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Author: Briggs

December 9, 2018 | 1 Comment

Summary Against Modern Thought: Instantaneous Knowledge of God

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More clues about how God fattens our intellects. Not through our reason, but by gifts, as it were.


1 Now that we have shown that the created intellect, seeing the divine substance, understands all the species of things in God’s very substance, and that whatever things are seen by one species must be seen at once and by one vision, since a vision corresponds to the principle of the vision, it necessarily follows that the intellect which sees the divine substance contemplates all things at once and not in succession.

2 Again, the highest and perfect felicity of intellectual nature consists in the vision of God, as we showed above. But felicity is not a matter of habit but of act, since it is the ultimate perfection and the ultimate end. So, of the things that are seen through the vision of the divine substance, whereby we are made blessed, all are seen actually. Therefore, one is not first and then another later.

Notes Sounds like induction-intuition, eh? Which is better than reason, which has to work things our step by step. See paragraph 4 especially.

3 Besides, when each thing reaches its ultimate end it rests, for all motion is in order to attain an end. Now, the ultimate end of the intellect is the vision of the divine substance as we showed above. So, the intellect seeing the divine substance is not moved from one intelligible object to another. Therefore, it considers actually at once all the things that it knows through this vision.

4 Moreover, the intellect knows all the species of things in the divine substance, as is clear from what has been said. Now in some genera there are infinite species, for example, of numbers, figures, and proportions. So, the intellect sees an infinity of things in the divine substance. But it could not see all of these unless it saw them at once, for it is impossible to pass through an infinity of things. Therefore, all that the intellect sees in the divine substance must be seen at once.

5 Hence, what Augustine says, in Book XV of The Trinity: “Our thoughts will not then be fleeting, going to and fro from some things to others, but we shall see all our knowledge in one single glance.”

December 8, 2018 | 8 Comments

The Week In Doom — Nadless Mark Hamill Edition

Item Lulu and Nana: First genetically modified babies born in China, researcher says

How were Lulu’s and Nana’s genes modified? The inner life of cells is difficult to explain without jargon, but He Jiankui (himself a father of two girls) does a fairly commendable job. He said an egg from the twins’ mother, Grace, was fertilised artificially with sperm from their HIV-positive dad. Along with the sperm, He’s team “also sent in a little bit of protein and instructions for a gene surgery,” one that “removed the doorway through which HIV enters to infect people”. A test conducted before the embryos were implanted inside their mother showed the procedure had “worked safely, just as intended”.

Now I’m not saying this didn’t happen, but I am saying it’s China, and stories from that great country often resemble those from once-Soviet countries. If it did happen, how many babies did he have to cycle through before he got two that worked? And do I read the story right the one baby he edited one way, the second another? Isn’t that odd? That plus some other curious ways the media are putting it make be doubt.

After I wrote the above, it was reported the fellow in question has “gone missing“, which is Chinese for sayonara, baby.

Item Columbia University Promotes Letting Students Grade Themselves

According to a Columbia University PowerPoint presentation Trusting Students to Assess Themselves, inclusive grading starts by “trusting students to assess themselves.”…

Teachers don’t know how to grade or don’t want to take the time.

Not to worry. Columbia university will ask students to sign a pledge card so they won’t cheat. That’s sure to fix everything.?

I know, I know; who cares, right? I do, only for this bold prediction: within two years of implementing this, if if happens, we’ll see a movement to guilt white students into giving themselves failed grades. STEM whites will ignore the demands, mostly, while cucked majors will see a sea of Ds. You heard it here first.

Item In the #MeToo era, theologians publish ‘Women’s Bible’

Tired of seeing their holy texts used to justify the subjugation of women, a group of feminist theologians from across the Protestant-Catholic divide have joined forces to draft “A Women’s Bible”.

As the #MeToo movement continues to expose sexual abuse across cultures and industries, some scholars of Christianity are clamouring for a reckoning with biblical interpretations they say have entrenched negative images of women.

