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February 23, 2009 | 4 Comments

Just upgraded. Anything unusual?

Joy noticed that my older version of WordPress was once again hacked to insert a list of drug names into the theme header.php file.

So, I upgraded. When I did, I noticed 24 comments that were made over a long course of time, all marked as Spam, but all not. Some of these were duplicates that I removed, and I approved the rest. I have no idea where these came from, because I could not see them before. Strange.

Took a look at the theme, which looks the same, but if anybody notices anything weird, please let me know by comments here, or by email at

Thanks, all.

February 20, 2009 | 3 Comments

Today’s groaner

How many bishops does it take to celebrate Earth Hour?


(….pause for laughter….)

Those wrestling guys at the WWF have been sending me emails touting earth hour again.

Spokesman Dan Forman says they’re pretty happy to have enlisted Bishop Desmond Tutu who, presumably along with Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and some of those other steroidal creations, will switch off their lights for an hour, starting at 8:30 pm on Saturday March 28.

This is to make the Earth happy.

I’ll be with them. My lights will be out as I listen to the Vicar of Vintage Vinyl, Danny Stiles, whose show is on every Saturday night. 820 AM in New York City.

Go Earth!


You’re welcome

Dear Mortgage Holder,

Obama’s latest plan must sound pretty sweet to you. You bought a house and paid too much for it.

It didn’t look that way at first because after you bought the house, it went up in value. Prices were rising everywhere fast. Reasoning that nothing could go wrong, you took out a home equity loan on the increased value so you could get that flat screen TV and some other things you “needed.” You really ran up those credit cards.

But then the housing prices started falling to more realistic levels. Sure, they fell fast and some of that decline was caused by idiot bankers making risky loans to people…like you, maybe?

Now your mortgage payments are killing you and you’re complaining about it.

Obama has heard your cries. He has decided to dig into the treasury and give money to lenders so that you can refinance your house and lower your payment.

You remember that I have been renting. I’ve been saving my money, keeping my bills low, scrimping and acting responsibly. When you made your loan, remember how I laughed at you and said you were being foolish? “How can you expect to pay for all that extravagance?” I asked. Boy, was I smug and morally superior.

But you got the last laugh. Because I saved and did well, my taxes are going to go up, so that Obama can pay the bill for all this refinancing.

In effect, the money that I have been saving to buy my own house will be going to pay for yours.

I read in the papers that a lot of “journalists” and politicians think this is “fair.” They want to move quickly, too, because they think if we don’t then the economy will get worse. How do they know? They don’t. It’s just a guess. But everybody will be happy because the government is giving away money. They never stop to ask where the money comes from.

You’re probably so happy that you hadn’t even thought of the best part. See, your payments will go down and you get to keep your house. That part you knew. But your house will also increase in value in a couple of years. That means you’ll be able to sell it at a profit. So you’re getting a kind of double gift; you’re going to be doing pretty well after all.

All thanks to me and my money.

Just wanted to say you’re welcome.

Your Pal,


February 19, 2009 | 6 Comments

Site down last night

Update. The site was down all day, from 7:30 am to about 7:00 pm EST. Any comments you made were lost. Please, please post them again. With hope, the site will stay up from now.

Apologies to everybody. The site was down for over three hours last night because of the host, which is Yahoo. It was down from about 1:30 am to about 5 am EST.

I have emailed them asking for an explanation, but I can’t really expect one. Last time I emailed about this problem, they said, “The site looks like it works to us.” Never mind that I was talking about an outage that occurred earlier.

They do not hire the best people to answer support questions.

I asked for a refund for the down time. I have as much chance of that as Nancy Pelosi finding a sense of humor.

I’m not sure, but any emails sent to me during this period might also have been lost.