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November 9, 2016 | 69 Comments

Trump Wins! How To Cope With Your Grief


Note: this post was written initially on 22 October and added to as new helpful hints came to me. And a reminder that we predicted a Trump victory on 1 January 2016. I’ll soon have a Stream article analyzing the polls. More or less expanding this, this, and this.

Those of us on the side of Tradition and Reality are besides ourselves with glee this fine morning. We fought the good fight and in pitched battle beat back the black forces of Ephemera and Desire, forcing their retreat. A glorious triumph! You will pardon us for our enthusiasms, which are bound to occur. You will forgive us our I-Told-You-Sos. You won’t mind our celebrations.

Take heart, Dear Sad Loser! Do not begrudge us our moment, for our brio, our vivacity will be short-lived. Sobriety is on the horizon. Two things temper our happiness.

One: knowledge that our victory is only partial and destined not to last. The Doom and Destruction you wish for are still on their way. The Equality and Diversity you love so well will still kill us all.

But not today.

Two: We cannot be completely happy because we know of your deep melancholy, your terrible despondency. Our hearts are big: We feel your pain! Therefore as a service to you, the forlorn, some helpful material.

Suicide Hotline

A state-by-state list. Or you can call 1-800-273-TALK.

If you are determined and can’t imagine living in a world with a President Trump and so cannot be talked out of the ultimate self-sin, then please take care not to leave a mess behind you. Don’t be rude. Here is a list of working blast furnaces. Jump into one of those and there won’t be so much as a grease spot left. And, as a bonus, you’ll have a brief foretaste of Hell.

Canadian Real Estate

Many of you pledged to migrate to the Great White North if Trump were to win. Now’s your chance to keep your word! Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, Cher, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Samuel L. Jackson, The Reverend Al Sharpton (yes), Jon Stewart, Spike Lee, and Barbara Streisand, all promised faithfully to vamoose northwards. In this way Trump’s victory is magnified. Think of it: Our new President promised to Make America Great Again. Clearing out the riffraff is a great start!

Realtor Canada is a fine site. And I have heard good things about Zoocasa. If you’re more the Unabomber type, then consider these remote cabins and land.

Immigrating to Canada is not trivial. Although Canada is pretty darned Enlightened, they don’t yet have fully open borders. Completely unfair, discriminatory, and probably racist. But there you are. Still, rules are rules, so before you load up your battery powered clunker, check the official requirements and restrictions.

Canadians are crazy about a game called hockey, which you need to learn. It is played by large white men, many of whom do not speak English, who slide around on narrow blades on an ice field with the goal of getting their “puck” past an opponent’s “crease” and into their net. Sounds plenty sexy, doesn’t it? It’s brutal. Just look up “elbowing.

Incidentally, there is no better way of learning about this great game than in reading the life of Don Cherry, hockey’s official spokesman.

An open secret is that the English language undergoes a metamorphosis once you cross the border, eh. You’re going to want to know about beer stores, 2-4s, tuques, homo milk (you homophobe), and many more. Here are helpful sites which translate Canadian into English: here, here, here, and here. (Yours Truly grew up on the Canadian border, eh, and so heard these terms watching the CBC.)

Bad news: once Canadians find out why you want to come, they might not take you. I suggest lying.


Moving costs money, and suicide isn’t attractive. Do not fret! You can always turn to the bottle, a cheap way to escape Reality.

Now everybody knows rotgut malt liquor and non-name booze is cheap and effective. But why sacrifice taste as you slide toward oblivion? There are plenty of tasty whiskeys to be had for under twenty-five bucks a bottle.

The virtually unknown but recommended Mellow Corn at 100-proof can be found for under fifteen dollars. An exceptional bargain. Here is a list of other selections, nice on the palate and easy on the wallet. Drink up, Sad Loser! The first one is on me.

Of course, once Trump begins to round up his opponents (this means you) and deports them to FEMA concentration camps, you won’t have access to liquor stores. So you’ll want to know how to brew and distill your own booze. Pay attention to the tips at the Home Distiller site while you still can.

Best advice

Ignore all the above, and click this and enter your address. Light a candle for Trump.

God bless Hillary supporters, God bless our new President, and God bless the United States of America.

November 8, 2016 | 15 Comments

There Is No Such Thing As The GOP — Guest Post by The Blonde Bombshell


There is no such thing as the GOP, in the sense of an opposite party to Democrats. And there hasn’t been since Ronald Reagan left office. Reagan himself never was supposed to be the candidate, and he was never supposed to win the 1980 election. To blunt his independent spirit, he was assigned George H.W. Bush as vice-president. That way, in case of emergency, the country would be in the tested hands of a man who could well open the door to a New World Order.

