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New Year’s Resolutions

Only one: Not to be so damn lazy.

(As in writing.)



  1. Watch less junk TV.

  2. Cut RSS feeds read by 50%.

  3. 30 pounds less by the end of the year.

  4. Actually, this one is from last January, but I didn’t get around to writing it down until now:

    Stop procrastinating.

  5. The God of Wanderlust and the Goddess of Natural Wonders and Beauty insist that I resolve to make a months long moto road trip using the thin lines on real time moto road trip planners.

  6. I resolve this New Year, to not make any resolutions….

  7. My resolution is to get through my wedding in one piece.

    Sadly, I suspect I’m going to fail this resolution.

  8. This time for sure.

  9. Speed sez: “Cut RSS feeds read by 50%.” I like that idea 🙂

  10. I will get around to reading that book I bought last year, “Breaking The Law Of Averages”.

  11. Continue to be myself.

    It’s been fun reading this blog. Thank you all.

    I wish everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful new year!

  12. Resolution? I don’t need no stinking resolution.

  13. Read more. Write less.

  14. To spend more time with my grandkids.

  15. Briggs

    December 31, 2009 at 10:10 pm


    Good list. Everybody should read it.

    Gives me the idea that I should dress up as radiation next Halloween and really scare the hell out of people. Nuclear! Boo!


    How do I get me some of these?




    You will find that it is impossible to be sad any longer.


    That’s my favorite.

    John Opie,

    The physics diet never fails: calories in <= calories out.

    Dan Hughes,

    Let us know if you do.


    I'm probably forgetting somebody. Happy New Year!

  16. Matt, the hardest part is successfully resisting the urge to throttle your teenagers. Good luck and 新年快乐.

  17. Stop too many people being too certain of too many things, might be a good one?

  18. eat less broccoli, drink more beer

  19. Stamp out racism forever! It’s actually very simple and a panacea to boot: no one will be able to speak or act without permission – aka ‘prior authorization’ – “from where the Sun now sets forever.” So Hear me my people, take the vow with me now even before Congress acts! Display your globally pure intentions, from the gray matter…..to the “unconscious”….to the medulla oblongata now! eeeeeeeehaaaawww!!!

  20. Dr. Briggs,

    Your blogs continues to amaze, intrigue and entertain me.

    randy brich

    ps; i reviewed >a dozen energy-related books on Nuclear Street (www.nuclearstreet.com) last year.

    My reviews:


  21. Briggs

    January 1, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    randy birch,

    Enjoyed the review of Nuclear Power: Villain or Victim. But, really. Dr. Carbon (14)? Has to be a pseudonym!

  22. Dr. Carbon? I smell a comic.

  23. I promise to never post on statistics. And to never let a statistician know that I’ve recently posted on statistics.

    I promise to take the last 30 years–which I have used to dis-learn everything I ever learned in Snedecor–as an indicator that my proficiency in statistics has been diminshed to a point that I will never again suggest that I know anything about statistics.

    I resolve to return to the fold of those who can’t do the math.

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