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November 24, 2018 | 13 Comments

This Week In Doom — Cartoon Pr0n Edition

Still exploring video, and neglecting script. This one doesn’t quite reach amateurish level. Getting there, though.

Item 20 Dirty Jokes That Were Secretly Hidden in the Kids’ Cartoons of Our Youth (ellipses original)

We watched a whole lot of television back in the day (we still do, but we used to, too). The animated shows and movies of our youth remain eternal classics in our hearts. They always will. But we have to revisit a few of them because there were definitely some jokes in these shows and movies…adult, dirty jokes…that flew over our heads when we were kids.

Only now, as full-grown, mature adults, can we fully appreciate the gross, hilarious humor of the sick minds we put in charge of entertaining us as kids.

I don’t recommend clicking. The only point to make about this, dividing through for the possibility of some stretched-interpretations on their part, is that they are boasting of the perverted humor put in front of kids.

Meanwhile, for a good cartoon, click here. And speaking of the kiddies, our next item.

Item Washington, DC, could let 16-year-olds vote for president

The Washington, D.C., City Council is preparing to vote on a bill to lower the voting age to 16 for all elections, both local and federal.

WTOP-FM reports the bill won 3-0 approval in the Judiciary and Public Safety committee Thursday and will get a final vote before the full council this month.

The 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens 18 and older the right to vote, but scholars have said it doesn’t prevent a state, or in this case, the nation’s capital, from setting a lower age.

Council member Charles Allen says his bill will “enfranchise the District’s young people and bring their voices into the political process.”

Does it really need to be said that sixteen-year-olds are too young and dumb to vote for president? Or for anything except class president? They can’t even be trusted to vote where to go to lunch. Kids this young are—I feel like an idiot pointing out something so obvious—easy to manipulate. Kids two years older are too, except for a minority. Except we will allow no intelligence-means tests for voting.

Those in the grip of Equality always push for more of it. There is no reason whatsoever to stop at sixteen. Why not fifteen? Or fourteen? Hey, don’t you want to be inclusive? Are you some kind of age bigot? Aren’t ten-year-olds poeple, too? Don’t eight-year-olds deserve a say in who their president is? Why do you want to shut them up? There are more minorities under seven than whites, you racist.

Democracy. It’s for everyone!

Item Headmistress sacked after ‘anti-Semitic’ Merchant Of Venice offends parents

The former head of a British private school has apparently been fired from her new role in Canada – after a performance of The Merchant Of Venice was deemed anti-semitic…

The version of the play was performed at the school by London-based Box Clever Theatre last month.

Pupils and parents in the audience were apparently encouraged to shout ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Burn The Jews’ in response to slogans about persecuting Jews and Shylock, according to claims by parents.

A letter signed by 24 parents was sent to the school criticised the one-man show, performed on October 17. They said it contained demeaning, derogatory and inappropriate language with anti-Semitic sentiment that was offensive to Jewish students.

Complaints from parents allegedly led to Ms Carlisle being sacked on Friday. The letter added that Jewish students whose families were personally affected by the Holocaust felt uncomfortable.

Perhaps those parents forgot that Shylock got the last word? Or perhaps they’ve never been in a Catholic church round Good Friday, in which the congregation takes on the vocal part of the mob that called for Jesus’s to be crucified. This action has not turned many folks into atheists; quite the opposite.

Amusingly, the paper sought to bypass potential criticism and so included for nervous readers the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s “working definition” of anti-“Semitism”.

Item 40 years ago, the pride flag and the 401k were introduced. Both proudly promote important values: diversity and preparing for retirement. #CelebrateLikeIts78

Link is to tweet from something called Voya, some kind of retirement company. Boasting of the link between the pervert pennant and 401ks? Odd, that.

Item A Milestone: All Of The Walking Dead’s Relationships Are Now Interracial Or LGBT

In this massive ensemble cast, every single relationship on the show is either interracial or LGBT, a departure from the source material, due to some major changes, and a milestone for a show as popular as TWD.

Seems to us they missed a perfect idea to embrace the upcoming sexual orientation necrophilia, this being the Walking Dead.

Item House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she’s under “tremendous pressure” to put global warming at the top of Democrats’ agenda.

Sure, Nancy, we believe you.

Item The ladies freak and women being called women, because women might be exclusionary. What this means for slogan “the future is female” is unknown.