The women we know from translations and interpretations of Bible texts are servants, prostitutes or saints, seen dancing for a king or kneeling to kiss Jesus’ feet…

“A lot of people thought they were completely outdated with no relevance to today’s values of equality,” the 33-year-old told AFP, standing under the towering sculptures of Jean Calvin and other Protestant founders on the University of Geneva campus…

Parmentier points to a passage in the Gospel of Luke, in which Jesus visits two sisters, Martha and Mary.

“It says that Martha ensures the “service”, which has been interpreted to mean that she served the food, but the Greek word diakonia can also have other meanings, for instance it could mean she was a deacon,” she pointed out.

First note the dateline. Quelle suprise, n’est-ce pas? Second, women “servicing” men also had other denotations that did not mean deacon. Such as wife.

Besides, there was no Church then and perforce no deacons, because none then knew what Jesus was about to do.

“We are fighting against a literal reading of the texts,” Parmentier said, pointing for instance to letters sent by Saint Paul to nascent Christian communities.

Reading passages from those letters, which could easily be construed as radically anti-feminist, as instructions for how women should be treated today is insane, she said.

“It’s like taking a letter someone sends to give advice as being valid for all eternity.”

God bless Saint Paul.

Item Video shows explosion at border agent’s gender-reveal party that sparked Arizona wildfire

My entry for the Most 2018 Headline.

Item Mark Hamill calls for an end to electing male leaders

“Star Wars” star Mark Hamill declared Tuesday that it’s time to stop electing men to leadership roles in government.

The liberal actor, best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” franchise, told his nearly 3 million Twitter followers that he’s ready to let women “take charge completely.”

“For centuries, men have had their chance to rule government with middling-to-poor results,” Mr. Hamill wrote.

“Who’s ready to let women take charge completely? Just women. I know I am,” he said.

We believe, Mark; we believe you.

Meanwhile, if women ruled everywhere, we’d have a new war every 28 days.

(I know, I know. This Doom wasn’t from last week. I still have a huge Doom backlog.)

December 7, 2018 | 7 Comments

Woke Nature

It has been deemed as unscientific to say that a person’s genitals determines their sex. Genes, too, have been disallowed as scientific evidence. Nature says so, and they are the preeminent science authority in the world.

How long before we see a geneticist, with black eyes and swollen face, of his own “free will”, announce on the slave-control box that he denounces the unscientific belief in sexual reproduction?

Well, if neither genitals or genes count, what does determine sex, or gender, then?

Does it matter? Once we disallow the truth, what differences does the lie that replaces it make? None, if the goal is getting people to accept the lie not because it’s a lie, but because it isn’t the truth.

We know that’s definitely the goal here when they say, “The idea that science can make definitive conclusions about a person’s sex or gender is fundamentally flawed.”

Now, brothers and sisters, I ask you how you came to be here today. Not to this site, which is the sure choice of all wise men and women. No: how did you yourself come to be? If you don’t know, ask your mother and father.

The answer they supply you with would have, until last week, have been deemed a definite scientific conclusion about your parents’ sex.

No longer, bigots.

Nature, true their new post-scientific selves, did not stop with calling sexual reproduction an affront to equality, and a denial of those who cannot use the “lavatory of their choice”. No, sir. They also want all scientific research teams to increase their sexual diversity.

Diversity in gender expression, which is to say, in variations of non-reproductive simulated sexual activities, “helps to produce stronger research”.


You bigot. That’s how. (There’s a paper behind this, naturally, which if I can read through without retching, we’ll analyze on another day.)

They say “Scientists must also analyse how sex and gender shape the questions they ask and the methods they use to reach scientific insights”.

Borrowing from Wikipedia’s open physics problems page, is it possible to construct, in the mathematically rigorous framework of algebraic QFT, a theory in 4-dimensional spacetime that includes interactions and does not resort to perturbative methods from a team of penisless scientists identifying as male?

What relationship is there between lesbians who occasionally like men and Standard Model bosons and the set of all gauge superpartners?

Can we say why is gravity such a weak force? Does it have anything to do with all men being potential rapists?

