that can befall the proud. How best to wound such a one?

The answer is in the name of Michael. Or more properly, Mi-cha-El. Translated, it means ‘Who is like God?’ When Lucifer and his fellow rebels favorably compared Lucifer to his Creator, Michael gained his fame (and name) by exclaiming Mi-Cha-El!

Michael asked a rhetorical question whose answer should be obvious to anyone, even the proudest of all. Lucifer certainly knew he didn’t create God, and that meant God must have created him. But Lucifer’s pride was not about to yield to this lowly Archangel just because of the intellectual content of Michael’s retort to Lucifer’s boast that he would place his throne above that of The Most High. So what was it, beyond the intellectual content of Michael’s retort, that pushed Lucifer over the literal edge of Heaven and into the abyss?


Loud, hilarious laughter at the absolutely ridiculous presumption of that fat-headed Seraphim. When the rest of the angels who had not rebelled followed Michael’s lead and joined in with this scornful laughter (thus elevating Michael to the position of leader of the Heavenly Host), Lucifer’s pride was wounded to the quick, to the point that he had to flee. Since there was only Heaven at that point in time, Lucifer threw himself into the abyss to escape his utter embarrassment.

This is simply my reading of how it went down. Strictly me, and not the Church. But I ask you, what other power would Michael have had over Lucifer other than to see the ridiculousness of Lucifer’s pretension, and to laugh it to scorn? What prideful being can abide such a thing?

What does this have to do with us, here on earth, locked in combat with those who wish to relegate us to serfdom in their dark animal kingdom? Simple, my brothers. We must use the same tactic. After all, we too are fighting vastly superior beings. Seraphims, Cherubims, Principalities, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues and Powers. We must never think that we can outwit them, for such is not within our grasp. We can only resist with faith that stays firm. If we have true faith, then we know the war is over, even though the battle still rages.

If we know, by faith, that the war is already won (and death is defeated), then how can we not feel confident when our enemies use their seemingly superior weapons and tactics against us on earth? We must be confident enough in our faith to know that no matter what the enemies of God’s People propose to do, their whole power here and now resides in the power of their pride. There’s only one real weapon that works against them: laughter! It will drive them insane. Literally.

The next time someone tells you evolution is reality, or that they are transgendered, or that socialism can work, or that equality is natural, or any other ridiculous prideful thought, do the kind and Christian thing. Laugh them to scorn. It’s the only thing that works! The look on their faces will be worth your eventual death. And theirs too.

October 20, 2018 | 9 Comments

Insanity & Doom Update LXII

Item Students Demand Professor Be Fired After He Champions Due Process, Says ‘Accusers Sometimes Lie’

Nearly 100 students at the University of Southern California attended a rally at noon on Monday demanding a tenured professor be fired after he sent a reply-all email last Thursday to the student body noting that “accusers sometimes lie.”

“If the day comes you are accused of some crime or tort of which you are not guilty, and you find your peers automatically believing your accuser, I expect you find yourself a stronger proponent of due process than you are now,” emailed Professor James Moore.

The email — in response to a reply-all email that urged students to “Believe Survivors” on the day of Christine Ford’s testimony — triggered what one school admin said was “hundreds” of emails from concerned students and alumni since Thursday…

Roughly 7 students also spoke at a makeshift podium, sharing sharing stories of sexual abuse. The crowd then marched over to the office of Dean Jack Knott, according to multiple live-streams of the protest.

Met by security guards, the protesters demanded to see Dean Knott. It is unclear if they intended to occupy the building. After a roughly five-minute standoff, security guards allowed Dean Knott greet the protesters, but did not allow students in the building.

“What [Professor Moore] sent was extremely inappropriate, hurtful, insensitive. We are going to try to do everything we can to try to create a better school, to educate the faculty,” said Dean Knott to the crowd.

He then announced that USC would take action.

“This is going to be a multi-pronged effort. We are going to have a faculty meeting later this week around implicit bias, sensitivity towards [sexual assault]….” he said

Saying “accusers sometimes lie” is like saying “Saturday follows Friday”. Yet the Dean at Moore’s school was able to cry “Cuckadoodle doo!” to his students as he promised swift punishment because the poor, poor students had to hear Truth.

Moore is a man, and did a manly thing. Knott, in the face of seven—count ’em!—seven full brats cucked. All it took was seven measly snot-filled diaper walking temper tantrums for him to snivel and surrender. Good grief, what a culture.

Item BBC will have more gay characters in its shows to combat ‘heteronormative culture’

The BBC is going to increase the number of LGBT people appearing in its programmes and news output as part of new diversity reforms.

They will be “incidental” portrayals, meaning that their sexuality is not part of a storyline or directly relevant to a news item.

Off-screen and off-air, LGBT staff will be encouraged to “bring their whole self to work” and be open about their sexuality.

Other recommendations include the use of non-binary pronouns used by staff where appropriate, and a network of “straight allies” who will announce their status with pin badges or special email signatures.

They are included in a new report based on a survey of LGBT staff attitudes, which found that many perceived the corporation to have a “heteronormative culture”.

It has been pointed out that Nature is “heteronormative”. Heteronormativity is, after all, another name for Reality.

But here we have the BBC, funded by a mandatory TV tax, promising to push perversity propaganda to combat Nature and Reality. It is, as was pointed out in our midweek special Doom edition, only a short step before mandatory quotas of each favored perversity are required not only on TV, but in textbooks, classrooms, and so on.

