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On That Penis Paper Causes Global Warming Hoax

The conceptual penis as a social construct” is a peer-reviewed paper by two fellows who used fake names, published in the journal Cogent Social Sciences.

The real authors were Peter Boghossian, an academic philosopher, and James A. Lindsay, a writer. They revealed the article to be a hoax in, of all places, Skeptic magazine.

It’s sufficient to quote just one paragraph from the hoax, which was in part produced using the Postmodern Generator.

We conclude that penises are not best understood as the male sexual organ, or as a male reproductive organ, but instead as an enacted social construct that is both damaging and problematic for society and future generations. The conceptual penis presents significant problems for gender identity and reproductive identity within social and family dynamics, is exclusionary to disenfranchised communities based upon gender or reproductive identity, is an enduring source of abuse for women and other gender-marginalized groups and individuals, is the universal performative source of rape, and is the conceptual driver behind much of climate change.

Now we all remember the Sokal Hoax, in which a similar barrage of preposterosities was published in the well regarded journal Social Text.

What happened as the result of the Sokal Hoax? Nothing. We all had a laugh, confirmed what we already knew about academia, and then…academia went on to sink ever lower into the abyss of illogical ravings. Social Text was revealed to be a joke, but it is still doing great business, thank you very much.

The same will happen to the penises-cause-climate-change article. We’ll have a warm chuckle, confirm to ourselves that academic “gender studies” is a fiction and a fraud…and academics will continue on just as if it never happened.

Strike that. For Sokal, looking away was sufficient. “Sokal who?” was the response of every responsible academic. But this is the Current Year and indifference isn’t possible. The inmates are hitting back. One of the authors highlights one example. Another author shows another.

It’s nice to be able to agree with Jerry Coyne, and I do so now. Coyne discovered a strain of blue-badged Twitteratti who are calling the penis paper “transphobic” and “bigoted and disgusting”. Never mind the penis paper lifted most of its content from the very field it was spoofing. That the hoax occurred at all is what was “problematic.”

We’ll stand by here at the blog to see how far this attack escalates. We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that (a) the hoax will be called a patriarchal conspiracy, and (b) academics will argue that penises really do exacerbate global warming.

It’s not wonder the penis paper was not caught by peer review. Consider, for instance, this peer-reviewed article. Before giving it’s title, recall to your mind the many times Yours Truly predicted that in order to disprove one’s own “homophobia” one would have to report actual experience with sodomy, or to pronounce oneself willing to have such experiences.

Teaching Men’s Anal Pleasure: Challenging Gender Norms with ‘Prostage’ Education” by Jonathan Branfman and Susan Ekberg Stiritz in the mainstream journal American Journal of Sexuality Education (coincidentally the same publishers as the penis paper). From the Abstract:

To help students critique sex/gender norms, sexuality educators should address men’s anal pleasure. Men’s anal receptivity blurs accepted binaries like male/female, masculine/feminine, and straight/queer. By suppressing men’s receptivity, the taboo against men’s anal pleasure helps legitimize hegemonic sex/gender beliefs—and the sexism, homophobia, and male dominance they encourage. Conversely, by deconstructing men’s anal taboo and creating a new language of anal pleasure—“prostage” (pro-STAHJ)—educators can help students challenge restrictive gender norms.

You have to love that the authors felt the need for the phonetic spelling of prostage.

I owe the remaining examples to @RealPeerReview. All articles are peer-reviewed.

The point is, we could go on all day, all night, all tomorrow, all tomorrow night, and et cetera, and never run out of these fantasies. Our exposing them, and your “awareness being raised” about them, will do nothing to stem their flow.

The only way to stop these things is by the forcible removal of these authors from academia. And that is not going to happen.

What’s With Elites Eating People? Katy Perry’s New Video—And More!

John Podesta’s office. Source

So it looks like singer Katy Perry enjoys eating people. Not raw, which would represent an old-fashioned and suburban sort of cannibalism. But prepared in various artistic ways set to annoying, simplistic (but lucrative) music.

That eating people is cool appears to be the message in her new video Bon Appétit, which opens with somebody writing in what might be blood. Then flashes a neon “NSFW”, which (if you don’t know) stands for Not Safe For Work. And it isn’t. It’s probably not safe for any under fifty.

Some knife-sharpening chefs approach our nearly nude, plastic-wrapped piece of pop celebrity, cut her out of her packaging, and then dust her with seasoned flour as you might do with a chicken. In a horror-pornographic scene, the chefs ensure the seasoning is well rubbed in. The horror comes from the way Perry’s skin is torn from her body.

A bouquet garni and Perry are next dumped into a simmering broth and the chefs carefully baste Perry’s pertinents. A close up ensures we don’t miss the technique.

Tongue, as all cooks know, can be tough. Which is why Perry has hers blow-torched, presumably to soften it. Look how it sizzles! The chef tasting it approves, kissing his fingers in the French manner.