The case can be made that Papa Bush was not an operative of the Republican party, but rather of something else. The substance of the “something else” can be debated, and there isn’t room for that discussion here. It can be said that whatever this entity is, it is not Republican and not birthed by the Party of Lincoln.

It is no small point to note that Bush 41 has gone on record to assert that he will not be voting for the Republican nominee. His GOP bona fides have been officially revoked.

Enter Mr. Clinton. His party loyalty was and is nominally to the Democrats, but as the evidence continues to show, his loyalty—then and now—lies mostly to Himself and Herself. While he could cry crocodile tears and “feel your pain“—his actions ultimately exacerbated the pain for countless citizens, as they watched factories close and jobs go south, exactly as H. Ross Perot predicted, with a “giant sucking sound.” That comment was met with much mirth and merriment by the establishment media; and in the video the tittering of the crowd is audible.

Bonus: Perot nicely sums up the incestuous relationship politics has with industry in this clip. To be perfectly fair to Mr. Clinton: NAFTA could not have been passed without Republican congressional support.

To maximize personal gain and profit, Mr. Clinton had to forge an alliance with the “something else.” Fortunately for him and later for Mr. Obama, progressivism and the “something else” are largely the same, except the “something else” is infinitely more devious, watchful, and determined than the clueless rank-and-file members of the Democrat party.

Then…surprise! Bush II is elected. A Bush boy was up for office, but it was supposed to be the sober, hardworking Jeb. In a cruel twist of fate, we were gifted George Junior. On his own he was likely harmless enough. He could cut ribbons and read books to schoolchildren, as if that is the important work of a president. And it is, if “something else” is calling the shots. Bush II led the United States to war, and War is usually in the purview and the privilege of Democrats, giving further credence that Bush II was never really, fully, sincerely a Republican.

There has been an acknowledgement that Republicans do not always act in the interest of the people (see NAFTA). Republican In Name Only (RINO) is a real phenomenon, and senators and congressmen sent to Washington under the banner of the GOP routinely attend the same parties as their friends across the aisle. Sooner or later, GOP lawmakers find that they have more in common with the Democrats than the rubes back home, and legislate accordingly. The GOP gave up on itself, long before anyone seriously considered Donald J. Trump to be a contender for the presidency.

There is a great deal of handwringing about the “future of the Republican party.” See here, here, here, here, here for starters. Why are Democrat-voting reporters are obsessed with reading the (yet to be extruded) entrails of November 9th when they don’t seem interested in investigating the facts of:

  • The existence of a server that illegally stored top-secret material in someone’s house
  • The murder of four Americans in Benghazi
  • The sale of fetal tissue by an organization that widely supports the Democrats, and vice versa
  • Admitted voter fraud, which resulted in at least two resignations
  • A mysterious transfer of $1.2B to a bank account in Qatar
  • Satanic rituals and child abuse involving members of the ruling elite
  • The baffling death of Seth Rich
  • The unusual of uranium deal with the Russians
  • How one family—not born to wealth by any stretch of the imagination and never involved the production of any material object—is able to attract and control staggering wealth.

Shall I go on?

Obviously, the stories are in the news, and there is reporting, in the academic sense, but there is no urgency to get the nitty-gritty of what really happened. If Woodward and Bernstein took such a cavalier approach to the Watergate break-in, there would have been no impeachment, no arrests, and no jail time for anyone involved.

The legacy media prefer to be fed stories than going out and doing some real reporting. It isn’t just reporters whose interest is not piqued by these events, but GOP lawmakers are reluctant to examine the shenanigans related to Herself. Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz are willing to enter the fray, but they aren’t getting the tactical support they need to do battle with such an enormous beast.

The party formerly known as the GOP is dead, and there is no one blame but the elected officials who deliberately, knowingly, and willingly turned their collective back on the American people. The charge that the current “GOP” nominee is holding the bloody knife that killed the party is grossly unfair. The party sacrificed itself on the altar of the “something else” a long time ago, at the expense and the everlasting chagrin of the American public.

November 7, 2016 | 28 Comments

Plato, Bloom & Wan Baochang On The Destructive Power Of Bad Music


Wan Baochang (whom I learned of from Richard Spacek) lived some 1,500 years ago. According to the The Taoism Reader, Wan had a spiritual revelation in which he was told “the supreme God has sent officers of the highest heaven to show you the mysterious and subtle essentials” of music.