The good news, for us curmudgeons, is that propaganda works. Welcoming attitudes to perversity will increase. As will the acts themselves.

Of course, all you have to do in this case is turn off the source. One small click for man, one giant service to mankind. Won’t happen.

Item Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown

Huge reductions in meat-eating are essential to avoid dangerous climate change, according to the most comprehensive analysis yet of the food system’s impact on the environment. In western countries, beef consumption needs to fall by 90% and be replaced by five times more beans and pulses.

This item is only interesting for the latest hobgoblin phrase “climate breakdown” to describe global cooling. No, wait. Global warming.

So. If the climate “breaks down”, what would be left? A non-climate? I despair.

October 19, 2018 | 6 Comments

The AGU Completes Its Transformation Into A Fully Political Organization

There is nothing special about the AGU, readers will understand. All Science, and even math, as we saw, is heading down the road most political.

Headline: How Will We Address the Lack of Gender Diversity in AGU Medals, Awards and Prizes?

Earlier this week, we proudly announced the recipients of the 2018 Union Medals, Awards and Prizes. These distinguished individuals are recognized for the excellence and impact of their work, and for exemplifying AGU’s mission to promote discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity. However, a demographic analysis of AGU’s most prestigious honorees reveals that women are under-represented when controlling for career stage and other factors.

Over the past few years, volunteers who lead our Honors & Recognition efforts have endeavored to move the needle…Strides have also been made to improve recognition of our international colleagues. But inequity in honors remains…

For context, 20% of PhDs in Earth, atmospheric and ocean sciences in the U.S. in 1995 (which we use as a tentative benchmark for the cohort now being recognized with honors) went to women. More research on this topic is needed. [Because counting is difficult?]

AGU = American Geophysical Union. Judging by the rhetoric (more is to come below), they are a political organization devoted to pushing the soul- and civilization-destroying Equality Ideology. They do this by means of extracting money from government, and then using a portion of these proceeds to hector its members into giving gifts to women (and surely soon other non-white-Christian-men).

Some of the money is also used to promulgate and push the government’s theories of Science, theories which, for some reason, always require greater government size and control to manage. There is a therefore a tremendous conflict of interest of people who use the AGU to prise money loose from the government. Like the man said, all scientists believe in confirmation bias, they just believe it always happens to the other guy.

People who belong to the AGU obviously embrace these ideologies—Equality and Placating Government—and support them. If they did not support and embrace these ideologies, they would not be members of this voluntary association. Right?

Women are not being nominated in sufficient numbers across most award categories. The Council Leadership Team noted in a recent review of honors that women were particularly underrepresented in the medal category; six of the 13 medals in 2018 did not receive a single female nominee.

The ordinary person reading this would conclude men outperform women at the top of geophysics. Why men (at the top) do this could be related to their demonstrably better spatial and quantitative reasoning, perhaps. Why geophysics is interesting and worthy of honoring with awards is another question. Maybe there are better things on which to spend one’s time? Maybe not.

While there was a paucity of nominations of women this year for Union medals, many factors are influencing the results, including implicit bias throughout the process and undue reliance on existing networks…And yet, recent data from our own publications shows that papers submitted to AGU journals with a woman as first author have a higher acceptance rate. Our community is not properly recognizing the great work women do in the same way that we notice the great work of men.

Or, again, it could be that there more men than women at the top of geophysics.

So, what can we do?

I won’t hold you in suspense. The answer is quotas. The answer is always mandated, monitored, and enforced quotas.

* Expand the pool of nominations:… This approach has already been used successfully by several Sections for their Fellows nominations and for their Section awards, with clear results of increasing nominations of women.

* Address implicit bias in the process: In 2019 implicit bias training will become part of the selection committee process…

As your president and president-elect, we are committed to addressing and overcoming the underlying causes of gender inequity in honors and recognition…

One step many of us can take for the next honors cycle is to nominate a woman you admire…

Line up, fellas. Get ready for your reeducation. But do not despair! Memorizing and regurgitating ideology is far, far, far easier than thinking about geophysics.

October 18, 2018 | 6 Comments

Proof Education Is Bad For You

Headline The Age That Women Have Babies: How a Gap Divides America

First-time mothers are older in big cities and on the coasts, and younger in rural areas and in the Great Plains and the South. In New York and San Francisco, their average age is 31 and 32. In Todd County, S.D., and Zapata County, Tex., it’s half a generation earlier, at 20 and 21, according to the analysis, which was of all birth certificates in the United States since 1985 and nearly all for the five years prior…

The difference in when women start families cuts along many of the same lines that divide the country in other ways, and the biggest one is education. Women with college degrees have children an average of seven years later than those without — and often use the years in between to finish school and build their careers and incomes.

People with a higher socioeconomic status “just have more potential things they could do instead of being a parent, like going to college or grad school and having a fulfilling career,” said Heather Rackin, a sociologist at Louisiana State University who studies fertility. “Lower-socioeconomic-status people might not have as many opportunity costs — and motherhood has these benefits of emotional fulfillment, status in their community and a path to becoming an adult.”

Here is it in pictures. Age of first birth in 1980:

Age of first birth in 2016:

The scooping out of data of women in their 20s is caused by education. Not education, of course, but the encampment at degree-producing centers.

At least with a degree you have earned the privilege to sit in a soul-sucking cubicle and devote your life to creating meaningless PowerPoint “decks.”