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Remember what we said about zombies

Zombie attacks to increase due to global warming” rang the headline on this blog seven moons ago. So said eminent zombiologist and scientist Dr Harrister, BS, MS, PhD, OMGWAG.

Who would have guessed that Bob Hope was ahead of us all?

I’ll tell you who! Pepsodent! With irium!

Thanks to Rob Avrech for reminding us of Hope’s wisdom.


  1. hhmmmm, I take it your not a member of the Democratic party? 🙂

  2. chuck in st paul

    August 29, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    He right!!

    My goodness it’s the peak of summer heat combined with global warming and Denver was under attack by thousands of them!


  3. And most of those thousands with free tickets no less……………………….

    And you wonder how so many show up.

    It was a free rock concert in Berlin,
    but you don’t here this in the MSM now do ya??

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