In the early 590s, when a certain nobleman completed a musical composition and submitted it to the throne for official adoption as court music for the newly established Sui dynasty, Emperor Wen summoned Wan to consult him. After listening to it, Wan said, “This is the sound of the destruction of a nation: sad, bitter, fleeting, scattered. It is not the sound of true elegance. It will not do for classical music.”

Presumably the translator wrote “classical music” for music of beauty, complexity, insight, spiritual rigor. In English, “classical” is the best one-word adjective we have; a pity, but also revealing. Consider that when Bach reigned “classical music” was just called music. We didn’t need a modifier, except for the intent (chamber group, organ, etc.) and style of compositions (mass, symphony, and so on). The real pity is what is called “music” today (even country!).

Subsequently Wan readjusted countless musical instruments, but their resulting tone was elegant and serene, and not in accord with popular tastes; so they never became fashionable.

When Wan heard a composition called “Forever and Ever,” he wept and told people, “It is licentious, harsh, and sad; it won’t be long before people are killing each other everywhere.”

Now at this time there was peace throughout the land and the economy was flourishing, so everyone who heard this statement of Wan’s thought he was all wrong. But by the end of the Great Works [618, when the Sui dynasty collapsed], Wan’s words proved true.

No better summary of our current (most) popular music exists than licentious, harsh, and sad.

Allan Bloom, in his The Closing of the American Mind, agrees. He correctly noted that the young were “addicted” to music, and this was before ubiquitous cell phones. “Today, a very large proportion of young people between the ages of ten and twenty live for music. It is their passion; nothing else excites them as it does; they cannot take seriously anything alien to music.”

Bloom explained the effects on university students of changing musical tastes, from classical to rock music. Of course, as his career lengthened, greater proportions of young adults matriculated, and so the “average” music taste necessarily coarsened.

Symptomatic of this change is how seriously students now take the famous passages on musical education in Plato’s Republic. In the past, students, good liberals that they always are, were indignant at the censorship of poetry, as a threat to free inquiry. But they were really thinking of science and politics. They hardly paid attention to the discussion of music itself and, to the extent that they even thought about it, were really puzzled by Plato’s devoting time to rhythm and melody in a serious treatise on political philosophy…

Plato teaches that, in order to take the spiritual temperature of an individual or a society, one must “mark the music.”…

It is hardly noticed today that in Aristotle’s Politics the most important passages about the best regime concern musical education, or that the Poetics is an appendix to the Politics.

Now rock music “attempts to tap the rawest passions” and does tap them, especially in “hip hop” or “rap”. Bloom said—and caught hell for saying—“rock music has one appeal only, a barbaric appeal, to sexual desire.” Perhaps it was then an exaggeration to say so, but today’s most applauded music, it is not. It is no coincidence the sexual revolution was set to rock music. “It may well be that a society’s greatest madness seems normal to itself,” says Bloom.

Worse, today’s popular music ” ruins the imagination of young people and makes it very difficult for them to have a passionate relationship to the art and thought that are the substance of liberal education.” Why?

Rock music provides premature ecstasy and, in this respect, is like the drugs with which it is allied. It artificially induces the exaltation naturally attached to the completion of the greatest endeavors—victory in a just war, consummated love, artistic creation, religious devotion and discovery of the truth. Without effort, without talent, without virtue, without exercise of the faculties, anyone and everyone is accorded the equal right to the enjoyment of their fruits.

If Wan Baochang’s prophecy about music is applied to our times is right (and it is), and all indications are that he is—hello riots!—then it won’t be long before people are killing each other everywhere.


In the novella Mozart on the Way to Prague by Edmund Morike (1856), we see Mozart at the home of new acquaintances, leading them through Don Giovani on the piano. The opera had not found initial success, but the guests knew its true importance. The following brief scene is amusing.

Mozart looked around in search of someone, evidently Eugenie; but as she was not there just at that moment, he addressed the question he had intended for her directly to Franziska, who was standing near him ‘What do you think of our Don Giovani on the whole? What sort of future would you prophecy for it?’

‘On behalf of my cousin,’ she replied laughing, ‘I shall answer as best I can. My own foolish opinon is, that if the whole world does not madly applaud Don Giovani, then God in Heaven will close the lid of His music box—for a long time, I mean—and given mankind to understand—‘ ‘And give mankind,’ broke in her uncle, correcting her, ‘a set of [devices] and so deaden people’s hearts that they shall henceforth worship Baal.’