Item Federal judge orders female genital mutilation charges dropped in Detroit

“U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that congress does not have the authority to make FGM illegal…”


November 23, 2018 | 8 Comments

Tranny Madness: True Belief Or Exaggeration? A Case Study

New York Times headline: Anatomy Does Not Determine Gender, Experts Say

Defining gender as a condition determined strictly by a person’s genitals is based on a notion that doctors and scientists abandoned long ago as oversimplified and often medically meaningless.

Researchers who have studied gender issues and provided health care to people who do not fit the typical M/F pigeonholes said that the Trump administration’s latest plan to define gender goes beyond the limits of scientific knowledge.

“The idea that a person’s sex is determined by their anatomy at birth is not true, and we’ve known that it’s not true for decades,” said Dr. Joshua D. Safer, an endocrinologist and executive director of the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai Health System in New York. He is also president of the United States Professional Association of Transgender Health.

Insanity—and you will recognize the analogy—lies on a spectrum. The writer of the piece can be lying or exaggerating when she says genitals don’t determine sex. Lying is a mild form of insanity. So much so that ends-justifies-the-means political writing is never classified as true mental disease. But it is madness just the same.

The writer might also earnestly believe that, for instance, a man is not a man but a man is whatever he says he is, including a woman. The writer might be so convinced of this form of magic that the man becomes a woman in her (the writer’s) eye. That is, in her mind.

That’s true over-the-cliff madness, and genuine insanity. Of course, experts might no longer say so, but that’s because, as all know, many are scared to death of the political consequences of speaking the truth. That cowardice is, like lying, a mild form of madness, too.

The question before us is: is the Times writer exaggerating or is she nuts? I put it at 50/50. The paper she writes for prevaricates continuously, believing their fibs serve a higher purpose. But then the paper also seeks out the occasional true believer to give its pieces that certain je ne sais quoi that can’t be faked.

The mutilator with the MD is probably a true believer, and genuinely crazy. Any doctor that says a person’s anatomy does not determine their sex is at best a bad doctor. At worst, he’s a loon. Yet there is the possibility he is talking about the very rare cases of intersex persons, who, having certain genetic malformations, suffer (let us call them) inconsistent genitals. But he could have said that and not implied that the vast, vast, vast majority of people do not have these inconsistencies, and whose sex is determined. So he could be exaggerating too, for effect.

Notice very carefully that Safer did not say a person’s gender but a person’s sex is not determined by their anatomy at birth. We can grant, at least for the sake of argument, “gender” to be term indicating sexual desire, which is various and indeed, or rather alas, does not always match a person’s sex. But if we grant this, we have to call those who claim to be a gender not matching their sex to be crazy or medically broken.

So is the writer crazy or exaggerating? Is this Safer exaggerating or nuts? Don’t answer yet! For right after denying a person’s visible biology has anything to do with their visible biology, they ask “Are genes a factor?” To which the writer answers and safer agrees “Genetics does play a role”. This gives substantial weight to exaggerating. Or madness matched with breathtaking stupidity. For how else can you claim genes “play a role” and yet deny the visible effect of these same genes?

Safer says later “being transgender is not a matter of choice”, and that it is “not a fad or a whim.” This also goes against the evidence that it is very much a fad, whim, and choice for many. How many times have we read of those who regret their lost appendages? How many packs of cool teenage girls make the “transition” together? If Safer believes what he’s saying, then he is genuinely nuts. But we can’t help recalling he makes his living pushing this stuff, which gives weight to exaggerating.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still at 50/50 for both options.

November 22, 2018 | 17 Comments

Old Lodge Skins’ Prayer Of Thanksgiving

In what is now a tradition, we present for Thanksgiving the death prayer from Old Lodge Skins, which comes at the close of Little Big Man by Thomas Berger (who died in 2014).

Then he commenced to pray to the Everywhere Spirit in the same stentorian voice, never sniveling but bold and free.

“Thank you for making me a Human Being! Thank you for helping me become a warrior! Thank you for all my victories and for all my defeats. Thank you for my vision, and for the blindness in which I saw further.

“I have killed many men and loved many women and eaten much meat. I have also been hungry, and I thank you for that and for the added sweetness that food has when you receive it after such a time.

“You make all things and direct them in their ways, O Grandfather, and now you have decided that the Human Beings will soon have to walk a new road. Thank you for letting us win once before that happened. Even if my people must eventually pass from the face of the earth, they will live on in whatever men are fierce and strong. So that when women see a man who is proud and brave and vengeful, even if he has a white face, they will cry: ‘That is a Human Being!’…”

I stood there in awe and Old Lodge Skins started to sing, and when the cloud arrived overhead, the rain started to patter across his uplifted face, mixing with the tears of joy there.