The cooking over, Perry as main course is wheeled into a room of elites and displayed. For the first time are seen “rappers”, who sing into one of those contraptions that make human voices sound robotic. They wave their arms (money in fists) and prepare for the repast.

Lips are licked in anticipation by the elites. But they are tricked! Ropes mysteriously appear and bind them the elites to their chairs, while a pole emerges from where Perry is laying. She, of course, rises to straddle the pole (the rappers throw money).

The elites, whose stomachs have been cheated, are blindfolded and dusted with what looks like one of those expensive, hip salts that are fun to tell people how much they cost. The elites are stripped; apples are stuffed in their mouths, and they are otherwise processed. The chefs are splattered with blood.

The elites who thought they were going to chow down on some prime flesh are turned into a Pied Piper pie. Arms, ears, and various other body parts stick up through the crust. And Perry sits, napkin in place, knife and fork at the ready.

Though Perry’s bizarre video might seem a rare instance, this sort of fascination with the consuming of human flesh hasn’t been as popular since the Aztecs.

Remember spirit cooking? One of the highlights of the World’s Best Presidential Election.

Memory aid: Friend and adviser to Hillary’s campaign Tony Podesta was invited to a “spirit cooking dinner” by a “performance artists” named Marina Abramovic. According to Abramovic, whose work involves a lot of stripping off and bug-eyed staring, spirit meal preparation uses a slurry of bodily fluids non-elites typically put to their proper purposes or flush down the commode. But then most people don’t have the sort of sophisticated artistic temperament of our elite.

Abramovic also showed up at the 2011 Museum of Contemporary Art Annual Gala. There, her and another pop celebrity had their nude bodies reproduced in cake effigies, which were cut up—dismembered is the better phrase—and served to wealthy elite donors. A video of the event shows these donors had a ton of fun pretending they were eating people parts.

And how about that sophisticated video Monster, a collaboration between several people who stopped their music lessons early; folks such as Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Bon Iver.

This little piece of art (their word for it) opens with dead girls hanging from chains. The music has the obligatory profane lyrics, of course, and sounds like what would be produced by giving a bratty kid a destruction set and cheap tape recorder. I wasn’t able to listen to the whole thing, because my speaker started smoking and caught fire (green flames) thirty seconds in.

The zombies who appear at a window must have got wind somebody was cooking. But a large not undead fellow saved a dead girl for himself and showed no signs of sharing his meal with the horde. Some maids, though, cleverly kept one of the courses (a young white man) for themselves in the kitchen.

Well, it goes on and on, and different viewers will have different moments they identify as the ones which prove the end of Western Civilization. The fellow in black glasses hinting about sexual intercourse with a naked dead girl on a couch behind him was my marker. But the Blonde Bombshell made a good case for the scene in which another rapper nonchalantly holds a severed head. You be the judge.

Now every one of the people in these videos and events is famous. They are welcomed everywhere. They are even recommended to the children. All are well remunerated for their role in leading people to Hell. But given their increase, you have to wonder if these videos ever become more than pretend.

Bonus This video doesn’t seem to count, because it’s a creature eating a person.

Manchester Murders Open Thread

How’s this for an argument? Forced and enforced diversity is our weakness. Diversity kills. Since it is obvious to even the meanest intellect that diversity is our weakness and that diversity kills, we have to ask why our leaders constantly and consistently push it on us.

One conclusion is that our leaders desire weakness and death.

This follows if we accept our leaders have intellects that rise above the mean, an observation we are assured is true for our dear leaders.

I write this immediately after the news broke, so I am not able to identify the first hand-wringer who will begin whining about “Islamophobia” and “racism”. The latter cry is utterly idiotic since, as all but the indoctrinated know, Muslims aren’t a race. Fear of Islam is rational and not irrational, so “-phobia” is also asinine. Any who use that phrase non-ironically is lost.

Now I know we have several Muslim readers of this blog, so I await their “condemnation” of this slaughter, and that it in no way represents any large-scale, historical, or consistent form of Islam.

Sky News reported PM May “condemned” the attack. I have fifty bucks says she will not (in the next month) ask to close England’s borders. Hell, make it a thousand.

We’ve already heard (I write at 10:30 pm EST) from many celebrities, too, who are “saddened” or who have shed “tears” over—and here is that deadly word—tragedy. Tragedy forsooth! As if the murders were a natural occurrence like a tornado or tsunami! None can bring themselves to call it what it is: attack, murder, battle in a war.

And don’t we have a mayor in London who asks his citizens to live with terror, murder, and wanton killings as if they share the same unamendable causes as bad weather? The answer is yes, we do. Sadiq Khan: London mayor says terror attacks ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city.

That level of decadence cannot be overcome easily, or at all. Every reader who thinks voting will be the cure for what ails cities like London, countries like France and USA, and in general the West, raise your hand? One…two…three—stop! I’m surprised there are any. There is optimism triumphing over experience for you.

