Charlottesviille Open Thread

I was cloistered all yesterday, so I missed everything. I’ll let you tell me what happened. Notable tweets.

Anybody know why the driver did it?

Update An interesting take. See also the USA Coup series.


  1. The city set the protestors up in numerous ways, and should be easily sued, if there is still such a thing ax a fair trial (doubtful). I was watching multiple live streams of the event by the alt-righters right at the front lines. It amazes me that the Left is lying about thimgs that are easily dispelled by video evidence. The rallyers gave no indication of violent intent the morning of the protest, they were calm, happy, marched very innocently. Antifa showed up and caused a minor kerfuffle with pepper spray, the city illegally proclaimed it an unlawful assembly, and forced Alt-Righters out by paths where Antifa were assembled to harass them. The Alt-Righters were threatened with arrest no matter whither they retreated, and BLM, Antifa, etc. hounded them. The press, including Fox, in one of the most Orwellian and obviously coordinated propaganda putsches I’ve ever seen, universally blamed the violence only on “White Supremists” (which none of them are; And even if “White Nationalist” is technically accurate for most, they are nothing like the past connotations of that term). It would be more accurate to say that the climate of violence, and all the initial violence, was the result of coordinaation between far-left city/state government and far-left shock troops.

    The car crash and the chopper crash are both odd and shrouded in conflicting reports. I’m sure the Official Story will wind up being whatever can best be spun against the Alt-Right.

  2. Liberal governor declared a state of emergency and ordered out the national guard. Who apparently didn’t show up.

    Liberal city manager (not mayor) declared state of emergency, yet did not order the police to intervene.

    Police stayed back, allowing the communists/fascists who claim to be anti-fascists (ctrl-left) to blatantly harass and attack the lawful, peaceful protesters (alt-right). The police then declared the entire mob an ‘unlawful assembly’, and ordered everyone to disperse, before the planned speakers had a chance to say a word. alt-right organized then got on bullhorns and twitter to recommend that everybody go home, to avoid escalating violence.

    Note that alt-right arrived armed with shields and pepper spray because of numerous prior incidents this year when alt-right rallies were attacked by armed ctrl-leftists. Notice the media accounts only describing the lawfully assembled (and permitted) alt-right as being ‘heavily armed’, while ignoring the ctrl-left prepared violence.

    Please note that the alt-right is uniformly derided as “white supremacists”, and the ctrl-left lauded as “anti-racists” in the media accounts, who make it sound as if the alt-right started the fights.

    Some jerkwad rammed a car into a crowd of ctrl-left thugs, with obvious intent to kill and main. Please note the visible communist and black lives matter signs. So far, one dead, numerous (I’ve seen as high as 19) injured.

    DOJ and FBI are looking for excuses to file civil rights charges against the driver, and against any alt-right marchers who can be identified as defending themselves against the ctrl-left “counter-protesting” attackers.

    Please note, again, that the numerous police in the vicinity did nothing to prevent or contain the violence, showing either gross incompetence or orders to passively/covertly aid the ctrl-left. They allowed the rally to be attacked and descend into mob violence so that they could then declare everyone present to be an “unlawful assembly”.

  3. If you don’t hear about why he has done it, changes are the reason why doesn’t fit the frame. A recurring pattern, really, easier to spot with lots of jihadist attacks and the occasional accident.

  4. So the Dems order police to stand down and wait for Antifa to instigate violence so that the police can move in and shut down a permitted assembly. Sounds an awful lot like what the Nazis did to Poland. Same tactic.

  5. Well Ye Olde you’ve already capitulated because you actually give a flip what name they call you. You play into their hands.

    And besides, nazi is in the eye of the beholder. For me the most vicious nazis around are the nitwits running academia. You know, the authors of bs control tactics like “white privilege” and “microagressions.” They like to go by the name “liberals” or “progressives.” And of course we can’t forget their “antifa” brown shirts. How’s that nickname for a fine example of leftist projection?

    They twitter guy was right. They’ll call you nazi, or whatever else, no matter what you do. Step 1 is not letting the alynskiite slanders matter to you one fig. They have no plan B, after all.

  6. Amazing that even the Aussie press is jumping on the “Trump didn’t specifically condemn the ‘white supremecists'” bandwagon. Yes, a white identity type mowed down protesters of the opposite camp, killing at one at the time of writing. Never mind the leftist that shot a bunch of Republicans not too long ago, or BLMers who constantly chant for death to all cops (including one chap who enacted this) etc etc etc. Meanwhile many, many black lives were extinguiished over the weekend in lovely inner cities such as Chicago and Detroit, by people of similar skin tones. But yes, one lone white whacko must be focused on at all costs!

    Does the left even begin to understand that it has sown the seeds of its own destruction through all the post modernist BS? Is anyone sane even vaguely surprised that the far right is starting to kick back?

    The media is as much to blame for stirring this frenzy endlessly. I would say it is time for them to embrace “Don’t be evil” but given Goolag’s recent treatment of an employee who dared to suggest men and women might differ somewhat… yeah the world has gone mad. Time to invert the political etch-a-sketch and give it a good shake.

  7. The bottom tweet reminds me of this paragraph which I once read quoted on this very blog:

    “Today, if you support freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble, you are a nazi. So, what the hell, you had better ally and organize with actual unironic nazis. George Soros is a Jew, and he is providing your enemies with military grade pepper spray and restricted explosives, so if the Nazis say “the Jews” are doing this, why split hairs with them?”

    From “Jim’s Blog” and featured in Campus Idiocy Roundup II.

  8. And besides, nazi is in the eye of the beholder.

    I would think that waving around the flag of the Third Reich is actually an objective indicator. If nothing else, it reveals a profound ignorance of history. Nazismus preached the superiority of the German Volk, which gave it less appeal to anyone non-German. And given that “Aryans” were the nobility, I doubt that any of those waving the flags qualified.

    It would be more accurate to call the intellectualoids “fascist” rather than “Nazi.” Fascism was international, not national. This led to the curious practice of the Third Reich of suppressing national socialist movements in countries they conquered or dominated while encouraging fascist movements there.

  9. Concerning the interesting take link:

    I am white and gosh why are the American whites such cry babies?

    No one is stealing anything from you.your forefathers fought hard to achieve what you have (or had); fought to the point that you think that you have a right to it without working for it. There is little difference between you and ISIS you are even stealing there idea so lazy you are.

  10. I don’t remember having seen anyone with China’s flag, or Mao’s army flag.

    Nazi flag were visible in the crowd

  11. “Bulldust
    June 16, 2017 at 1:55 am
    Does this mean the pool is now closed?

    7:1 odds too … nice pay out >.<"

    Last month when the congressman was shot you reply this.

    Maybe you should have a look at this to know who are the most successful killer:

    The Right is a lot better at killing people. According to table 2: 87% for the Right to 1% for the left. The Muslims are responsible for 13%. This is why police should fear a lot more white supremacist, than anyone else.

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