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July 5, 2016 | 26 Comments

Tyranny Of Liberalism Update

Freedom of Association
Freedom of Association

Item: LGBT Groups Seek to Entrench Agenda at the UN.

The current session of the Human Rights Council opened this month, amid rumors that a group of South American countries, at the behest of LGBT organizations, would put forward a resolution to create a new Independent Expert or Special Rapporteur position for the promotion of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) issues…

As it is, the Free and Equal Campaign has undertaken a variety of high profile projects, including slickly produced videos, reports, and aggressive PR campaigns, such as the creation of LGBT themed postage stamps.

Perversity must not only not be ridiculed, shunned, or discouraged, it must be embraced, celebrated, and, in the end, engaged in.

Item: Anti-Free Speech Laws Force Right-wing Activists Into Hiding Abroad.

Le Monde reports that a number of right wingers have been pressured to flee France to avoid arrest for “hate” speech…

…French icon Brigitte Bardot has been on trial five times for insulting Muslims and “inciting hatred”. On one of these occasions she was convicted just for “decrying the loss of French identity and tradition due to the ‘multiplication of mosques while our church bells fall silent for want of priests'”.

Ne dis rien! Or, if you do, you go to jail. Submit—or else.

Item: Dating Website ChristianMingle Must Include Gays, Judge Rules

Two gay men in California brought a lawsuit against ChristianMingle’s parent company Spark Network, which also administers,,, and a mobile application CROSSPATHS. They alleged the site’s failure to accommodate gay users violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act, a state anti-discrimination law.

ChristianMingle only includes “man seeking woman” and “woman seeking man” options for users, but does not include alternatives for users seeking members of the same sex.

The ruling gives the website two years to ensure that the gateway options on the homepage for new users ask only whether a user is a “man” or “woman.” The order also allows the website to maintain the current options if an alternative for individuals seeking members of the same sex is included…

Freedom of Association by definition means the right to discriminate. Freedom of Religion means by definition means the right to and the necessity of discriminating.

Freedom of Association is long dead; its corpse ages ago having crumbled into the dust. You are now forced by the point of the sword to associate with whom the State dictates. The State does this under the banner of “Equality” and, perversely, “Freedom”.

Item: Interior Secretary: More Diversity Needed In National Monuments – ‘Bronze White Guy’ Too Prevalent

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said on Tuesday at an event focused on Hispanic-American Entrepreneurship that the national monuments in the nation’s capital need to be more diverse.

“If you drive around Washington, D.C., in every circle and every square you generally see a bronze white guy — sometimes on a horse, sometimes not…

Item: Christian Law School Can Be Denied Accreditation Over Biblical Stance on Homosexuality, Ontario Court Rules

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled Wednesday that a Christian University can be denied accreditation because of its opposition to homosexuality…

“TWU wants to establish a law school. Although members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (‘LGBTQ’) community may apply to the proposed law school, they will not be admitted unless they are willing to sign and adhere to TWU’s community covenant,” read the ruling.

“The consequence is that LGBTQ students are discriminated against in terms of admission to, and life at, TWU.”

Of course “LGBTQ students are discriminated against in terms of admission to, and life at, TWU”. “LGBTQ students” must be “discriminated against in terms of admission to, and life at, TWU” is TWU is to maintain its Christian identity!

This must be plain even to a Canadian judge. Thus the only (as in only) way to explain the ruling is either invincible ignorance of the ruling body or its implacable hatred of Christianity.

Of course, logic demands we accept both explanations might be partially true.

July 4, 2016 | 24 Comments

Independence Day: Death To The Tyranny Of Liberalism!

Time for some real fireworks.
Time for some real fireworks.

“Gimme one of those blue bags.” The Enlightened make you pay a dime for grocery bags in San Francisco, where yesterday I did some shopping.

“We also have pink. You don’t want a pink?” She gestured to the larger stack.

“Pink is for girls and blue is for boys.” I wasn’t actually quiet when I said this most witty joke.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter.”

“It does to me.”

“Many men like pink in San Francisco.”

“I’m not one of those men.” Again, not sotto voce. A man walking by looked like he just saw a Donald Trump ad. He hurried past.

And then something surprising happened. The cashier leaned in and whispered. “There are a lot of crazy people in San Francisco.” She hesitated. “It’s not right.” I agreed and she smiled.

In War As I Knew It, George Patton tells of an incident where his men were digging foxholes on a beach next to stacks of live ammunition. He berated them for their stupidity. And then…

About that time…two Hurricane Bombers came over and strafed the beach, and all the soldiers jumped right back into the same holes they had dug. I continued to walk up and down and soon shamed them into getting up.

Dying in a self-dug hole cowering in fear is an apt metaphor for our times. Yet so could be bravery and making a stand in the face of danger.

