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Something To Cheer The Irish (And The Rest Of Us)


Given the state of the world, and because this is a long weekend with scarcely anyone around, this picture. It is Bubba Anderson, a (then) girl who went to the same high school as Yours Truly, though a couple of years behind me.

She was a track star and the Otsego County Fair Queen in 1987. This is her official picture. The look upon her face could cheer even an Irish ‘No’ voter.


  1. Funny. I recently applied for a job there at the Catholic diocese. I’d never heard of the area before but it looks like a beautiful part of the world.

  2. She looks young. Somewhere mid-70’s, high schoolers stopped looking like adults and looked more like 12 years olds (I was under 20 at the time, so it’s not an age perspective thing). I often wonder why.

    Another humorous look at how things change:

  3. She looks good. You not so much.

  4. Briggs

    May 24, 2015 at 4:55 pm


    I always thought bow ties made the man.

  5. Briggs: Bow ties only go so far.

  6. Sheri, on the contrary, bow ties are both au courant and de rigueur!

  7. Every time I see a man with a bow tie my mind instantly jumps to Bill Nye.


  8. Not everyone can carry off a bow tie. Not saying you can’t. But a cummerbund is a confession that it’s all over.

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