It might have been ten minutes or an hour, and when it stopped and the sun’s setting rays cut through, he give his final thanks and last request.

“Take care of my son here,” he says, “and see that he does not go crazy.”

He laid down then on the damp rocks and died right away. I descended to the treeline, fetched back some poles, and built him a scaffold. Wrapped him in the red blanket and laid him thereon. Then after a while I started down the mountain in the fading light.

Incidentally, eschew the movie of the same name, which shares only the title and the names of a few characters from the book, a book which is the moral and historical opposite of the politically correct film. It is a book which contains no anachronisms, itself a matter of great celebration.

Also highly recommended (as historical orientation) is the classic The Fighting Cheyennes by George Bird Grinnell, who was born in 1849 and who wrote the book in 1915 (it’s still in print). It is a non-patronizing, non-romantic look at the battles the Cheyenne fought, in, as much as was possible, their own words.

Berger wrote Little Big Man at a time (1964) when white boys still wanted to run off and be Indians. Nearly twenty years later, the TV show Grizzly Adams fulfilled the same escapist function. What little boys want to be now they had best keep quiet about or out come the pills (or awards).

Old Lodge Skins was Little Big Man’s adoptive grandfather. The scene takes place shortly after the Battle of Little Big Horn which the Cheyenne called the Battle at the Greasy Grass.

There is much in this prayer that still works. Men, remember to offer it or one like it as thanksgiving today.

November 21, 2018 | 10 Comments

Cornell University To Require Indoctrination To Graduate

Many of you thought Cornell had already leapt over the progressive cliff when they fired me and hired a lady sexual harassment lawyer to teach statistics. Not so. This only brought them to the edge of the cliff, a destination to which they have been loping towards ever since rewarding students who menaced faculty with machine guns back in 1969.

It did finally happen, though. They have flung themselves over and are in midair. Just like in those old cartoons, they are still at the point where gravity has not claimed them because they haven’t yet looked down.

They will be forced to soon, though. Consider the headline is “Cornell Adds ‘Diversity’ Courses to Graduation Requirements” (for the tykes in Arts & Sciences).

Cornell University announced this week that the school will be adding a “Diversity and Inclusion” course to the graduation requirements. The proposal for the new requirement was passed by a faculty vote on Tuesday. 182 faculty members voted in favor of the requirement, 90 voted against it, and 18 abstained. The changes are expected to be implemented for students enrolled in the fall of 2020.

To the eighteen who hid their heads: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

About one third of the faculty did retain their sanity. Or so we might have thought. Tom Pepinsky, a professor of government and chairman of the curriculum committee has a different idea.

According to the Cornell Sun:

“It’s hard to know what lies behind the faculty who did not endorse the new curriculum,” Pepinsky said, explaining that faculty might have thought the new changes were not “meaningful” or “substantial” enough to vote for.

Now either this Pepinsky believes this or he does not. If he does not, and recalling he is a professor of government, he is bullshitting the readers. He’s putting a good spin on the substantial disagreement, in an attempt to wave it off.

The real fear is that he believes the words leaking from his lips. This makes him a dangerous individual, more akin to a political kommissar than a professor. Anybody who believes the faculty who voted no actually wanted more Diversity is the sort of fellow for whom no amount of indoctrination is enough.

The paper said “The new social difference requirement can be fulfilled by classes that ‘take class, race, ethnicity, nativity status, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability as an object of study,’ according to the proposal.”

Ability would seem to be dangerous ground, given how easy it is to discover hate facts. But since these are classes taught by already indoctrinated professors, the concern is less.

It is just indoctrination in “Social Differences” which are required for graduation. Students also have to pay to take “Global Citizenship”. This “could also include the study of global issues such as transnational migration, international justice, colonial histories and their legacies, and world health systems.”

As a for-example, Cornell says the class FGSS 2010 would fulfill the indoctrination requirement. That is “Introduction to Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies“. It is “an interdisciplinary program focused on understanding the impact of gender and sexuality on the world around us and on the power hierarchies that structure it.”

Anybody who allows herself to write “hierarchies that structure it” is lost. Skip it.

It is, of course, possible for Reality-minded students to fake it, or to find some class that is only weakly ideological. This will surely happen for those kids who want to concentrate on, say, math or physics.

But the weaker minds will not be able to resist. Propaganda does work. That is why it is used.

It isn’t only Cornell that has embraced insanity, of course. Many institutions have. Georgia Southern University, for instance. In ten years time the question will be how many universities do not require indoctrination.