In reviewing Mary Eberstadt’s new book It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies (hat tip to Nick Land) David P. Goldman disagrees with Eberstadt that our enemies are engaged in a witch hunt, and argues persuasively that Liberals have formed instead an Inquisition, thus far an effective one. But he can smell the fear in the victors. “The liberal establishment lives in terror that the people will rise in revolt.”

Liberal intellectual life is a scam, a goof, a fraud, a hoax. There are no reasonable liberals to whom Christians might appeal in the name of fairness and free speech. There are only terrified, beleaguered, fanatical, and embittered liberals, painfully aware of the spreading discontent among the untutored masses. If they were not sure of it before 2016, Donald Trump has made it clear to them.

Goldman has no patience for the permanent retreat—a rout?—of the Benedict Option. Neither do I. And neither should you, dear reader.

Your alternative is to counterattack.

Ridicule your enemies. Expose their intellectual and moral bankruptcy. Assert the superiority of your own intellectual tradition…Target individuals; liberals are brave in a mob but cowards in a corner. Make fun of the employment prospects of gender- and ethnic-studies students…Aim for the brightest and most ambitious students on campus: If you convince them that their professors have feet of clay, you will have won half the battle.

The truth Patton knew and Goldman knows, and one you, dear reader, should screw to the sticking place, a truth lost on all “cuckservatives” and appeasers, is that “If you plead for mercy from your oppressors, your best young people will fall away, demoralized. If you ask for sacrifice, they will rally to you.” Would you follow Paul “We’re Giving In Because We Don’t Want To Upset Them” Ryan into battle?

Our allies are everywhere. Even somebody who signals left, as did the cashier because she thought she had to, could be a secret sister. We are still the majority. Yet you’d never know it if you followed the majority of the media, academia, Washington, big business. Their propaganda assures all that the Debate Is Over. It’s a lie. Stand and fight.

When the Apaches and other plains Indian tribes took prisoners they would often inflict hideous tortures on their victims. The doomed men did not beg for mercy but would instead make light of their pain, inviting their torturers to do worse. These men knew they were going to die and they wanted to die like men and not mewling cowards. In this way they earned the respect of their enemies

Our prayer therefore on this Day of Independence is this: Lord, do not let me die like a coward.

July 3, 2016 | 9 Comments

Summary Against Modern Thought: First Causes In The Distinction Of Things

This may be proved in three ways. The first...
This may be proved in three ways. The first…
See the first post in this series for an explanation and guide of our tour of Summa Contra Gentiles. All posts are under the category SAMT.

Previous post.

No matter what, God is still at base.

Chapter 42 That the first cause of the distinction of things is not the order of secondary agents (alternate translation)

1 WE may also prove from the same premisses that the distinction of things is not caused by the order of secondary agents; as those maintained who held that God, since He is one and simple, produces but one effect, which is the first created substance: and that this, because it cannot equal the simplicity of the first cause,—not being pure act, but having a certain admixture of potentiality—has a certain multiplicity, so that it is able to produce some kind of plurality; and that in this way, effects ever failing of the simplicity of their causes, the multiplication of effects results in the diversity of the things whereof the universe consists.

2 Accordingly this opinion does not assign one cause to the entire diversity of things, but a different cause to each particular effect: and the entire diversity of things it ascribes to the concurrence of all causes. Now we say that those things happen by chance, which result from the concurrence of various causes, and not from one determinate cause. Wherefore the distinction of things and the order of the universe would be the result of chance.

Notes As ever, pay attention to this important definition of chance: not a cause but the unpredicted (but not necessarily unpredictable) confluence of many causes.

3 Moreover. That which is best in things caused is reduced, as to its first cause, to that which is best in causes: for effects must be proportionate to their causes. Now the best among all things caused is the order of the universe, wherein the good of the universe consists, even as in human affairs the good of the nation is more God-like than the good of the individual. Hence we must reduce the order of the universe to God as its proper cause, Whom we have proved above to be the sovereign good. Therefore the distinction of things, wherein consists the order of the universe, is the result not of secondary causes, but rather simplicity of the first cause.

Notes It’s not an argument, but suppose it’s true that “the good of the nation is more God-like than the good of the individual”, consider our culture, then ponder the implications.

4 Further. It seems absurd to assign a defect in things as cause of that which is best in things. Now the best in things caused is their distinction and order, as shown above. Therefore it is unreasonable to assert that this distinction is the result of secondary causes failing of the simplicity of the first cause.

5 Again. In all ordered active causes, where action is directed to an end, the ends of the secondary causes must be directed to the end of the first cause: thus the ends of the arts of war, horsemanship, and bridle-making are directed to the end of the political art.