Can the acceptance of necrophilia as a sexual orientation answer whether the mass of neutrinos follow Dirac or Majorana statistics?

“The question is no longer what the benefits of diversity are, but how we can best support the potential benefits of diversity,” says one of the Perspective’s authors, Mathias Wullum Nielsen, who studies gender in science at Aarhus University in Denmark. For example, he says, newcomers to a scientific field often ask original research questions. And, although friction can arise from different perspectives and ideas in research teams, those same approaches can spark innovative endeavours.

The logical mistake, one common in our Current Year, is equating original with good. How adding those with gender dysphoria to a team of quantum chemists will increase the rate of good questions about reaction rates is supposed to work we are not told. We are never told. It is accepted as true. It is insisted upon.

Yet it’s a better bet injecting mentally confused individuals onto research teams will only increase unique questions, not good ones.

Nature closes—the very last sentence!—with one purported benefit: “almost half of the proposals submitted to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in 2011 included gender and sex analysis.”

Did you really think science could hold out forever against the forces of insanity and doom (to coin a phrase) that have gripped Western progressives?

December 6, 2018 | 7 Comments

Who Needs The Temple Mount? — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Who needs that silly Temple Mount? For years, I’ve held that there were three things needed for the Evangelical Rapturists to get their death-wish. Death for you and me that is. Those three things are the acceptable sacrifice, the acceptable High Priest and last but certainly not least, the acceptable place of true worship. And, believe it or not, the Rapturists are on the cusp of achieving all this.

Yes, they’ve done everything in their power to get us to the point of no return, where the eventual occurrence of Armageddon appears, causing us to disappear, in a big mushroom cloud of hellfire. But not before the Rapturists get to use their get-out-of-jail-free card, of course. And just in time. They’ll have their seats ready in the big sky-box for the Main Event. They’ll even have time to go to the concession stand and load up with (all-beef) hot dogs and drinks, and have everything a good Muslim would want.

Do I equate Rapturists with Muslims? Well, yes, in a way. But for now, I’m just noticing the similarity of their respective views of the Temple Mount. Oh yeah, and Heaven too, by the way. The endless buffet and the big finale floor show. And no matter what they’ve done on earth, they get a free pass, because they have done the will of Allah. Which, of course, is to see to the destruction of all the kafirs. You know, the un-believers. Infidels. You and me. Well, me at least.

Why me? Because I don’t associate Allah with the God of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Or Jesus. Maybe you do, but that’s your problem. Sure, they’ll let you live, if you want to convert to Islam. Or at least, pay the jizyah tax for those weak-kneed ‘People of The Book‘. You know, Islam for Dhimmies. People who are willing to say Abraham blessed Ishmael instead of Isaac. But it ain’t me, babe.

It’s funny, isn’t it? You know how in Islam the end is marked by the return of Isa. Isa? You know, Jesus. Not Mohammed. Weird. You’d think Mohammed would get top billing, but no. It’s Jesus, right there in the Koran. You have read the Koran, right? No? Well, you’d better get busy, because there’s a test on this stuff. Islam 101. Pop quiz, coming up! Here’s one of the question: Who would be willing to die before yielding possession of the Temple Mount? That’s right, every devout Muslim. You’d literally have to kill them all, it seems. And who’s willing to help them die? The Rapturists, of course.

The Rapturists are making headway on this idea of the slaughter of Islam. George II was brilliant, you know. Just pull out the control rod (Saddam Hussein) and watch the old reactor melt down. Sunni vs Shiite vs Kurd. Anyone who paid attention to post-Tito Yugoslavia understood the lesson to be learned. George learned it. And applied it. In order to get to the top of the Temple Mount.

Don’t believe me?

You do know where George goes to Church, right? He goes to that Big Box church in San Antonio. Pastored by John Hagee. The same guy that re-bred The Red Heifer. What am I talking about? Hell, actually. Or at least a version of it. The Rapturist Armageddon version. Hell for thee, but not for me. Plenty of Americans are rapturists. And plenty of them are positioned to bring us to the brink. Highly positioned. It wasn’t just George. No, it’s all his buddies who still staff a lot of the Imperial war machinery.