In the original it was ‘bagpipes’, and not ‘devices.’

November 6, 2016 | 17 Comments

The Elites Are Coming For Us Online


Twitter, as all know, is outright- and shadow-banning influential members of the right. Facebook was caught doing the same with people and posts, though because Facebook is much larger and heterogeneous they haven’t had as much success.

Google shifts its algorithms to emphasize concerns of social justice warriors: try “American inventors” or see this (among others) article. It and Twitter censor their auto-complete functions in attempts to hide traditional content.

Social justice warriors themselves use the rules set up by these and other sites to report realists for “abuse” or “sensitive content“.

And so on. Which, as I said, all know. The Left has already purged all mainline offline institutions, and so it was natural enough for them to move online.

Yet all their efforts online would if not abetted largely come to naught, because the (Alt) Right adapts as quickly to the tactics of the Left as the Left moves to attack. If unaided by external forces, the Left would at best come to a stalemate, if not endure outright losses, as they have with Brexit, Hungary’s reform, the success of Marie Le Pen, the rise of Trump, and other versions of elite-rejecting “populism” (losers in democracies always call their enemies populists, but democracies by definition are populist).

Enter the abetting: Trolls could face jail under new legal guidelines: Social media is to be more stringently policed under new rules on offences for which online users can face criminal charges.

What’s the old saying? One man’s troll is another man’s freedom fighter?

Internet trolls who create derogatory hashtags or post humiliating photoshopped images could face jail, the country’s most senior prosecutor has warned.

The Crown Prosecution Service has published new guidance to help police determine whether to press charges against someone for their behaviour on social media…

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said: “Social media can be used to educate, entertain and enlighten, but there are also people who use it to bully, intimidate and harass.

“Ignorance is not a defence and perceived anonymity is not an escape. Those who commit these acts, or encourage others to do the same, can and will be prosecuted.”

Creating a hashtag to encourage an online harassment campaign, or pushing for retweets of a “grossly offensive message” are given as examples of unacceptable behaviour…

The CPS also announced the launch of a hate crime consultation, issuing a series of public policy statements centred on combating crimes against disabled people, as well as racial, religious, homophobic and transphobic hate crime.

Before that, who remembers this? Controversial blog aide arrested. And this? Scottish man arrested for teaching dog a Nazi salute. And this? UK man prosecuted for posting ‘grossly offensive’ anti-Muslim comments on police Facebook page. And this? [German] couple sentenced for Facebook incitement against refugees. And this? Is it right to jail someone for being offensive on Facebook or Twitter? And this? Internet Trolls can be Prosecuted Under Australian Law.

And…but enough. You have the idea.

The effect will be twofold. Governments themselves silencing critics, and companies using stringent interpretations of government rules and laws to increase banishment. The Internet itself is (more or less) in the hands of the United Nations, and if there is one consistency of the UN since its inception, it is that it uses its powers to stifle dissent.

Companies that bar large swaths of customers will, of course, suffer monetarily. Look possibly for rent seeking to increase, companies hit hard by shunning their own customers will argue they are a “public service” and therefore deserve government funds.

What might constitute offenses? Putting an image up of the latest terrorist atrocity? Islamaphobia. Quoting the Bible on one flesh? Homophobia. Say a man who thinks he’s a woman is nuts? Trannyphobia. Publicize the actual crime of a social justice warrior? Harassment.

Hate speech all. You didn’t imagine the speech “codes” that fester and grow on college campuses would remain there, did you? Not when graduates are flooding into government service and onto the streets. The new speech laws will be called “fairness doctrines” and “free speech.”

The elite media, one with the government and the bureaucracy, will be relentless in their propaganda. They must, if they are to survive. It was already known to a minority, but what this election has made clear to those who pay any attention, is that the elite media isn’t needed. “Social” and “alternative” media more than compensated for the loss.

Not only is the elite media not needed, it is actively harmful. But they do have the money and the backing of the rest of the culture’s elite, in and out of government. The fight against free media can and will get dirty.

If Hillary’s wins, it’s likely they’ll win. And then Tradition and Reality news will in dribs and drabs be pushed underground. We’ll have to work on our secret handshakes. We need to study the old ways information got out under tyrannical regimes. I merely mention that there are lots of methods to hide data cryptographically.