Now the origin of beings from the first being is by an action directed to an end: since it is according to intellect, as we have proved; and every intellect acts for an end. If, therefore, in the production of things there are any secondary causes, it follows that their ends and actions are directed to the end of the first cause, and this is the last end in things caused. And this is the distinction and order of the parts of the universe, which order is the ultimate form, so to speak. Therefore the distinction and order in things is not on account of the actions of secondary causes; but rather the actions of secondary causes are on account of the order and distinction to be established in things.

Notes Even if you can escape teleology in things, which is impossible, it is perfectly obvious that all intellects act for an end. The instant you begin to argue with this, you confirm it. The implications of this are put next.

6 Further. If the distinction of the parts of the universe and their order is the proper effect of the first cause, through being the ultimate form and the greatest good in the universe, it follows that the distinction and order of things must be in the intellect of the first cause: because in things that are made by an intellect, the form produced in the things made proceeds from a like form in the intellect: for instance, the house which exists in matter proceeds from the house which is in an intellect.

Now the form of distinction and order cannot be in an active intellect, unless the forms of the things which are distinct and ordered be therein. Wherefore in the divine intellect there are the forms of various things distinct and ordered, nor is this incompatible with His simplicity, as we have proved above. Accordingly, if things that are outside the mind proceed from forms that are in the intellect, it will be possible, in things that are effected by an intellect, for many and diverse things to be caused immediately by the first cause, notwithstanding the divine simplicity, on account of which some fell into the aforesaid opinion.

7 Again. The action of one who acts by intellect terminates in the form which he understands, and not in another, except accidentally and by chance. Now God is an agent by His intellect, as we have proved: nor can His action be affected by chance, since He cannot fail of His action. It follows, therefore, that He produces His effect for the very reason that he understands and intends that same effect. But by the same idea that He understands one effect, He can understand many effects other than Himself. Wherefore He can at once cause many things without any intermediary.

8 Moreover. As we have shown above, the power of God is not confined to one effect, and this is befitting His simplicity: because the more a power is united, the nearer it approaches to infinity, being able to extend to so many more things. But it does not follow that one thing only can be made by one, except when the agent is determined to one effect. Wherefore, we are not bound to conclude that, because God is one and utterly simple, therefore many things cannot proceed from Him, except by means of certain things that fail of His simplicity.

9 Further. It was shown above that God alone can create. Now there are many things which cannot come into being except by creation: such as all those which are not composed of form and matter subject to contrariety because the like must needs be incapable of being generated, since all generation is from a contrary and from matter. Such are all intellectual substances, and all heavenly bodies, and even primary matter itself. We must therefore assert that all such things have taken the origin of their being from God immediately…

Notes Infinite power is needed to create from nothing! In “et omnia corpora caelestia” we have angels.

July 2, 2016 | 16 Comments

Stream: Under Ash Carter, the Military is Now Looking for a Few Good Men, Women or Whatever

Shock troops.
Shock troops.

Today’s post is at the Stream: Under Ash Carter, the Military is Now Looking for a Few Good Men, Women or Whatever.

The first, and natural, reaction to the news that Social Justice Warrior, and part-time Secretary of Peace Ash Carter, lifted the restriction on men-who-believe-they’re-women-and-aren’t-kidding from serving in the military is to assume that an expensive outside consultancy agency developed a new strategy to have our enemies laugh themselves to death…

Now, scientifically speaking, men who believe they’re women (and vice versa, but you get the idea) are, at best, mentally disturbed. It being both a physical and metaphysical impossibility that a man can be a woman, something in the minds or bodies or both of “transsexuals” has gone seriously, alarmingly wrong. The reason, therefore, not to trust these unfortunates with the stress of combat is obvious: “When [mental] sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” To blatantly mix a metaphor, nobody can believe a battalion of dress-wearing breast-implanted bayonet-less men will instill fear in a brigade of charging ISIS maniacs…

What happened when he did that will also happen with gender dysphorics. Mark this down, dear reader, you’re about to hear a money-making prediction. As with women in combat, and as Carter himself has said about gender dysphorics entering the service, everybody will initially insist, and with theatric vehemence, “Standards will remain unchanged! All people, whether man or woman, or man or man who thinks he’s a woman, will have to pass the same arduous tests.”…

At this point, the standards, which were sworn to be eternal and unchangeable, are lowered. Or they’re removed, after which it is announced, “These standards were not really necessary. We’ve concluded that what is more important than running up a hill with a full pack is testing soldiers’ experience in wearing high heels.” Joking, am I? It’s already happened

Dude. A favorite condemnation is to call a thing “medieval”, an imaginary time of constant and hideous brutality. But Tiny Tomas Torquemada on his worst day at the Inquisition never imagined a torture…

Ex-Staff Sergeant Briggs orders you to go read the rest.