Have you noticed the interesting nexus of power in Colorado Springs? You know, the center of American Evangelical/Pentecostal organizations, like Focus on the Family. It’s also the center of our Imperial military control (Fort Carson and the big man-cave under Cheyenne Mountain). The only place with three Air Force bases, and where all American dark-ops are centered. Even the Coast Guard intercepts are directed from there.

So what? I’ll tell you so what: there’s a large number of American top-brass that are true believers in Evangelical/Pentecostal reverence to the modernist concept of the supposed Judeo-Christian tradition. As expressed in the dispensationalist concept of The Rapture.

Yes, a number of these Generals have been ‘retired’ for their views. But there’s a lot of Colonels left that hold these same beliefs. I know a number of them. And Colonels are where the coups come from. Not that we’re there yet, but my minor point here is about the nexus of power and faith that exists in Colorado Springs. That same power and faith can affect all of us, whether we believe like them or not. Why? Because the only true Judeo-Christian tradition is the persecution of the Church at the hands of Caesar, as advised by his Jewish lenders (and wives). Neither of these two camps is very friendly to the Original Church.

I know what you’re thinking. Who says the Catholic Church is the same as the original Church? Well, let’s ask Alexa. Ask her who the founder of Methodism is. Ask who founded the Lutheran Church. Guess who she’ll say. Go through the whole list, from Anglican to Islam to Mormonism to Jehovah’s Witnesses, and she’ll tell you. She’ll name the man. The modern man. Then ask her who founded the Catholic Church. See what name she speaks.

Perhaps you think I’m being unkind and that I’m all over the map, with nothing particular in mind. But you’re wrong. Sure, I’m all over the place, but that’s only because I’m following the tracks. Tracks laid down all across the globe, but with specific purpose. These guys aren’t idiots, you know. Neither Muslims nor Rapturists (nor the Jews) are stupid. They’re just insane. There’s a very big difference. Very big.

Let’s look at what they all want, and then you tell me if they aren’t on a collision course that will involve all of us, whether we want it or not.

Let’s start with my first statement. Who needs the Temple Mount? Here’s where the trail leads. Those three things I mentioned above, when achieved, would constitute the necessary ingredients to re-establish Israel as a theocratic kingdom. That Kingdom would mark the end of that Rapturist concept known as Plan B (Original Christianity), by re-instating the Temple sacrifice of the Jewish nation. Sound crazy? Emperor Julian the Apostate thought well enough of the idea that he tried it once. It’s not a new idea.

This new Temple, of course, would also mark the end of the secular Israeli nation. The long and the short of it is this: all ‘real’ Christians (as Rapturists see themselves) will, functionally speaking, become Jews. Which, of course, is the opposite of what the Original Christians thought. And which explains why George (and his Imperial descendants) wouldn’t spend a nickel guarding the churches of the Chaldean and Assyrian Catholic Churches in Iraq. Yes, the oldest continuous Christian communities on earth, dating to the time of the Apostles. Now they’re gone. See any tears in Washington? Any in Colorado Springs?

How do I know Rapturism is the opposite of Original Christianity? Because all the original Christians were Jews. They weren’t trying to proselytize for Judaism. They left it! And they left behind a few Cliff Notes too, if you didn’t know it. Like the Gospel of John. I don’t know anyone who could characterize John the Apostle as wanting to remain Jewish. How Rapturists can read that gospel and still believe in the supposedly friendly ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’ is beyond me. Don’t blame me, I didn’t write that stuff.

Rapturists do believe (whether they know it or not) that God the Father was an idiot and that He wouldn’t foresee that the Jews would reject His Son. And that The Father then had to substitute the Church (Plan B) for Israel for a time while He figured out how to persuade the Jews to accept His Son. From the Evangelical perspective, the solution to God the Father’s dilemma is to get His Son to accept His own Judaism. Oy! Forget Jews for Jesus. It’s really Jesus for Jews! Which is why the State of Israel pays for all those free summertime trips to the Holy Land for young evangelicals. It’s quite effective, believe me.

