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I am the man on the right.
I am the man on the right.


I am a wholly independent vagabond writer, scientist and consultant. Previously a Professor at the Cornell Medical School, a Statistician at DoubleClick in its infancy, a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, and a sort of Cryptologist with the US Air Force (the only title I ever cared for was Staff Sergeant Briggs).

My PhD is in Mathematical Statistics, though I am now a Data Philosopher (I made that up), Epistemologist, Probability Puzzler, Unmasker of Over-Certainty, and (self-awarded) Bioethicist. My MS is in Atmospheric Physics, and Bachelors is in Meteorology & Math.

Author of Uncertainty: The Soul of Modeling, Probability & Statistics, a book which calls for a complete and fundamental change in the philosophy and practice of probability & statistics; author of two other books and dozens of works in fields of statistics, medicine, philosophy, meteorology and climatology, solar physics, and energy use appearing in both professional and popular outlets. Full CV (pdf updated rarely).


Although it might not look like it to you, I receive all the mails and they are all formatted fine.



I am available, for a fee, for any of at least these activities:

  • Penning articles, reports, stories. Obituaries for my enemies are free of charge;
  • Contract research—much requested; order early for the holiday rush.
  • Telling you and your company just why what you’re doing is wrong.
  • Uncertainty analysis of all kinds;
  • Lecturing, speaking, teaching, seminars, holding forth.

Past clients include: Wall Street Journal,, Cornell University, New York Methodist Hospital, Delta-X Research, various marketing firms, real estate companies, and many more.

All work cheerfully undertaken.



Titles of some talks I’ve given before:

  • The Over-Certainty Pandemic,
  • Science, Not Scientism,
  • Everything You Believe About Statistics is Wrong,
  • Top Seven Fallacies in Probability and Statistics,
  • What Predictive Analytics Should Be,
  • Global Warming Isn’t So Hot.

Custom talks, seminars, classes and so forth made on request. See the Classic Posts page for sample videos.

Comment Policy

I’ve been receiving many complaints about the comments. I dislike doing this, but I’m changing the policy.

  1. If you have not been banned or suspended it usually means your comment was eaten by one of the spam-protection layers. These are set strong. One layer, the Eich Guardian, tests for Javascript presence (bots, the vast majority of spam, do not have it). If you have an ad blocker or are turning off Javascript you may see a message stating your comments appears as spam. Every commenter takes this personally and is sure I am out to ban them. It’s not so. I do not run ads, so either add this site to your white list or try a different browser.
  2. Comments with meaningless abuse such as “Briggs you’re an idiot and a great sinner”, however accurate they may be, and directed toward anybody, do nothing to add to the discussion, and so will be deleted. I sometimes miss comments, so if I miss your transgression, do not read anything into it.
  3. Any comment with foul language and the like will be deleted, the user suspended or banned. These comments are automatically deleted anyway, never to be seen.
  4. Long, rambling, not-to-the point comments may be deleted. Repeat offenders might be suspended. You’d be surprised how many people email me and complain about this.
  5. If you repeat a transgression, you will be banned or suspended from commenting.
  6. The terms of suspensions and bans are my own, since I am dictator of this site.
  7. The last step, and one I am avoiding because of the work, is to moderate all comments. I pray it doesn’t come to that.
  8. This message will eventually be transferred to the About page.