“So what are you saying, Briggs?”

I am saying the West is doomed. Once it gave up Christianity, it gave up its soul. It thought it could replace its soul with…well, nothing. Cheerfulness, money, fancy restaurants, God knows. And forced and enforced diversity.

Diversity (in this political sense) means mandatory uniformity. Thus, forced and enforced diversity assumes other peoples (non-Westerners) can be talked out of their religion and beliefs and made to accept the Gospel of Relaxation (Stove’s phrase). What happens when peoples merely being translated from A to B keep, and even cherish to a larger extent at B than A, their previous beliefs?

Diversity mavens have no answer except to screech and scream at folks who point out hate facts like this. This explains why diversites (you heard me: diversites) are angrier at fellow Westerners than at murderers. The murderers aren’t, after all, telling the diversites their most beloved belief is wrong, while fellow hate-fact quoting Westerners are. And who likes to be told they’re wrong? Besides, a few murders here and there might have other explanations. Like from “hatred” “emanating” mysteriously from hate-fact quoting Westerners.

If nothing else, this proves over-credentialing is harmful. Give somebody a “degree” in “X studies” (where X does not matter) and they will believe they know all there is to know on most subjects, and will not countenance any kind of correction.

Now I have never heard of this singer Grande, and have no idea why the murderer chose her concert. There are rumors that it was because this Grande is supportive of those who enjoy non-teleological sexual activities (the LGBT “community”—community, as if these suffering people are themselves from another land!). Wiki confirms this “support”. But then what major pop musical figure doesn’t evince the same “support”? So that explanation doesn’t sing.

Effects. The immediate effect will be all sorts of useless nothings, like vaporous hashtags, Facebook image tinting, threatless and effeminate condemnations, cries of Islamophobia, cries of racism, oaths of fealty to Diversity.

Long-term effects will be an increase in the surveillance state, more restrictions on our liberty in order to avoid “discrimination”, and absolutely no change in any policy which would in any way eliminate the root cause. Indeed, the opposite will be true.

And so I say again, we are doomed.

Note the time on the tweet.

The Caine Mutiny Presidency

Stream: The Caine Mutiny Presidency

We’re past the Flight 93 Election. This is now The Caine Mutiny presidency.

The United States is the USS Caine, sailing into stormy seas. President Trump is Humphrey Bogart’s Captain Queeg, the erratic, touchy leader who might be insane. Ross Douthat is Fred MacMurray’s Communications Officer and sea lawyer Thomas Keefer, a man determined to prove Queeg is paranoid.

The only question is whether Mike Pence will step into Van Johnson’s role of Executive Officer Stephen Maryk and remove Trump from his office. Douthat (as Keefer) is calling for Pence and Congress to do just that, on the grounds that President Trump is mentally unfit for office.

If you haven’t seen the movie, there are spoilers galore coming, so if you want to have full enjoyment, stop reading now, or switch to the New York Times for a real-time reenactment.

In Caine, new skipper Queeg arrives and begins to instill some much-needed discipline on a ship grown soft. The crew, and notably Keefer, chafe at the by-the-book orders. The exceptions are XO Maryk and newly arrived Ensign Willie Keith (played by Robert Francis), men who know the best ship only has one captain.

But here is Douthat—or rather Keefer—who interprets everything Queeg does through the lens of abnormal psychology. Keith and Maryk blow off Keefer’s insistent insinuations at first, but Keefer is relentless. He argues Queeg is paranoid, mentally unfit for duty. Under Keefer’s barrage of evidence, even young Keith becomes convinced Queeg has lost his mind. Queeg even has more scoops of strawberries and ice cream than the officers! Notified of Navy regulation “Article 184” by Keefer, XO Maryk relieves a seemingly incapacitated Queeg of duty during the height of a typhoon.

Maryk is then court martialed under the (automatic) charge of mutiny. This is the most dramatic part of the movie.

Many recall the brilliant scene in which defense lawyer Lt. Barney Greenwald (Jose Ferrer) “torpedoes” Queeg, who is left in shambles, an incoherent mess rolling marbles in his hands. Maryk is acquitted.

The movie would seem to be over. The trial proved beyond doubt Keefer’s fears were justified. Maryk is a hero for saving the ship! Yet the camera lingers.

There are the officers celebrating the acquittal when in walks a drunk Greenwald and we come to the real denouement.

Greenwald reveals he had to destroy Queeg, a flawed and now broken man who had done his best to serve the country, because “the wrong man was on trial.” He brings us back through Keefer’s evidence of Queeg’s “paranoia.” This shows Keefer to be the real villain, the true “author of the mutiny.” Keefer’s bumbling psychological diagnosis and his incessant badgering caused the men to turn on Queeg. If Keefer and the other officers had showed the loyalty due to their captain, the tragedy never would have occurred.


Steam on over to the USS Stream and read the rest. Then send to a friend!

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