Back to the hunt. In order to re-establish theocratic Israel, you need three things. We already have two of them. First, Pastor Hagee and his Texas billionaire buddies have succeeded in re-breeding The Red Heifer. The only acceptable sacrifice before Yahweh, in His Temple on Mt. Sion. No, the cow isn’t really red. It’s that rust-colored heifer that we all see as we drive throughout flyover country. All red. Which is to say, having not more than one black hair. See how useful all those Texas cattlemen are?

The second thing needed to re-establish theocratic Israel is an authentic High Priest. Since the census rolls were lost when the Temple burned in 70 AD, we can’t know for certain who’s a Levite and who’s not. Because, after all, only a Levite can be a priest. But we do have a clue: we can probably bet whoever gets picked will be named Kohan. Or Kohen. Or Cohen. It sure won’t be Korah. On second thought, maybe it will. In any event, Kohen is a safe bet. A direct descendant of Aaron, the brother of Moses and the first High Priest. The guy who built the Golden Calf. That’s what happens when you leave older brothers in charge, Moses.

Which Kohen to pick? No problemo, Señor. We’ll just ask the Sanhedrin which Kohen is kosher. But wait: wasn’t the Sanhedrin, the priestly council that ruled Israel, destroyed in 70 AD as well? Well, yes. But in 2004 it was re-established, although there is much controversy about its legitimacy. Which is par for the course on any subject in today’s Israel. Check it out: here’s Rabbi Baruch Kahane, the new Kohen Gadol (High Priest) of Israel. He’s ready to re-institute the Temple sacrifice on one week’s notice. Assuming, of course, that the way is clear to the Temple Mount.

Which brings us to the real point. If you want a theocratic Israel (and every Orthodox Jew and Evangelical Rapturist does), you gotta have The Temple Mount to make this thing work. Red heifer? Got it. High priest? Done. Temple mount? Sorry, schmuck, it’s still occupied. By those guys over there, who are busy reading their Daily Quran. They aren’t quite ready to leave. At least, not without a fight. That, of course, was the whole point of George’s Gulf Wars. Let’s get these crazy Muslims to kill one another, and then the way will be clear to ascend the Temple Mount and set up a new Tabernacle Tent while the Third Temple Construction Company gets to work on the final version of Mosaic worship. As directed by Talmudic Productions, Inc. Which is to say, get lost, Moses. We’re fine with Aaron. Got any gold you’d like to sell?

The best part of this crazy plan is how secular Jerusalem got stupid Uncle Sam to be the guy that wandered into the reactor room to pull the control rods out of the core. Nice bit of work there, buddy! Nice tan you got there! Oh wait, maybe that’s radiation burns. But, hey, no problem, right? After all, it was suffered in the name of the Judeo-Christian tradition, right? I’m sure you’ll be rewarded, big-time. Chump.

There was always a problem with the plan. The problem with this Hollywood production isn’t with the script, which is working out just fine. The problem in Hollywood, as always, is in the big-name actors. Specifically, their impatience. They just can’t wait out those decades that will be needed for all those Muslims to kill one another. Maybe we should have let the Iranians have the bomb, eh Sollie? Maybe we should just sell them some, instead of waiting for them to figure out the recipe on their own?

Anyway, the wait is killing these Sabras. Such a crime it was that Ariel Sharon never got to see Eretz Israel, and the final Temple! Oy vey, can’t we hurry this thing up? Can’t we just nuke all the Muslims and be done with them? Actually, no, Bubby. Because there are some folks who might nuke you back. Starting with Pakistan, and its Islamic Bomb. No need to worry, we think we have a solution!

What solution is that? The whole point of this ‘Judeo-Christian’ Plan-B-sponsored Islam-on-Islam civil war is to get unhindered access to the Temple Mount, correct? If that’s all you want, the answer is so simple. Move the goal posts.

That’s exactly what will happen. Just because the Dome of The Rock is atop the Western (Wailing) Wall doesn’t mean that is where the ancient sacrifice was performed. It simply means that The Rock was moved. Which it was, as everyone agrees. From where? From the original site, of course. Six hundred feet, more or less, from the actual location of the First (and Second) Temple.

That’s what I’m saying. The Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount above it are not the site of the Jewish Temples of Solomon and Herod. It’s actually the site of the Roman Legion’s base of operations in Jerusalem at the time of Christ. The current ‘temple mount’ is an approximately forty acre site once properly known as the Antonia Fortress, where the Imperial Roman Tenth Legion was stationed. The land area known today as the Temple Mount is the same size as most other Roman fortresses throughout the Empire. You can’t fit 6,000-plus men into some silly little tower that today’s ‘scholars’ tell they did. You need those forty acres. All of it.

This fortress, Josephus the Jewish eyewitness told us, was connected to the real Jewish Temple Mount by two 600 ft. sky-bridges that allowed the Romans to pour their 6,000 men into the Temple precinct at a moment’s notice, whenever the Jews got feisty. Which was quite often. Which was Pilate’s worst headache. Ask Jesus, he can tell you. And Josephus too.

Don’t believe me? Check it out, here and here and here. There’s lots more if you want.

The point is so simple, and so sweet. The Muslims got the departure point wrong. If Mohammed did actually ascend into Heaven on that cool steed, he didn’t do it from the spot atop the Western Wall. Or else he’s a fraud. Or both. Now everything gets simpler.

If the actual site of Solomon and Herod’s Temples was 600 ft. to the south of the spot everyone currently calls the Temple Mount, then we don’t need to clear out the Dome of the Rock or the El Aqsa Mosque to rebuild the Third Temple. Right? And we don’t need to wait another forty years for this Muslim Civil War to effectively kill off all the Muslims. Correct? And we don’t need to worry about Pakistan and her Islamic Bomb? Or Iran? Yep.

Let the Muslims keep that stupid Roman fort. The fort that is always shown as some little adjunct tower to the traditional renderings of the Temple that somehow housed the 6,000 men of the Tenth Legion (which, with support personnel, totaled almost 10,000 men). Check that red circle in the picture at the beginning of this article. You can’t fit 10,000 men into that thing. I love modern ‘scholarship‘, don’t you?

Now, all of the sudden, the Orthodox Jews may not need all those pesky American Plan-B Evangelicals to clear the Muslims (who are Plan-B Jews, if you really study the Koran) from that faux Temple Mount after all. All they may really need to re-establish theocratic Israel is a real smart real-estate guy. Somebody with deep pockets that can quietly buy up the ground south of the currently-supposed Temple Mount. Down there in what used to be called The City of David. What irony. Why wouldn’t Solomon have built the Temple in his father’s fortress? Right where Fr. Meagher would have told us it would be.

Who might that real-estate mogul be that is needed to speed up this process of re-establishing the animal sacrifice of the Jews, without exterminating all the Muslims? At least, not the Saudi’s? Somebody who knows his way around Jerusalem, for sure. Maybe somebody with a Jewish son-in-law? Maybe. Certainly, somebody who knows how to make a deal, don’t you think? And the chutzpah to do it. Just think, what if it led to a Middle East peace plan that satisfied Muslims and Jews alike? Wouldn’t that be a real interesting lead-in to the 2020 elections?

Who would be left out of this happy thought? The Rapturists, I’m afraid. Too bad. After all, what is the one thing Original Christians and Jews could agree on, if not that Jerusalem (and perhaps the rest of the world) needn’t be toasted by a premature Armageddon? Sure, it’s gonna come, sometime. But we don’t need to attempt to force His hand. He’ll do it when He’s good and ready. Not a moment before. Not a moment after. Let’s leave it to Him, eh? And, in the meantime, maybe we could have a little peace in the Mid-East. Such a nice thought! That is a real Judeo-Christian tradition I could live with. How about you?